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English second language

I am not a native english speaker. I need editing and proofreading services from expert with english as first language.


I want subject/topic expert who can edit, check and proofread my dissertation, essay, research paper or journal article.


I am a novelist, manuscript writer or a book author who needs editing, proofreading, suggestions and suggestions on my work.


I want my personal profile, CV, documents, presentations, blogs, letter look professional so I want then to be edited by a professional.


I want an expert who can edit and/or proofread my already written essay, presentation or thesis.


I want some experienced professional who can edit or proofread my presentations, reports, social media and blog content and other business related documents.

OZ Assignments Editing and proofreading services

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We have a team of experienced and professional subject experts who are passionate about making our customers happy. Our mission is to provide high-quality and error-free work to satisfy your requirements.

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Our professional experts are well versed in various fields. They are well trained individuals who are experiences in their areas.

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Security of your data is paramount to us. We use advanced security measures to prevent any leakage and misuse of your data.

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We not only assure you best quality but also provide best style and formatting for your documents.

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Our account based tracking system enables us to always keep you updated and deliver your work on time.

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