Academic Proofreading and Editing Services

Services which needs to be edited and proofread-

1. Essay
2. Project
3. Assignment
4. Term Paper

Improve your writing-

Our editors will scan all your documents, term papers and assignments to check any kind of grammatical errors and spelling to see that your paper is completely error free.

1. The necessary comments will be provided to you to gain an insight into the same
2. Our editors will ensure that you get to express your thoughts clearly and effectively.
3. We have the option of formatting the in-text citations and any kind of references in the different kinds of style guides which you will choose.

Save time-

We are available 24/7. So there is absolutely no chance of wasting precious time in perfecting your paper.

Handling deadlines and working under pressure is our forte! You can rely on us!

Improved results-

With our hawk’s eye to dole out any kind of mistakes in your assignments, you can be rest assured that your final paper will be without any mistakes.


With editing and proofreading, you can get a better grade or get accepted into your dream college.

Along with the above benefits, you will also receive a detailed feedback on what should be improved and the essential essay writing skills for your future assignments projects.

Essay proofreading-

The final draft of your essay is an important stepping stone as it your gateway to the dream University of your choice. Our professional proofreaders will ensure that the final draft does not have any kind grammatical loopholes and present before you a final draft of the assignment.

Essay Editing-

After you gave written the first draft of your essay it is always good to have a second look at it or to be precise proof read it so that you can find out the nuances and small mistakes which one can normally make.Our talented editors at Oz will take on this responsibility to edit the essay to make it more readable and presentable.

Admissions essay editing

A good professional review will always strengthen your application and increase your chances of entering a top professional university they are very important as it can increase your chances in a top notch university and at the same time a secured access to a bright future.

So there are certainly no chances which you should be taking at any costs for submitting a great admissions essay.

What will the student receive?

1. A completely modified document with all the error checked such as grammatical mistakes, typing, and spellings.
2. Revisions for you so that you get a hold of what you should be improving.
3. A tracker for the various changes made and for you to see and improve
4. Various suggestions on how you can improve the overall writing and make the relevant changes.
5. A critical analysis of your essay and how can you improve.
6. A short summary of the work which has been done.

Safety Norms-

1. At Oz we strictly adhere to the safety norms and follow top notch safety standards.
2. All the various upload and download are encrypted with simply no chance of any viruses and any other malicious attacks.
3. We at Oz are extremely serious about your essays and assignments and handle everything with extreme professional care so that you get the best.
4. So what are you waiting for!
5. Get an Instant Quote and Place Your Order

Admissions essay proofreading-

Proofreading is crucial more so if you do not want your admission cancelled. A final draft of your essay is always important as it will put the much required impression in front of the admission committee.

Even a small mistake can cost a lot in terms of time, money and most importantly the admission in the most coveted dream college of yours.

Hence your document just needs to be perfect at any cost.

At Oz we understand this importance and take on the proofreading proves head on so that even the slightest of the details are scooped out by our proofreading experts.