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At Oz we provide students top quality essay assignment services. Whether it is for academic assistance, any university application, or for professional reviews, we are your gateway for a great essay writing portfolio.


Getting into that dream college is every young student’s vision. However, it is not that as easy as it seems and neither it is a cakewalk. It requires a lot of planning, persistence and patience on the student’s part and a focussed approach at the same time.


And the first step towards it, is presenting a perfect admission essay which will create a top impression.


At Oz, our essay writing experts and an editor will ensure that the most important points are brought out in your essay and a crisper and a sharper version is presented. Our focus will always be on improving your essay and which will at all costs meet the quality standards of the University of your choice.


What will the students receive?


1. A completely modified document with all the error checked such as grammatical mistakes, typing, and spellings.
2. Revisions for you so that you get a hold of what you should be improving.
3. A tracker for the various changes made and for you to see and improve
4. Various suggestions on how you can improve the overall writing and make the relevant changes.
5. A critical analysis of your essay and how can you improve.
6. A short summary of the work which has been done.


The required documents –


1. Admissions essays
2. Admissions documents and letters


Safety concerns-


1. At Oz we strictly adhere to the safety norms and follow top notch safety standards.
2. All the various upload and download are encrypted with simply no chance of any viruses and any other malicious attacks.
3. We at Oz are extremely serious about your essays and assignments and handle everything with extreme professional care so that you get the best.
4. So what are you waiting for!
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6. Seeking perfection in writing.


The final draft of your essay should be perfect without any loopholes. We at Oz will polish up all the missing words or sentence which needs to be revised and changed. We will also ensure that the writing is in par with all the style guides and the citations and the references are perfect.


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Grasping the nuances of perfect writing in your essay.


Have you checked, re-checked and re- re checked as to what it takes to be the perfect essay? If you have then great!


If you have not, then you might be in trouble as your admission can be on the verge of getting cancelled. But rest assured, our expert proofreaders will ensure that you present a perfect essay to the admissions committee.


Our proofreaders will polish your raw draft into a final product giving it all the ingredients of a perfect essay. We will do away with any type of spelling mistakes, typos and sentence corrections.


What will you receive?


1. A new and revised version of the document with all the errors corrected.
2. Different types of revisions to improve the clarity and hold on the essay.
3. A tracker to keep the note of all the changes made
4. The different comments and suggestions where you will be able to understand where you need to improve.
5. A short summary of the work for the student to understand.


What types of documents can you use this service for?


1. Admissions essays
2. Admissions documents and letters


Our talented editors at Oz will take on this responsibility to edit the essay to make it


1. More readable
2. Crisper
3. Having a professional touch
4. Improving the sentence structure, clarity and the tone of the overall write up if need be.


At the same time, it will not just be on improving the overall essay structure but also the will equip the students with valuable comments and changes which are required to do so that you can strengthen your overall paper and make it more presentable.


The most amazing part is that, the students will get to know the changes made and where do they need to improve giving them an insight into the same.


Simultaneously it will also make you a better writer which will be helpful to you in your future endeavours.


What will you receive?


1. An edited copy of the entire document complete with the changes.
2. Tracking of all the revisions made
3. The different comments and suggestions where you will be able to understand where you need to improve.
4. A short summary of the work for the student to understand.