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How to Write a Case Study?


When writing a dissertation or thesis, a case study assists students in managing their project and maintaining focus on the subject matter. If you're unsure how to write a case study, it's time to change that.


  1. Case Selection: Develop your research questions and choose a specific case. Ensure that your chosen case allows you to provide new insights, challenge existing theories, propose solutions to issues, and open avenues for further research.

  2. Theoretical Framework: Your objective should be to establish a theoretical framework that presents a particular theory for explaining the case. Explain how it uncovers new concepts and challenges existing assumptions.

  3. Data Collection: Although research methods may vary with case study topics, most case studies focus on qualitative data to gain a thorough understanding of the case and its context. Use methods such as interviews, observations, analysis of newspaper articles, photographs, and other records.

  4. Writing the Case Study: Bring everything together in a proper structure, including contextual details. Some case studies are formatted like theses or research papers, with separate sections for methodology, discussion, and results. Many others are written in a narrative style, analyzing different facets.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students On Case Study


Q.1. What Is A Case Study?

A case study is a thorough analysis of a group, an individual or an event. It involves the in-depth analysis of every aspect of a subject's life to understand a pattern and causes of a particular behaviour. Case studies are used in various areas, including finance, psychology, education, political science, and business.


Q.2. How To Present A Case Study?

  • Define the objective of the study or the challenge of the subject
  • Give specific details of what you did for the client
  • Define the challenges and how you overcame them.
  • For psychological case studies, address the chosen treatment plan and the outcome of the same.


Q.3. What Is The Importance Of A Case Study?

A case study helps to understand the multi-facets of a case and resolve complex issues. For instance, in psychology, the specialist can use case studies to understand specific behaviour causes. In businesses, professionals use case studies to evaluate the market and analyse the success rate of their marketing efforts.


Q.4. How Many Types Of Case Studies?

  • Collective case studies
  • Descriptive case studies
  • Explanatory case studies
  • Exploratory case studies
  • Instrumental case studies
  • Intrinsic case studies


Q.5. What Are The Main Case Study Topics?

  • Implementing active learning strategies in a mixed-level students group
  • Eating disorders in today’s teenagers
  • Balancing work and life
  • Effective communication and relationship
  • Dealing with heartbreak and pressure
  • Effect of past or current depression on professional life