Proofreading and Paper Editing service

Are you an author? Do you have a book waiting for it to get published?  Well you do need someone to have a look at it for the copywriting, editing and proofreading process.

Professional Book Editing-

Are you an author in the making? Do you want your story to be known by the entire world? Do you want to be heard and known as a good author?

For an author is not just known for the writing skills but also the good editing skills also. Whether it is a fiction book, a period drama, any fantasy, we have the top notch editors who will crisply edit your work and communicate your thought processes to your audience clearly.

A perfectly crafted manuscript is the need of a good book and is also essential to have if you want to be a good author.

1. Manuscript Proofreading
2. Getting your draft a perfect script.

Ready with your final manuscript? But wait it is not over yet. The proofreading process is important and must be carried out so that the final product is a perfect one. A final manuscript is important as you are making it as the final product. It is that time of your book publishing when you have to really present it finally to the world and to your potential audience.

However do not be in a hurry to do it as it is an important process and a slight mistake in this can cost you a lot.

This should be done by a professional proof reader and a literary expert so that he can spot the necessary mistakes in the document even though they appear ok to the common eye.

At Oz, we have expert proof readers to assist you in this and make your book a perfect piece of literature. Our proofreaders have a vast plethora of experience in the same with all kinds of genres and your literature work will be in safe hands.

What will the authors receive?

1. A professionally furnished manuscript.
2. Top quality proofreading with the right kind of grammar and other intricacies of good English.
A tracker for the various changes made and for you to see and improve
4. Various suggestions on how you can improve the overall writing and make the relevant changes.
5. A critical analysis of your essay and how can you improve.
6. A short summary of the work which has been done

They can be used for-

1. Novels, short stories and different plays
2. Fictional and non fictional books
3. Poetry assignments
4. Short stories

Safety concerns-

At Oz we strictly adhere to the safety norms and follow top notch safety standards.

All the various upload and download are encrypted with simply no chance of any viruses and any other malicious attacks.

We at Oz are extremely serious about your essays and assignments and handle everything with extreme professional care so that you get the best.

So what are you waiting for!

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Query Package creation-

An affordable query package complete with all the abstracts and blueprints.

Best value at the best quality.

Your final manuscript is ready and all set to go! It’s all set to be captured in a beautiful book and all ready to be read by people the world over.

However, hold no there! It’s not all over yet.

In order to get your book published by a good publishing house you need to pitch in to the literary agent so that you strike the deal. So here comes all the important documentation part where it will be immensely important for you to present all the relevant credentials when submitting the books.

It’s here that we come in the picture to make everything easy for you. We handle the most complex paper work with ease and

The things which are required are-

1. A query letter
2. A blueprint
3. And a framework

What will you receive?

A professionally drafted query letter which will have all the potential points to present your manuscript to the prospective agents and the publishing houses.

The blueprint which will have detailed summary of what is your project about and the required necessary details.

A framework with a lot more detailed descriptions of what exactly your book is about.

For what kind of manuscripts can you use this for?

1. Novels
2. Screenplays
3. Autobiographies
4. Fictional and Non Fictional books.
5. Poetry books