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Introduction of Sociology Systems and Policies Proof Reading Services

RunninWith time, invention, innovation, development etc people develop dynamic interactive patterns with variables in the society. Sociologists study these changes in the society and the variables that are impacting the lives of the people on a daily basis (Holmes et al., 2014). Global phenomenon like the World War II and globalization has led to the construction of the contemporary society that people dwell in today. From a global context it can be said that the people have been immensely impacted by the use of technology (Holmes et al., 2014). Technological advances have provided the people an increased outreach towards broadening the horizon. The arrival of Europeans in the 16th century in the island country is one of the milestones of the history of the Australian society (Holmes et al., 2014). There are significant Dutch and British influence in the organizational culture of the country owing to the colonization and the steady growth of the economy. Economy of a country has an important influence on the lives of the people and since Australia is one of the countries that have observed a continuous improvement in the economic development the people have developed their standard of living and other aspects of livelihood (, 2018).

Currently the political scenario in the country is stable; the focus of the government is on the improvement of the economy and the lives of the people with every infrastructure possible. The government has made a number of polices and reforms for the people providing them with better opportunity. One of the highlights of the country’s political stand in improving the lives of the people is legalizing same-sex marriage in the country in 2017; homosexuality has been one of the most controversial and talked about social agenda (, 2018). There has been biases and discrimination on the basis of the sexual preference in the society for a long time and there have been several organisations that have been fighting to get justice for people. Hence a change in the law legalizing same-sex marriage indicates a progressive mindset and an overview of the general good of people.

The culture among the society of Australia is as mentioned is influenced by European especially British culture. On the other hand there are Aboriginals in the country who have a very different set of cultural practices and believes. The language that is officially used in the country is English and is influenced by the colonization of the British, which explains the Anglo-Celtic heritage that is prevalent in the country. However, the contemporary society can be said to be pluralistic in nature (Hirst, 2013). Considering that there is a wide range of people who belong with a number of religions, ethnic and linguistic background it can be said that the society is considerate towards economic diversification in the society (Heugh, 2014). The country welcomes immigrants and foreign trade, thus encouraging diversity in the population. This diversity is one of the reasons for the continuous growth of the economy as well. Immigration has been one of the major challenges that the government of the country has tried to control, the government wants to stop illegal immigration and to protect the ones who are legally settled in the country. There have been a number of instances that are recorded against immigrants and the government has strict regulations for it. Diversity is one of the major highlight of the contemporary society and foreign exchange has a significant contribution towards the economy (Heugh, 2014).

Another highlight of the contemporary society is the importance towards education and focusing on the quality of education. There has been a number of higher education and skill development institution established in the country during the past decade people are choosing to invest in specialized skill development in order to be able to earn a better livelihood or to have specialized knowledge in the area of interest (, 2018). The government of the country is also helping the people with opportunities like subsidies and scholarships for the ones who are unable to financially support their education, there are other policies to improve the condition of the aboriginal people in the country (, 2018).

The advancement in technology in the last few years have been one of the most important aspect to influence the way contemporary Australian society is shaped. The advent of social media, Smartphones, increase outreach of internet connectivity, easy accessibility to information etc are all possible due to technology development. The government of Australia has also provided the people with the opportunity to use such advancements by building infrastructure to support these changes. Social media has changed the way people communicate and reciprocate, there are dating application which helps people find their partners are popular in the Australian society. By March 2014, 5 percent of the Australian population had a tinder profile (, 2018). This figure in turn indicates the tendency of the society towards experimenting with technology. E-commerce is also one of the most popular platforms in the technology aspect that is widely used by the society Amazon Australia is one of the largest e-commerce companies that operate in the country. The government has also installed a number of features to serve the people with the help of technology, for example the concept of e-safety for women where the women are provided safety for leading a secured online social life (Hirst, 2013).

Some of the major concerns in the Australian society are: The issue of racism and discrimination, as a diverse society the people of the country are expected to respect the cultural nursing practice and ethnic background of all the citizen of Australia (, 2018). However, there have been a number of instances of violence against immigrants. There has been significant improvement in the business society as well but the Australian business society was criticized for being dominated by men on the higher management (, 2018). However, there are a number of Australian companies who have strategies to change this issue. Other issues include: corruption among the authoritative officials, issues of gender violence and discrimination, substance abuse etc (Manning et al., 2013).

It can be concluded form the above discussion that the people of Australia lead a high standard of life and enjoy the perks of a developed economy. The society has acceptance towards diversity and the government is in support of the people to improve the lives of the people. Aboriginals play an important role in the heritage of the country and their rights are also protected by the authoritative bodies. The society is progressive and adjusts towards change and development.

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