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Manage Quality Customer Paper Editing Services

Core activity:

The core activity of the customer service is to create a satisfying feeling to the customer. The management of the organisation should understand how they will be able to provide better services to their customers so that it can increase the repetitive purchase organizational behaviour of the customer (Wolovitz and Collins 2012). The employees should be able to understand their requirements and what they need. The core activity of the customer services are:

1. Billing queries
.2. Order taking

3. Outbound sales
4. Quality auditing
5. Complaint analysis

Customer demographics:

Customer demographics help in identifying the different customer. With proper customer demographics the organization can segment their market and chose the ways how they will provide satisfaction to the different customer base (Qayyum, Ba Khang and Krairit 2013).

The top customer demographics are:

1. Gender
2. Race
3. Age
4. Location
5. Household income

Evaluation of the characteristics and needs of the organisation in relation to customer service:

A good customer service is highly necessary in the organization because it helps the organization to create a good reputation in the market. Good customer service provides the following benefits to the organization:

Provides value: Good customer service helps in building a strong relationship between the organization and the customer (Ishikawa 2012).

Retains customer: It helps in retaining the customers of the organization.

Reduce the employee turnover: Employee becomes motivated when the organization appreciates the employees and brings new ideas to treat the employee fairly.

Customer service principles

The principles of the customer service are:

1. Speed: The most important principles of the customer service are time. Customers does not like to wait, therefore the speed of the responses from the organization should be fast.

2. Respect: Every employee of the organization needs to treat their customer with respect.

3. Accuracy: Besides fast responses, the employee benefits needs to deliver accurate services to its customers. Delivering inaccurate solution can make the customers furious and they will not use their services from the next time.

4. Accessibility: This explains if your customer faces any issue then how easy it is for them to contact with the customer service executive.

Consumer protection laws:

Some of the consumer protection laws are:

Physical safety:

1. The Public Health Act
2. The Food and Drugs Act
3. The Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Act
4. The Processed Food Act

Protection of the consumer’s economic interests:

1. The Hire Pur
2. hase Act

3. The Trade Act
4. The Fair Trading Act
5. The Sales of Goods Act

Standards for Quality and Standards of Consumer Service and Goods

The Weights and Measures Act.

Industry service trends:

The new trends in the industry service to provide better customer satisfactions are:

Companies focusing on the customer feedback: The organizations are highly focusing on the customer’s feedback on improving the business.

Collection personal data: Collecting the personal data of the employees from social media and other platforms and then analysing them to deliver services according to their needs and demands is another new step in improving the service quality (De Maeyer 2012).

Chat bots: Chat bots are being customised and employed in such a way that the consumer gets immediate responses.

Some common customer service issues are:

There are many organizations where the customer service takes a long time to response and solve the problem.

1. Customer is transferred over and over to different executives
2. Employees don’t know the solution and often does not admit that
3. Customer received a faulty product
4. Accessibility

Recommendations to solve the problem:

1. Chatbots: Chatbots can help in resolving the issue of low responses and can help the customers by solving their problems immediately (Wallace 2014).
2. Training programs for the employees: The employees need to given proper training programmes so that they can be abele to solve their problems.

Some ways to monitor evaluate and review customer service practices are:

1. Listen to the customers and monitor their interactions.
2. Monitor the feedback channels of the customers.
Implement quality monitoring system.

Professional response to consumer’s complaints:

The employee should understand the query of the issue. After analysing the issue the employee should fix a particular time by which they will be able to solve the issues. If there is any delay then the employee should explain them why it took time.


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