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ACC702 Managerial Accounting Proof Reading Services


There are essentially four different categories of information that a particular corporation can cut up with other business concerns. There are different external drivers, associations and firm resources, strategy as well as performance. Furthermore, each and every kind of information consists of diverse components that aid the administration to evaluate health as well as the performance of a business enterprise. In this case, each and every components has been evaluated from the perspective of comprehensiveness along with accessibility in a bid to review financial conditions along with performance of the firm BILLERUDKORSNAS.

Background Informationofthe company

The organization BillerudKorsnäs of Sweden is a well-known manufacturer of pulp as well as paper that was instituted during the period 2012 as a result of a merger of different competing corporations Billerud AB and Korsnäs AB. BillerudKorsnäs concentrates on delivering packaging sustainable materials (world-most important paper as well as board material) and provides solutions that enhance profitability of customers’ whilst all at once augmenting overall environmental influence.

Comprehensiveness for 17 Components - PWC Value Framework

Organizational Health

1) Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives of the firm BillerudKorsnäs take account of –

1. Comprehensiveness:

The overall objective of BillerudKorsnäs’ is attainment of sustainable as well as profitable growth. In essence, the target of the firm is to develop by approximately 3% to 4% every year. The primary strategy of the firm BillerudKorsnäs is founded on five diverse areas that work together, namely, situation, and degree of innovation, efficacy, sustainability and workforces. Management of the firm has the objective of attaining continued rate of growth and augmented presence in specific markets, optimize supply chain (counting clients, products and segments), generation of business opportunities by persistently working to replace superfluous plastics. In addition to this, the firm also has the strategic objective of harnessing market potency for particularly paper founded sacks of cement.

2. Accessibility:

Strategic objectives of the business enterprise BillerudKorsnäs’ have been accessed effortlessly from Year End Report published by the company for the year 2017. In essence, the objectives of the firm are delivered in a structured manner along with risks and threats that the firm has to encounter for attaining each objective presented. Thus, it can be hereby mentioned that the strategic goals of the business concern can effortlessly accessed in a bid to evaluate overall organizational health. In this connection, it can be hereby mentioned that overall quality of financial condition of the firm from the perspective of strategic objectives in the Value Framework can be said to be “Good” since it was effortlessly discovered from the integrated year-end report that is well-formatted and easily comprehensible.

2) Business Model

1. Comprehensiveness

The business model of the firm BillerudKorsnäs’ is primarily based on materials of superior performance from particularly forests situated in the north, counsel, suggestion, service, collective know-how held by a worldwide network of different machine suppliers, packaging manufacturers, researchers along with design agencies. In essence, innovative packaging solutions are necessarily devised in close collaboration with clients all over the world that demand superior standards of quality, performance along with sustainability. The business model of the enterprise generates value for different stakeholders by means of executing higher levels of advanced procedures and know-how under the framework of corporation’s value to optimize returns earned on intangible/tangible resources of the firm, exclusive assets and human capital.

2. Accessibility:

The business model of the firm BillerudKorsnäs’ can be accessed from yearly report of the firm without any difficulty. However, the business model of the enterprise is elucidated in a paragraph and textual format in the year-end report but has no schematic diagram supporting the textual content on business model. The year-end report of the firm aids in comprehending business model pursued by the firm. Also, it can be hereby mentioned that the information as regards business model of the corporation that can be accessed from the yearly pronouncement of the corporation is presented in a proper format and is therefore easily comprehensible. Thus, based on information provided in the year-end report it can be hereby inferred that overall quality of health of the corporation from the perspective of “business model” mentioned in the value framework can be considered to be good.

3) Governance

1. Comprehensiveness:

Corporate governance in the firm BillerudKorsnäs ‘is affected by external as well as internal regulations. The report declared by the firm on corporate governance specifies about external regulations that affect governance of the firm BillerudKorsnäs’ include “The Swedish Act”, legislations counting Swedish Annual Accounts Act as well as IFRS, Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rulebook along with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. In addition to this, the report at hand also mentions about internal regulations that affect governance namely Articles of association, descriptions of Process for every business segment and for all functions of the group, internal policy regulations of BillerudKorsnäs, Code of Conduct of BillerudKorsnäs and instruction as well as rules of processes of board of directors. The governance also stretches beyond regulatory conformity and legislative processes. Also, management of the business concern also endeavors to institute a high-quality enterprise-wide governance culture with the intention to make sure that different decisions of the enterprise have to be undertaken in a transparent as well as reasonable way that follows an ethical structure. Principally, this supports accountability of stakeholders’ and it can thus be mentioned that decision-makers are to certain extent accountable ().The corporate governance framework of the firm BillerudKorsnäs’ can be properly comprehended from the chart presented below

Figure 2: Corporate Governance Structure of BillerudKorsnäs’

2. Accessibility:

The corporate governance of the corporation BillerudKorsnäs’ can be accessed without any difficulty from the year end declaration of the business enterprise. The information regarding corporate governance of the corporation can be accessed from the annual year end assertion of the firm. Essentially, the information can be comprehended with no trouble as it is properly formatted and presented in a summarized manner categorized under different headings. Therefore, information on corporate governance can be said to be properly presented in the assertion. As a result, it can be hereby inferred that overall quality of health of the enterprise for the component “governance” presented in the Value Framework can be said to be “Good”.

4) Risk

1. Comprehensiveness:

The process of management of risk can be considered to be a factor that is rooted in the corporate culture of the business concern BillerudKorsnäs’. In essence, risk management is said to be inherent in all decisions regarding operations undertaken by the enterprise. Review of year-end report reveals that risk management is a pre-requisite in the process of maintenance of sustainability of the firm BillerudKorsnäs’. As per reports, risk evaluation entails recognizing risks that might perhaps stem in case if the core necessities of financial reporting in the firm are not satisfied. Management of risk in the firm BillerudKorsnäs’ can be considered to be a day-to-day procedure. According to reports presented by the firm, the firm has a system of Group Risk Management that takes the accountability for Enterprise Risk Management (also reflected as ERM), prevention of loss and insurance programs throughout the group

Figure 3: Risk Management Model


Risk management framework along with internal controls of the corporation can be seamlessly accessed from the year-end report of the firm for the period 2017. In essence, the risk management procedure in the firm has been elucidated illustratively and in a succinct manner. In this way, it aids in the process of comprehending overall risk management framework for the enterprise. Seeing that the requisite information regarding model of risk management can be accessed without difficulty from the year-end account of the corporation of the period 2017 and can be properly comprehended without problems, it can hereby be inferred that overall quality of the health of the firm from the standpoint of “risk” mentioned in the Value Framework is undoubtedly good.


1. Comprehensiveness:

The company BillerudKorsnäs ‘has a remuneration committee that has both a regulatory, preparatory as well as administrative role. In essence, the issues regarding remuneration are minuted and at the same time declared at respective board meetings. Remuneration Committee of the firm BillerudKorsnäs helps in the process of arriving at decision of the board on specific issues related to principles of remuneration, total amounts of remuneration as well as other terms of employment for different members of the team of senior management of the firm. Also, the remuneration committee also helps inimplementation Plan monitoringand analyzing programs for particularly variable compensation to essentially the senior management. In addition to this, the committee of the firm also monitors and analyses process of execution of directives for remuneration for different senior officials, framework of remuneration together with other terms of employment. Analysis of the report also reflects the fact that the firm’s committee also presents proposals to the members of the board that necessarily comes to a decision regarding salary as well as other aspects of remuneration for particularly CEO.

The year end report of the firm BillerudKorsnäs states that the firm strives to attract, keep and build up the brightest talent by means of delivering competitive remuneration that is evidently associated to performance. There are both short as well as long-term plans for incentive for the firm BillerudKorsnäs that are again closely associated to strategic plus financial targets of the Group’s. These are developed to present sustainable worth for shareholders and uphold the realization of the strategy of the company.

Different components of remuneration of the firm BillerudKorsnä

2. Accessibility:

Requisite data and information on remuneration can be extracted without difficulty from year-end report of the company BillerudKorsnäs’ for the period 2017. In essence, the policy, as well as strategies concerning remuneration of the firm, different directives, regulations, and advantages of both executive and non-executive directors, is clearly presented in the yearly report of the enterprise. In this regard, it can be hereby said that accessibility of requisite information regarding remuneration is quite easy as the same can be extracted from annual report declared by the enterprise. Additionally, it can be motioned that the information presented on remuneration is properly formatted and comprehensible. as a result, it can be inferred that overall quality of the business health for the factor remuneration presented in the Value Framework can be said to be good.

Resources and Relationships:

Financial Assets of BillerudKorsnäs’


For the enterprise BillerudKorsnäs’, tangible assets are necessarily considered to be regarded to be financial assets of the concern. In essence, balance sheet assertion of BillerudKorsnäs’ helps in understanding financial assets/resources possessed by the business enterprise. According to balance sheet pronouncement presented by the enterprise, current assets possessed by the firm can be regarded as the tangible assets/resources, that are in fact financial resources of the enterprise BillerudKorsnäs’ (). In line with the yearend report presented by the firm BillerudKorsnäs’, financial resources of the firm takes in –inventory, cash along with equivalents of cash, accounts receivables together with other current resources. Analysis of the financial statements of the firm reveals that the current assets were recorded to be 6692SEKm in 2017 as compared to the figure 7143 SEKm in 2016. Thus, current assets registered for the firm is observed to have dropped for the corporation. Again, inventories of the firm were recorded to be 2912 SEKm in 2017 and 3142SEKm in 2016. This shows decline in the inventories of the firm BillerudKorsnäs. In addition to this, accounts receivables were registered to be 2713SEKm in 2017 in comparison to figure 2612 SEKM registered a year ago. The total assets of the firm however have increased from the figure of 28196 SEKm recorded in 2017 from 25854SEKm registered in 2016. Thus, it can be hereby mentioned that the financial assets of the corporation has enhanced during the current period as compared to the year ago period. As a result, this indicates a string financial health of the corporation


As far as financial assets are concerned, the term financial assets are not applied in the year end declaration of the firm. Thus, there arises some kind of confusion during the process of recognition of financial assets from particularly balance sheet pronouncements of the enterprise. Thus, it can be hereby mentioned that the company BillerudKorsnäs’ has the necessity to incorporate the expression financial assets in the yearly pecuniary declaration of the corporation. Thus, it can be hereby inferred that accessibility of information on financial assets of the corporation was not very simple and uncomplicated. Hence, it can be hereby mentioned that overall quality of health of the business enterprise for particularly factor “financial assets” is bad.

Physical Assets


As suggested by (), non-current assets reflect the intangible assets of the firm. For the current case under consideration, non-current assets of the firm BillerudKorsnäs are necessarily intangible assets indicating physical assets. According to year-end financial report of the firm BillerudKorsnä, values along with list of current assets are mentioned in the balance sheet statement. Essentially, physical assets of the firm include plant, property as well as equipment (abbreviated as PPE, diverse intangible assets, and deferred tax assets, varied contingent assets and goodwill. Analysis of financial statements of the firm for the period 2017 reveals that the PPE of the firm has enhanced from 14937 SEKm in 2016 to 17690 SEKm. Deferred tax liabilities are recorded to have decreased from 3410 SEKm in 2016 to 3392 SEKm in 2017. Also, other liabilities as well as provisions of the firm are registered to be 1551 SEKm in 2017 as compared to 1514 SEKm in 2016. Intangible assets of the firm are recorded to have decreased to 2248 SEKm in 2017 from 2335 SEKm in 2016


The expression “physical assets” are not properly specified in the year end pecuniary declaration of the enterprise. As a result, there arises some kind of confusion with identification of firm’s physical assets from essentially balance sheet assertion of the form. Therefore, it can be hereby recommended that the firm BillerudKorsnäs have the need to include diverse other terms and expressions of firm’s non-current assets that is essentially physical assets mentioned in yearly report of the corporation law for ensuring easy identification. Analysis of financial assertions of the firm replicates the fact that the information on physical assets of the firm are appropriately formatted and properly presented in the pecuniary assertions of the corporation. However, accessing information on physical assets of the business enterprise was not without trouble and uncomplicated. Therefore, quality of the health of the enterprise for the specific element can be regarded to be quite bad.