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BPD2100 International Business Challenge Paper Editing Services


My name is Waleed Ahmed Al Ghamdi and I am 29 years old. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Management in Supply Chain and Logistics at Victoria University, Melbourne. I will be completing my degree at the end of December in 2019.

My career objective is to become a successful CEO of a high brand. Besides my career objective, I want to outclass in my field and attain potential knowledge regarding my field. I also want to work with pride in my future career and also able to travel while working.

BPD2100 International Business Challenge Assignment Help

While working hard for attaining my career objective, I also feel a sense of success and accomplishments. I also like to work in groups, cooperate and meet with new peoples. During my internship in Saudi Arabian Oil Company, I got an opportunity to work with various professional in my field and they also help me in improvising my skills. After interning from the Saudi Arabian Oil Company my interpersonal and logical thinking skills enhanced and it helps me in understanding the industry. After understanding the industry I am prepared for the understanding of the corporate world.

I also like to work in challenging condition as it helps me in improving my capabilities and gaining more experience.

At last, my E-portfolio comprises of my work and personal experiences, academic achievements, co-curricular activities, career SWOT analysis, career plan, and CV.

Work Experience

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)

Department: Maintenance

Time Duration: 26th March 2006 - 31st July 2015 (474 weeks)

Engagement: Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician

The turning moment of my life is when I started working in Saudi Arabian Oil Company. It is considered as the best decision of my life as it provided various opportunities to learn different activities in the operations. During my stay at the company, I have got chance to enhance my communication skills and knowledge in various sectors collectively.

My superiors and colleagues also helped me in understanding and gaining practical as well as theoretical knowledge. They always guided me whenever I lose a path or implemented a wrong decision. During the initial phase of working in the company, my superiors took general assessments to assess my knowledge and capabilities.

In starting, the assessment was to check the language proficiency of English. The language proficiency test helped in improving my English at various levels. As there were various levels in the test which were needed to be passed in order to reach another level. This process enhances my English and developing an effective communication skill. Apart from the English assessment, another assessment was general Mathematics which was taken to analyse our Mathematics skills. After succeeding in the general assessments, they provide me with a five-month program name Phase1 Mechanical Maintenance. This program helps me in understanding the basics of mechanical maintenance. I also passed this program and attain knowledge in this segment. Then the company provide me with a training of ten days in the Industrial Apprentice Safety which helps me understand the safety measures while working in an industry. After passing the training program, I got an opportunity to learn about the mechanics of metals such that their working temperature, melting point, boiling point, etc. Then, I receive a certification from the company regarding the work permit. After that, they teach me a course about hydrogen safety which helps me in understanding the safety measures from the hydrogen. 

hydrogen safety

I also attended a program which increases awareness among us about the hazards of the chemicals. Then, I opt for the certification in Rigger as it helps me understand the operation of Rigger. The company also teaches about the methods through which the hazard could be identified. I also attain practical knowledge regarding the fire safety of an industry. The company also provide a program where we learn about the mandatory first aid procedures. This procedure helps in taking care of an affected person in absence of any medical help. After that, the company take an assessment regarding the analysis of courses till here which I passed with a high score. Then they introduce me to the basic course for technician in whom I started learning about the basics of technician field and developing grounds for the future. After attaining this course, I attain course in the Coordinate Measurement Machines which discuss the working mechanism of the machines.

After completing these courses, the company provide training in topics of physics such as fibre optics, time and frequency as these topics are majorly used in the flowing mechanism. I surpass these courses easily as these topics are covered in the school education. Further, I also trained in checking the quality of the water and taking its measurement. Then the company train us about the uncertainty which occurred during a measurement. This course helps in understanding the reason of uncertainty. The company also provide training in the measurement and calibration which helps in understanding the mechanism for handling the instruments. Then the company trained us about the advanced technology by training us in Microsoft office where I learn about the Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

In addition to this, the company trained us in advance courses in technician which helps in working under the difficult situation. In the end of the course, the company teaches us about the ethics, areas of conflict, social media, and operational excellence. The last assessment is also taken for evaluating our overall skill. These techniques and courses help me in understanding various aspects of the industry and it also enhances my skills.


Besides a technician, I am very passionate about travelling, art, and photography. My career objective is to attain a job in which I could work and travel also. While working in the company, the head authorities asked me to present a brainstorm of my ideas regarding the effective working pattern of employees. Then, I present a plan which discusses the measures through which the employees would be working effectively and increasing the productivity for the company. The company was very happy to see my efforts on the plan and they start a trial of that plan and its result very beneficial to the company.

There is another scenario also in a company when a technical problem is observed in the computer programming and coincidentally the head technical staffs were at another plant. Then, my superior asked me to handle the problem and I effectively handled the operations and set up the programming for a computer.


After that in my university, I am considered as a bright student among the teachers. I also possess a good leadership quality and my teachers gave me a responsibility to handle various programs and educational workshops. A problem occurred during a workshop when a short circuit happens and results in cut down of electricity and being a coordinator of a workshop, I handled the situation. Lastly, being a technician and management individual helps me in handling various situations.


Secondary School Industrial Diploma (2004)

I attended Secondary Royal Industrial Institute of Riyadh diploma program in Electronics and I got specialisation in Computer Technology. While getting a diploma, I realised about my interest and my interest is maintaining instruments and machines. The diploma helps me in understanding basics aspects of advanced computer technology. I learned about computer structure, operation system, computer networks, and visual programming. These topics help me in gaining advance knowledge in the field of computers. In the end of program, a practical training is also given so that I could apply my theoretical skills into the practical world

Diploma in Project Management (2016)

After getting a secondary school diploma I worked for Saudi Arabian Oil Company around nine years. After that, I applied for a diploma in project management at Australia Institute of Business Technology, Melbourne. While working at the company gives me insight that I should focus on management field also. As I am excellent in my technical field, I want to increase my boundaries and opted for a diploma in project management. The diploma in project management stands for explaining about the internal operations of an organisation such as planning, implementation, controlling, and evaluation of team in order to attain certain objectives. The industrial field makes me realised that the combination of technical and management skill increases the chances for growth. The diploma helps me in understanding the basic aspects of management.

basic aspects of management

Bachelor of Supply Chain and Logistics Management (2017-19)

After completing my diploma in project management, I applied for a degree in Bachelor of Supply Chain and Logistics Management in Victoria University, Melbourne and also get selected. Currently, I am a first-year student and learn some basic aspects of management in Supply Chain and Logistics. The supply chain and logistics worked in the operations of the organisation as it handled their flow for products and services, comprises a movement and storing of raw material, managing the working process, and checking the end products. I choose this specialisation because I want to advance in the operation segment of the organisation.  In this semester, I’ll be studying about the Supply Chain and Logistics in details and also understanding it in terms of the practical world.

Bachelor of Supply Chain and Logistics Management


May 2017

After completing my diploma in project management, I engaged in various management activities to enhance my skills. A Saudi Association is established to take care of Saudi Students who are studying in the universities of the state Victoria. The association has maintains relationships with various Saudi student societies of different universities. They conduct various programs to build relationships among the Saudi students and encourage their culture. The programs include a number of activities such as educational and learning workshops, seminars and lectures, festival celebration, and sports competitions. The major objective of Saudi Association is to ease and enhance the experience of students in universities.

diploma in project management

I attended various programs of the Saudi Association of my course. There was one program which increases my urge of learning management. The program was Enterprise and Innovation which discuss the operations in an organisation and the innovative techniques and ideas which establish them as a successful organisation. In this program, the speaker shares his past experience about previous organisations. In his experience, he discusses the operation management of the organisation such that how the organisation is managing their large operations effectively. He also explained the required skills in the individual for working in an organisation. During the program, a question answer session is also arranged so that the students could get an answer for their questions. Most of the questions are based on the guidelines of career and techniques for personal development. The speaker explained the techniques and strategies for enhancing the personal development and technical knowledge. In the end of the program, the speaker discusses the process through which a student could attain his or her goal and also understanding the mechanism of operations in an organisation.

Career Swot Analysis

Career Swot Analysis


My strength in relation to my future career:

1. After working with Saudi Arabian Oil Company, my technical skills are enhanced and I also acquire professional skill regarding the company. I also know about the working operations of the organisation.

2. While working in Saudi Arabian Oil Company my communication skill is enhanced by dealing with various departments. My problem-solving skill is also enhanced while dealing operations in the company.

3. Being a technician, I developed a strong fluency in English by giving various assessments.

I do well in:

I have received High Distinction and Distinction in my past records of diploma and excel in my courses.

Other strengths:

1. I possess a strong leadership skill which would help me in handling different types of individuals at different levels.

2. My presentation skills are also good.

3. I am a very social person and easily build relationships with any person.


The area I am lacking for my future career:

A certified qualification in the field of management.

No training in the field of future career

I could improve on:

I reach the University of Melbourne through an exchange program and during that program I got an opportunity to interact with various students of different countries but due to a language barrier, most of the things are left out in conversation. Hence, learning new languages would definitely enhance my skills.

Other weaknesses:

I study very well but during the process of attaining high marks, I pushed my abilities and it results in my lot of pressure.

I always try to be a perfectionist in every field that also makes me face difficult situations.


Opportunities for my career:

1. After completing my management, I could approach different sales oriented organisation for my development.

2. I also have contacts in the Saudi Arabian Oil Company where I could work as a manager in the supply chain and logistics.

3. Currently, I am studying with various international students which would provide me with an opportunity to move in their country and learn a new culture and work in a different environment.

Trends I could take advantage of:

By constantly in touch with the training and placement cell of a university, it helps me in attaining interviews of a different organisation.

Turning my strengths into opportunities:

1. I write my strengths in the resume with proper references.

2. Maintaining my relationship with the Saudi Arabian Oil Company.


Threats that could harm my future career:

1. Not completing my bachelor degree in management or getting a professional certificate from the program.

2. I have no relation and contacts in Australia with other organisations in reference to my career.

3. Another problem that faced is that most of the Australian organisations prefer for a local student than a foreign student.


I would start sending resumes to different organisations of Australia.

Results of threats:

I wouldn’t get a job in Saudi Arabia or Australia.

List of Actions

To shape my strengths and grab the opportunities:

1. By an effective communication in different language, my relation would be built with different peoples.

2. During group assessments, I should work as a team leader.

3. Maintaining my scorecard high in every assessment.

4. Maintaining contacts with the associates in Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

My weaknesses and how to minimise their threats:

1. Should attend every lecture and tutorial regarding my course.

2. Work positively on the assignment for the growth.

3. During preparation for exams should study from the personal notes.

4. Learn new languages.

5. Attend every program related to management.

Career Plan

Long Term Career Objectives

By the end of 2027, I’ll be working as a CEO of a high brand company.

Short Term Career Objectives

1. Attending international summit of entrepreneurs in Melbourne regarding the operations management.

2. Attaining training in the supply chain at a reputed firm.

3. Joining different career mentoring programs.

4. Understanding logistics management while getting training at a firm.

5. Get training in the advanced computer technology for understanding the operations.

6. Participating in training programs of a different organisation to enhance my skills.

7. Building contacts with different employees and organisations.

Balance and Rewards

After attaining my objectives, I would like to motivate and inspire through a rewarding system. This system would help in increasing my efficiency and quality of work. This system comprises of following activities:

1. Spending holidays with family

2. Watching TV shows

3. Reading books

4. Cooking food for myself

5. Start going to a gym

6. Spending weekends on shopping or watching a movie

Life Goals

After working for 10 years my overall life goals would be:

1. Getting married and have children.

2. Visiting different countries with my family.

3. Treating every person with equality and maintain a good relationship with everyone.

4. Developing a budget for every purpose and maintaining it effectively.

5. The aforementioned objectives are only a guide and I will follow them sincerely.

6. I am also open to grab new opportunities according to the situation.


Name: Waleed Ahmed Al Ghamdi

Address: 93, Edwardes Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3073

Mobile: 0468992751

Email:  wag.nano@gmail.com

Career Objectives

I want to become a successful manager in a reputed firm where I could manage the operations of the organisation. I would be working hard to attain my objectives and also attain a degree in management with high score. I want to outclass in my field and attain potential knowledge regarding my field. I also want to work with pride in my future career and also able to travel while working. While working hard for attaining my career objective, I also feel a sense of success and accomplishments.

Professional Skills

Maintenance technician:Worked as a maintenance technician in Saudi Arabian Oil Company which gives knowledge about various fields in a company. 

Computer knowledge:The person could work on different operations with the help of a computer.

Confidence and team work:The person possesses a quality of team working and fills up with lots of confidence.

Company skills:The work experience of the person provides a distinct knowledge about the strong and weak areas of the management.

 Work Experience

June 2006 to July 2015: Worked as a Maintenance Technician in Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Engaged in different operations of the industry.

Possess knowledge in safety measures of possible hazards.

Expert in computer operation of the maintenance technician department.

Academic Background

2017 – Present: Bachelor of supply chain and logistics management in Victoria University, Melbourne.

Course –integrated supply chain management, transport and logistics management, operations management, distribution management, purchasing and supply management, e-supply chain management, and supply chain analysis.

Course completion –December 2019

2016: Diploma of project management in Australia Institute of Business and Technology, Melbourne.

2004: High school Diploma in Electronics with specification of Technician

Passed in excellent with 92.95%

Extra-Curricular Activities

2016:Attended a workshop on Enterprise and Innovation by Saudi Arabian Student Association

Transferable Skills

Time Management: Punctual with assignment, classes and work, and also have sufficient time for study.

Problem Solving Skills: Effectively handled the situation and also provide ideas and solutions.

Communication Skills:Effective communication among the employees in Saudi Arabian Oil Company and the students in a university.

Language Proficiency

Fluent in general English and Arabic.

Achieved competency in the English for Academic Purposes.


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