BSB51415 Project Management Paper Editing and Proof Reading Services

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BSB51415 Project Management Paper Editing and Proof Reading Services

Program closure report purpose

The main purpose of this program control and closure report is to analyze if the project work is completed on scheduled time or not. It is also analyzed that if the project cost is meet with an estimated cost. The performance of entire information technology is checked to analyze if there should be proper installation processes are taken place in terms of subsea configurations as well as choice of the installation vessels.

Program closure report goals

The goal of this report is to develop and install of pipe technology. The program aims to provide disruptive riser in pipe technology for the international deepwater applications. TCP will become compelling solutions for the future deepwater fields.

Program closure report summary

Program background

The program is based on providing a pipe technology for the international deepwater applications. Thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) is cost effective for the applications which are being installed with light vessels and quicker termination in field. The reason behind qualification program is to offer new disruptive riser pipe technology to offshore workers in international deepwater applications. The program is closed by delivering it on time and within scheduled budget.

Program metrics performance

The performance of Airborne oil and gas qualification program is measured by planned value such as estimation of cost for the project activities planning as reporting date. Actual cost is indicated on how much of the money should be spent on the project as to date. Earned value is done for performed project costs as well as project activities completed by particular date. This metric is allowed to do the work on time and within budget.

Goals and objective performance

The goal of this particular program is to deliver of TCP flow line, offshore installation, and engineering along with field support. The goals and objectives of this program are met so that on timely basis, the proper development and testing of the integrated optical fiber conditions monitoring of the pipe technology are done.

Success criteria performance

The program is delivered on time and within the capital budget and ensured that the deliverables are meeting based on the client’s requirements. The program team members attended the meetings on timely basis, updating the progress into installation and testing of qualification programme.

Milestone and deliverables performance

The team members work hard to meet with the project milestones and deliverables so that the entire qualification programme is delivered on time to the client.

Schedule performance

The schedule of this program is meeting and it is completed within planned time.

Budget performance

The program is completed within scheduled budget.

Lessons learned

It is learned from entire program is that there are gaining of knowledge and skills regarding the project management so that in future, all the project management related work are to be done. There is gaining of knowledge to schedule the program activities such that the time is meeting and the program can deliver within time in addition to budget.


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