BSB51415 Strategy Project Management Proof Reading Services

BSB51415 Strategy Project Management Assignment Solution

BSB51415 Strategy Project Management Proof Reading Services

Introduction –Definition 

Walker (2015) discussed that strategy is concerned with the objectives of the clients, description of the project work as well as organization. This Indian construction project is based on management design as well as construction strategies to define the project task properly.

Different type of strategies 

The strategies which are required into the construction project are creating flow of communication as good and bad news are required to implement a build. Continuous planning is required where the construction project manager start planning before actual construction is began, organization development plan until end of the project (Lock 2016). The planning is included of prefabrication of materials into prohibited environments, construction waste administration, and management of the site for enhanced environment and lean mechanized in order to decrease the energy, substance assortment.

Importance of strategies 

Malik, Banerjee and Ahmad (2018) illustrated that there is higher importance of construction strategies which set the fundamental steps which are followed to achieve the project objectives. In order to become the strategy effective, it has various components which address the middle level issues along with upper level issues to integrate entire organization’s socio-economic environment.

Management strategies 

Nguyen et al. (2018) expressed that the management strategies are consisted of planning regarding project budget as well as schedule. As the construction projects are larger into scope, there is involvement of many stakeholders. Effective communication with the project team is required to advice the budget along with time constraints. There is requirement of regular updates into the project progress. The construction management is consisted to assess aspects of the construction process by onsite supervision of the work. It allows the manager to perform work to keep project on schedule and within budget (de Carvalho et al. 2015). The project monitoring is required to keep in line with the budget as well as timeline of project. While the construction manager is onsite to supervise the project, therefore it is required to have construction management software to keep track of records of cost and schedule demands.

Examples of strategies 

The construction business is involved with various work included of bulk of the legal proceedings, getting of paper work and management of the subordinates with dealing with the raw materials. A payment schedule is established based on completion percentage of project. The construction manager should require meeting with the project milestones tied with the payment terms (Pimenova et al. 2016). There is required to manage of material costs about rise into the cost of construction materials, it is required to manage impact on jobsite. Minimization of the project procurement or purchase cost is required to control the project costs.

Theme 2: 

Project management 

Lock (2016) stated that project management is management of changing processes needed to achieve end target based on specific time as well as cost parameters. There are five steps to manage the change process such as define the change objective, development of strategy to achieve the project objectives.

Project management frameworks 

Nguyen et al. (2018) stated that the project management frameworks consist of three parts of the project lifecycle such as project control cycle with tool for ease completing of the project work. The project management frameworks are required to select proper methods for the project team. Pimenova et al. (2016) discussed that there are various project management frameworks for the project into business such as:

1. PRINCE2: It is focused on delivering the products that should meet with the project requirements. It is alerted to separate the tasks than to create the products. This framework is focused by means of the development stage of the project.

2. Critical chain project management (CCPM): It is designed to deal with managing the project work. It is focused on resource allocation, included of personnel and management throughout the project work (de Carvalho et al. 2015). The goal of this project is to deal with level of the resources.

Importance of Project management 

Nguyen et al. (2018) criticized that project management has importance as it ensures to execute the strategic project goals. It breaks the project tasks in the midst of the project team members focused on their expertise. The project schedule helps to reduce delays and overruns for project involvement.


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