BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

Question 1

As a new member of the team you will need to identify organisational requirements. Referring to the Adept Owl scenario in Appendix 1, the Adept Owl style guide and procedures, identify:

One requirement for information entry

One basic requirement for the collection of data entry is to acquire appropriate source of data from various wellsprings. It is done after making appropriate investigation and research. It is the most tedious task as an investigator has to face lots of hurdles while accumulating the appropriate data for the purpose of information entry. Adept Owl organisation is in segment of production entertainment boards which is for the entertainment and enjoyment of all group and age persons. Therefore the customer base of the organisation is very large. Database has to be segregated as per the current style adopted by the group. The basic information or database that is required from the complete population base is to gather the general requirement and needs of the customers. This can be attained by data collection method utilised by the researcher on the personal basis from the various available external market sources. The data collected should be flexible and should be easy to adjust that it can meet the requirements and change according to the data entry procedures and rules. While entering the information into the database system various system requirements are needed to be taken care of. Information should be arranged in the logical groups such that each small group is a small part of the whole. Information is to be organised in such a way that when there is requirement of making changes modification can be made accordingly and stored in a database. Database should be created in which one can access and make changes the data quickly and more effectively & efficiently without making a compromise towards integrity and originality of the database while making storage of it. Apart from that there is great need of repetition of information while avoiding redundancy at multiple recording places. These steps not only reduce the information storage space requirement to the organisation but also ensure the fact that data is logically and ethically entered.

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

Two requirements for file naming and storage

The place or systems in which information is stored should be termed as objects and should be managed by proper systems. Using various simplified conceptual models it helps in simplifying the data storage and recording procedures. While naming the data file and organising information in database the factor should be considered that file name should be different and the process of placing the different data in different segments such that file can be easily accessed as and when information is required. Through this process information group in a record structure base is changed by the easier recording & storage systems such that approach becomes simpler & therefore it enhances the proper management of the report systems. Naming of the information file in particular system can be visualised as a process of analysing the database and primary systems that will help the Adept Owl to meet out its desired goals and objectives of the organisation. One of the foremost objectives of the database recording systems is reduce the complex behaviour in order to attain all the necessary information right on time when required. Overcoming the historical storage system where information is stored in more scattered form and format that in turn results in leading to loss of accurate information retrieval.  traditions identified with naming the documents characterizes the standards which empower the tilting of data through e-folders and normal organizers, reports and information records in a reliable and legitimate approach. This further enhances & guarantees the fact such that right records can be found, recognized and recovered from a documenting framework in an opportune manner. This can be only possible when the database are recorded and stored in such a way that they have put away in a proper secure area. In a perfect world, the best time to think how to name and structure the archives and indexes that or make is toward the beginning or start of a venture or the recording of new database system.

Two requirements for output or quality of document design and production

With the development of organisation over the period of time there is great need for proper storage and access the data in most appropriate way and manner. Proper record maintenance of information is most relevant when several database and large pool of information is available with the organisation. Due to this effect there comes the great need for introducing global systems and electronic application systems that will enhance the management of information record and retrieval. This distributed and parallel system has a benefit to give quality output of information data with high level of integrity and is away from biasness. Apparently the information load is distributed among the various record bases and creates the ultimate reliability over the complete systems. Forming a segmented information database systems not only reduce the incumbency of traditional systems but also give an enhance benefit of proper design of system such that information can be attained in more easier and reliable manner.  This system added a feature of data independence through multilevel architecture design of information database. The two basic requirements for output quality management is as follows

1.Organisation should create appropriate standards for record maintenance and security of information. While implanting the distribution information record maintenance systems that only authorised data access tools should exist apart from security systems that block the malicious content coming from the external sources.

2. The next most relevant requirement in maintaining the information system and ensuring the quality of database is putting proper backups for recovery of information system as a part of its information risk management policy. 

Two compliance requirements –explain how the existing Adept Owl processes help ensure compliance with one piece of legislation and identify and explain one possible code of practice or standard relevant to document production for possible improvement of processes

There are certain rules and compliance requirement as per the relevant law of the land which governs the nature of recording certain information that is in the procession of the organisation and implanting the appropriate security tools over it. There is a proper reporting system implanted in the routine of the company which helps to monitor different cost and create a comparative analysis between the relevant benchmarks and actual results. The existing administrative team structure of the Adept Owl focused on managing the record structure as per the governed law and create backup of information for retrieval in case of data loss as required by the relevant law and rules applicable on the organisation.

The code of practise adopted by the organisation by giving individual mail instead of mass mail outs results in enhancement of budgeted costs and increases the ultimate wastes of resources. This problem can be handled by putting organisational software to manage the resources in proper manner.

Question 2

Evaluate Adept Owl’s present and future information technology capability to satisfy document design and production needs.

In every organization or industry, there is a requirement of some kind of document Controller. This permits all staff to make documents with a reliable aspect, sustain quality Standards as acknowledged by the organization and rule produce documents effectively and efficiently, and make developments where needed. In current business situation, nearly all documents are formed and maintained electronically by a range of commercial software packages.

With respect to human resource capability, where are the skills gaps that exist currently within the administration team?

Adept Owl’s current and upcoming facts knowledge proficiency to fulfil folder design and manufacture desires with respect to human resource skill and the talents gaps that exist presently inside the management group is mentioned below but before that we must know what do we understand by the term skill gap: It is a skill gap which is defined as an most important gap among an organization’s skill wants and the current abilities of its workers. It is the period or a fact at which the association cannot keep on competitive and they does not cultivate or grow as they don’t have the exact skills to help to motivate the business consequences and outcomes and care for the establishment plans, goals and strategies. Resources should be used efficiently and effectively to achieve the goals of the company.

How could the skills gaps be closed in keeping with organizational practices?

If the business is suffering from some of the skill gaps and we have to close the skill gap then we have to help the company to get back on the track of rescue, progress and development. The first thing we should do to fill the skill gap is to see where the teams and employees are at, what are the problems faced by them, when there is a change in technology of the organization, what techniques should be used to perform the jobs effectively and efficiently.

1.The organization requirement is to approve that the development of talents, information and capabilities is healthy and worthwhile

2. A perfect way to do this is to test the employee working in the organisation and give training and development to the employee and checking whether all the employees are assigned in the proper and their job profile only and by providing appropriate environment to the workforce.

3. By giving proper training to the employee about his work so that he or she can become expert of his work.

4. By looking that the employees are worki8ng in the healthy environment. They are not facing\f any problems and if they are facing then what can be the remedies to solve the problems and to rescue them from that problem.

What future IT capability needs (both physical and human) could the organization have with respect to document design and production within the next 2–5 years? Identify at least one source of external advice or information you have used to help you make this evaluation.

Upcoming IT capability needs the organization could have with respect to document design and production are as below mentioned:

1. Manpower need for doing the working every organization there is a need of human resource that is employee working in the many employee means attaining the objective on time by achieving the goal effectively.

2. Need for advancement of technology: For surviving in today’s market there is a huge need of technology advancement to compete with the competitors. Best and up-to-date technology is must for the company to achieve its targets on time.

3. Up-to-date knowledge of everything is of utmost importance, what is going in the market helps in sustaining in the competition and market. The business or we can say that the organization should follow all the trendy things which help in making the goodwill of the organization more and help in revenue generation.

4. Data base storage centres should be there. For the storage of data every organization needs storage centres for storing there data for security. There are so many objectives of data base, some of them are as follows:

a. It helps in settings rules and standards and also helps in combining interconnected data which help in achieving the goals and objectives on time.

b. It also helps in knowing the users about the data which is available in the organization

Backup’s retrieval sites: If something happens with the software then there should be backup of everything so that no loss can be bear by the organization and it is for the betterment of the organization and help in becoming more advanced.

Welfare of the employees working in the organization should be kept in mind while bringing change in the organization

What changes might be required to the Adept Owl style guide and procedures to take account of anticipated technological changes?

Changes that may be essential to the Adept Owl style guide and ways to take account of expected high-tech alterations are as follows:

1. Changes related to policies of the organization: what policy or which type of policy is essential for the organization and should be kept in mind to attain the objective and whether it is beneficial for the workers working in the company.

2. Terms and condition of the company plays a very vital role in every company or business and everybody who is working in the company is liable to follow the terms and condition of the company.

3. Proper allocation of the resources with optimum utilization should be done to achieve the objective.

4. Budgets:they play a very significant role in every business, without planning no business can get success, and without proper budgets nothing can be it is very necessary for the business to make budget and do financial planning that where the money should be invested and what to buy and what not to buy.

5. Safety and security of the employees working in the company must be is the prime duty of every organization to take care of the people working there and provide them all the facilities which will help in overall development of the company.

Question 3

Referring to the Adept Owl style guide and procedures, identify three types of documents used and required by the organization.

It is important to use the most effective and efficient ways to create documents and to customize software to diminish production time and attain supreme effectiveness. In current scenario, Businesses deal with so many diverse types of documents, but documents can generally be categorized as instructive, undesirable or convincing.

Informative files or documents

Informative files or documents consist of monetary reports, newssheets, investigation information, abstracts, thank-you records and account alterations. To provide the planned message, enlightening documents should be appropriate and short-lived, or humble if short-term is not possible as per the terms of the company. They are of great importance as without informative documents a company can’t be run accurately. Informative documents help the company to get information about or on any topic in which the company needs information. These documents are not only helpful in providing information but also help in time saving and helping in so many other ways. They are also helpful in the growth of the company as it helps in getting every possible information which help the employees working in the organization

Undesirable documents

Undesirable documents are used for so many purposes, frequently used to make an apology or explain a bad condition. Kinds of undesirable documents comprise of refusals, punitive notices, destructive performance assessments, letting go and dismissals. To shape or renewal the goodwill, reporters of undesirable documents may challenge to reorganize the facts as positive. These documents are for the betterment of the company they are used to rebuild the goodwill of the company which is spoiled because of some reason .if the company has done some mistakes than it is the duty of the company to make an apology to the customers of that company.

Convincing documents

Convincing documents try to convince the viewers or we can say that audience to contribute to the authors’ point of view. Posters, CV’s, performance appraisals, Advertisement and revenue generation and profit maximization appeals are all the categories of convincing or persuasive documents. Scripting of a definite folder may take a while or bit more tactic than writing other kinds of documents because the writer must predict and address possible viewer’s complaints. Convincing the external people is a very important task and is very important. If the consumer is convinced than it is beneficial for the company to build up its goodwill and help in gaining more and more customers for the company. They get the consumers attracted towards the company by using so many techniques whether that is emotional or professional.

Corporate letters are used to connect with persons outside of the workplace. Receivers may comprise consumers, associates in other industries, facility providers, specialists who give advice top the business, government bureaucrats or officers and job candidates. They are the formal letters issued by the organization. They help in promotion and advertisement of the business and helps in building the goodwill of the company which plays a very significant role for the company.

Corporate Strategies and Objectives

The most important and first document an industry proprietor should compose is a hard business design, idea and plan This type of file and document summaries mutual objectives and purposes of the industry, with an organizational plan, advertising and promotion policies and techniques and a monetary budget. Without business plans the business cannot achieve the success and is not able to get on top. So for being on top it is necessary for every business to make some plans before starting any business in the society an there must be some objective of every business that for what purpose it has been started or launched in the market. This article contains and comprises of tactical aims, goals and objectives and delivers a proposal for the corporate, particularly through the major few years of business.

But on top of all these, business papers commonly shape or renovate goodwill with the proposed audience. Goodwill tells the people know that the file dispatcher is sympathetic and sociable. This thought creates the onlookers more to be expected to know and act on the file message. Goodwill of any company plays a very vital role in today’s market because the company whose goodwill is at the top in market will be on the top in today’s business scenario and without a good and a well-known goodwill no business can sustain in the market.

Question 4

Develop a short procedure for either (a) a mass letter mail-out or (b) the creation of an expense report. Ensure your procedures:

Follow general style necessities of the Adept Owl style guide include at least two references to the style guide or procedures, for example, storage or use of fonts or headings.

Establishments interconnect with consumers through their everyday processes. Communication can be classified in different methods: welcome mails, memorable declarations, gratitude emails, and statements to title just a rare. Word can support establishments to create different methods of on paper communication more effectively and efficiently by the help of mail merge. While we have greater part of mail to direct to so many individuals on your e-mailing file or list, we can take the help of mail merge to make a set of mass-produced mails. There are some documents which are involved in making, generating and printing literatures by means of the mail merge procedure:

Main articlethe following type of files and documents covers manuscript and visuals that are undistinguishable for every form of the amalgamated file. The frame of the document is a sample of same content.

Mailing listthis is the data source that is used to populate information in the letter. Your mailing list has names, for example, and your main document is the letter that will be addressed to the names in your list. Mailing list is the data foundation this can be an Excel worksheet, an encyclopaedia of Viewpoint connections, a contact folder, or a workplace address file. It comprises of the proceedings and records that Word practices to appeal facts to build the letter.

Merged filethis document is a combination of the main document and the mailing list. Mail merge pulls information from the mailing list and puts it in your main document, resulting in a personalized letter for each person.

Adhere to information, budget and technology requirements outlined in the scenario in Appendix 1.

An expenditure report is a kind of file that comprises of all the expenditures that an employee has experienced as an outcome of the corporate action. A well-performing, executed business expenditure report rule or we can say that policy can minimize costs, helps in improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and improve staffs complete or overall knowledge and experience. So when we make a cost report, we have so many opportunities or options on which the fresh and new article, text, file and the selection that you mark initiates new or other  adoptions  and varieties that is quick for specifics about the report. So whether you are making a new expenditure report strategy or energizing your present one, make assured we consider these mechanisms to make sure you are keeping in view all the sources:

Precise Expenditure Advices

The primary goal of your policy is to set employees expectations by defining what your company will and will not reimburse and under what conditions

Diverse Period organizations

It is essential to keep our cost file or report technique moving with both finest cash movement and employee consumer facility purposes Launch a schedule so everybody from the persons give in to expenditure reports to the staffs treating them are alert or aware of goals, limits and deadlines.

Easy-To-Follow Expense Reporting Procedure

The process should be intended and designed for comfort of usage so workers get on panel with the method and escape errors, faults and frustration and so your automated system can be developed to fit your workflow.

Pre-approval procedure:

If you practice an official pre-approval scheme to regulate outlay before it occurs, give staffs and directors directions on when they want to submit appeals and get them permitted and how to tie approvals with the expenditure reports they will deposit later.

Record protectionBoost up the employees to keep worthy accounts that are thorough sufficient in case the necessities of more facts or there are any other arguments.

Agreement and approval direction finding: Workersshould know how many levels each type of expenditure report wants to transportable, and how this can influence their endorsement record-keeping requirements.

Assessment 2

1. Draft and final templates for a letter and an expense report

Template for a letter

Name: -

Address: -

Postal code: -

Date: -

Name of the Company: Adept Owl

Company Address: 42 Challenge Lane RICHMOND VIC 3121

Postal Code: -

Subject: - Expansion plan

Dear/Respected Sir/Ma’am,

This is to inform you that our company is growing rapidly. As per our vision our staff support is necessary to take company at high position within 5 years. Our contribution should be done in following terms towards attain the objectives.

a. Creating high performing activities.

b. Improving in products and production.

c. Ensure that sustainable materials should be used in distribution.

I am grateful to have you as my staff. I will be hoping that you all will give contribution in the agendas of company.

Closing Greetings

Full Name: -

Template for Expense report









Statement number


Employee information


Reporting Manager




Expense types

Item description

Client ID number

Purchase Amount


Sales and marketing

Toys raw material















$ 200



















Total amount


Approved: -

Notes: -

Signature: -


2. Testing Schedule

S. No.




Log in

Reach to home screen


Sign in to the required software

Dashboard opening


Sign in supportive software

Excel and word files opening


Production start


Production delay report

Adept Owl Games Company

42 Challenge LaneRICHMOND VIC 3121

Ph: 03 9234 5678Fax: 03 9234 5679


Title <first name> < last name>

Address <postal code>

Dear <surname>

Thank you for your purchasing with us the product of games. We apologise that we would be unable to dispatch the ordered product on date due to delay in production.

We sincerely apologise of this delay and make try to dispatch as soon as possible. We will put every effort to minimise the delay.

Yours sincerely

Name < manager>

3. Copies of the written feedback on template


3. Copies of the written feedback on template

4. Written reflection on process of document production undertaken

Reflection on document production is as follows: -

Business documents production is the documents that help in the business communications with either internal or external parties. Business documents production can be in paper form or electronic form. The various business documents are business letters, business reports, transactional documents and financial documents. These are the most important business documents used for the resolving the day to day business communications.

The standard documents must be so well developed that it should resolve the purpose of the organization. The organization is the manufacturer of environment friendly heaters and the main purpose of the organization is to increase sales of heaters. Increase in sales will ultimately help the organization in high profits & growth. For achieving the purpose, the organization needs to develop its business documents in a standard way which will help the organization to achieve its objectives. The major communication of the organization will be with its workers, employees, whole sellers and any other large buyer of the product. The business communication has to be clear, transparent and in the most professional manner. This will put a positive impact over the outsiders and will help the business to grow. For achieving the purpose of the organization, the organization needs to prepare documents standards.

Assessment 3


This assessment will discuss the role of team performance and training session. It will also discuss a training session, explanatory note and session plan for the training process. Training is an important aspect for every business which enhances the quality of human resource.

1. Presentation materials used for the training session delivered

There is various presentation materials get utilised for the training sessions such as: -


Written files

Power point presentation

Role plays

Feedback forms


2. Explanatory notes

Information of company

Company is known company in the field of production of toys. The aim of company is to provide the amusements to all kind of ages. It wants to be a most well repudiated company in the innovative and learning developer within five years. It is vision of the company.  Company related information include the background or history of organization. It also includes their products and services. Such documents also need to be properly secured. It is worth that the documents must be sent in PDF version only. So, that, there would be no scope of alterations of the documents. Other, method is to mention legal disclaimer below the business documents regarding the legal complication of misuse of documents.

Security of Data information

Computer applications such as virus- scanning software must be installed to protect the documents from any sort of viruses. While installing such software’s, due consideration must be put to check the competency of the applications to detect all kind of viruses. It should be potential of protection of .doc files, excel files etc. Service security extension ontology enhances the security properties of company such as credentials and security mechanism.

Security system

Proper applicability of security systems must be installed for extraction of any of the electronic standard document. The security system refers that information must be protected. It distinguishes three types of rules: Authorization, Capability, and Obligation. Authorisation refers that there should not be happened access of third party. Capability reflects in the case of necessary entity should be able to access the other entity performance. Obligation determines that enforce should not be made.  

3. Session plan

Name of session

Grade level


Conducted by




Candidate information






Complete (Yes/No)

Activity 1


Activity 2


Activity 3


Activity 4


4. Evaluation report, including implementation plan


This report is prepared in order to evaluate the training program. Mere creation of business documents is not enough, it is equally important to implement various strategies for proper implementation of business documents. Organization needs to form new policies & procedures which regulate the proper and authenticate use of business documents.

Proper training workshops & discussions must be held for guiding employees. They must be provided proper verbal as well as written statements relating to the formation of business documents. They also, need to guide regarding the security legislations.

Written statements regarding the use of business documents must be formed. This would provide a brief idea about the use of business documents. Every employee will know abbot the pros & cons of the documents.

Strict penalty provisions must be formed for proper utilization of prescribed formats of business documents and any misuse of the existing formats would attract legal liability.

Business documents must be formed in such a way that it should present professionalism. Therefore, proper mechanism must be installed to incorporate the changing elements in the business documents. This will ensure the accountability & transparency of the documents. 

All the business documents must be installed in a central disk drive, so that users can easily access to the relevant business documents. This will also help in proper check over the usage of business documents. Proper monitoring can also be done through installation of appropriate software application, which will learn regarding the use of business documents by the respective employees.


It is concluded that employees require training and development sessions in order to develop their skill set and learn new things. Employees are the one who uses the business documents. They need to communicate the business information with the outsiders. Therefore, the set of written statement must be provided to all the employees of the organisation. This set of instructions will help them in understanding the norms & regulation in using the business documents.

Action plan


Resources/ cost

Responsible person/ role


Construction of plan


Managers of company

1 week



Managers and staff

2 week

Collection of data


Human resource

3 week




1 week


It is vital for business to provide training to the employees. This report has discussed the training session and an explanatory notes which provide information in detailed manner.