BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

About the Company:
In the world of marketing and advertising, XYZ Media has secured enough respect and gathered talent that aims to fulfill all the marketing requirements of a company. Whether it's a currency broker company based in the US, or a manufacturer of consumer products, XYZ Media feels proud to announce that it has served more than 50 clients from all over the world. Our experienced writers, photographers, and marketing technicians have promised to fulfill all marketing needs. In the world of globalization and extreme competition, companies should definitely opt for the best marketing strategist, online or otherwise and we are the best of the lot.  
Position: Junior Content specialist, Senior Content Manager

Essential qualifications:
Junior Content specialist: A degree in any field from a recognized institution with a decent grade. Junior content strategists are required to produce a sample of their work. In case of fresher’s, they need to apply online through the company website and go through the selection procedures step by step. For experienced professionals, they need to produce before the HR manager samples of their work.
Senior Content manager: At least 2 years’ experience of working in the relevant field preferably as a content strategist/writer/manager/analyst. Should have excellent decision making and troubleshooting capabilities.Is expected to work in coordination with photographers, videographers and strategic analysts.
Desired Qualifications: Apart from the minimum qualifications for both the posts, the company expects the entrants to be proficient in photography skills with a minimum knowledge of photo/video editing with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, although this is not mandatory.
Modes of contact: Candidates are required to submit their CVs to the HR manager by 15th December, 2017 either by post or by e-mail.
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Criteria for the role:
As is defined by the job advertisement, it requires the candidates to fulfill the basic characteristics in terms of their writing and interpersonal skills. They are expected to be fluent in writing and conversing in the English language. As far as criteria for manage recruitment is concerned, there are 2 parts that need to be pondered on. For the post of junior content writer, they need to make the manager understand their skills in writing and that they are sufficient for their entry into the company. As for the experienced content strategist post, they need to be fully aware of the recent changes in technology and SEO techniques that they should be responsible for. This includes working for social media platforms and doing thorough research before they can write product reviews. Thus they require excellent decision-making skills and troubleshooting capabilities. This includes working under a strict deadline and amidst all conditions. The company also wishes to provide more weight to candidates who are thoroughly converse in basic photography skills with image editing.

Letter to the successful applicant:
Dear Applicant,
XYZ Media is pleased to inform you that you have selected for the post of Junior Content Specialist owing to your impressive writing skills and your power to persuade your readers with the usage of simple language. Additionally, the sample you provided gives a thorough insight into your presence of mind and understanding of correct grammatical usage.
As per your request we are ready to recruit you immediately and we will have to ask you to join by 5th of the next month. You are quiet to bring copies of the following on the day you join.
1. Last qualification certificate.
2. Identification certificate of any kind.
3. Fully filled up form asking for some basic information:
4. Any other certificates or tokens that you would wish to show us (the more the better).  
You are advised to reach the venue on time. We don’t wish to devour your entire day.
Thank you
Charlie, project manager, XYZ Media

Written feedback:
Dear Aziz,
We are pleased to inform you that you have completed six months of your training cum probation serving period with a distinction. Henceforth we would like to see you ate the Content Strategist desk which is right up ahead beside the attic. Congratulations you have your own room and a Mac now. You are advised to parley with the Content analyst department for further orders on doing your designation justice.
P.S We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully moved to the second grade of our compensation structure details for which will be preordered to you soon. Get ready for your next trip to Iceland for our next big project. Don’t forget to get a camera from our inventory, you will need it frequently.
Thank you
Charlie, project manager, XYZ Media

Highlighting an issue:
Dear Charlie,
I would like to thank you for helping me secure my position as a Content Strategist through your constant ‘get it done’ attitude. However, there are minor queries I have been facing in the recent times. Although these are not extremely detrimental to my performance, they do affect it by even a smaller degree. Charlie, I would like you to revise the works of our junior writers and in fact i wish to speak for them. As a part of their daily work load, they are required to present and produce at least 4 articles on miscellaneous themes and writing subtitles for movies launched recently.
Although we have proper division of employees according to their performance and their background, sometimes it becomes hectic for them to manage writing six different writings within a day. The brain suffers from a word blockage and this in turn leads to quality deterioration. I would advise you to look into matter and provide them work according to their capabilities in order to help them retain their performance abilities. Plus, i would like to attract your attention to the requirement for two more writers especially skilled in doing SEOs and keyword researching. Again their work should be divided equally so that they do not feel overburdened.
Thank you.  
Aziz, Content Strategist, XYZ Media

Operational plans and operational policies for recruitment:
The company feels the need to recruit employees for its new branches or for its own expansion. Thus recruitment procedures might not be necessary to be continued if the company is relatively smaller and thus don’t have a strong employee base. There are costs of running recruitment policies especially if it's a smaller company. Larger enterprises have numerous branches all over the world and distance is not a bar for those who are already qualified enough for a particular post. The cost of hiring HR managers and making them understand the company's requirements needs time and effort. Operation costs for recruitment thus vary according to the company's needs. When it's not hiring, costs are zero. In general the company carries out its annual recruitment program on January every year. The whole procedure lasts not more than a month. Current employees are often asked to aid in the recruitment processes since they have already gathered the experience.

Organizational recruitment policy
Organisational recruitment policies differ from institution to institution and it depends on various factors most of which are applicable for larger companies. When an employee retires or leaves, the company loses the net produce earlier produced by the employee. It is the duty of then company to recruit new people in that position or create an additional position depending on the work load and the requirements. Workload is not the same throughout the year, thus the requirement for an additional worker also changes with time. Sometimes companies choose to hire workers on a contractual basis. This is to handle the additional load which the existing employees are finding difficult to handle.

Technology and recruitment process
Technology plays a major role in aiding the HR managers in initiating the recruitment processes. Online manage recruitment selectionand online interviews have made their position when it comes to recruiting on a short notice. It is easier to post an online advertisement of the requirements, the necessary qualifications list and a ‘how to apply’ list. With the ease of job hunting online, it is easier for candidates to look for open positions based on their chosen designations, years of experience (if any) and expected compensation. With the advent of social media, companies are also posting their requirements online on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This helps the potential candidates to stay connected to the job market thanks to the automatic notifications that inform them of a new opening. Without technology, the process would have been lengthier and it would have been difficult to maintain an account of all the treatments and compare/judge their problem-solving skills in the real work environment.

Communication of information via policies and procedures
As a continuation of the previous heading, it is easier for the administration to communicate information all the way to their employees using technology. With the popularity of smartphones and social networking ability, companies are increasingly using social media to communicate information based on changes in their working pattern or the need to adhere to stricter deadlines during peak workload hours. The authority might also wish to learn about the performance trend of its most valuable employees from their respective team leaders. This helps them keep an eye on the internal improvement assessing performed by the employees. Improvisation and subsequent innovation are keys to stand out in the crowd; communication procedures helps the employees hone their own skills and recognize their talent in the growing work environment. Thus I advise the team leaders to allow employees use their social network accounts for communicating with them on a real time basis. Information can also be shared easily without physical meeting.