BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement Proof Reading Services

BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment Help

BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement Proof Reading Services

Activity 2

You have been asked to explain what the term continuous improvement means to a person who is unfamiliar with it. What would you tell them?

According toGaleanoet. al. (2011), the commonly termed known as continuous improvement is enhancing the level of the products and services according to the expectation fulfilled by the customer. It is done for the long-term. It enhances the level of the productivity and increases the customer loyalty for the betterment of the results. In the concept of continuous improvement, there is brief enroll on producing the level through the usage of the continuous improvement and lead to enhancing the survival of the business. The time, money, quality and the better service with increases the level of the impressive line with the effective results for the emphasis on the action (Galeanoet. al., 2011).

BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement Assignment Help

Suggest three specific activities or processes you could use to encourage employee contribution to continuous improvement in an organization.

There are various activities that implementing the programs. Employees will be influenced for the changing activity that for the factors affecting the results. There will be some time and effort for gaining the support for the education

Management involvement:For the physically management held in committing to the initiative for the standardizing the defining the goals and objective. There will be the true encouragement of the employee involvement for the levels based on the organization purposes. For engaging the employees, the superiors take active participation for increasing the morale of employees (Nowosielski, 2014).

Employee suggestion Programme:Implementation of the employee suggestion program for perceiving the activity and inherit the workforce for considering the follow-up action. The suggestion will be provided for considering the immediate feedback for the employee.

Positive feedback:There is the positive implication for providing the positive feedback to the employees. The workforce will be integrated for recognizing the performance and evaluates the results for the action. The negative feedback will be handled carefully (Gerhard Plenert, 2012).

How and in what ways do you think these strategies would impact on productivity?

Navigating the world of work:The employee will be satisfied with the working conditions.

Interacting with others: Effective communication leads to higher productivity.
Getting the work done:The work done will be optimized in the significant manner(Anh. and Minh 2012).

Activity 3

Conduct some research of your own and identify and describe some of the technological applications that might be used to monitor and review progress and to identify ways in which planning and operations could be improved.

There are various technological tools that analyze the level of the business productivity and enhance the level of action and maintain the results.

Telecommunication services:Telecommunication services helps in upgrading the advancement of the technological development in the organization. The information will be transfer through the specified set of the capabilities drawn for the results. The telecommunication helps in material content of the message.

Databases:The database is used for recording and collecting the information for the user interface as enrolling the results for the information. It is the software for the information collection and the analysis of the data and information will be updated and querying will be solved in the databases (Griesberger et. al., 2011).

There are various ways through planning and operations would be improved

High-qualityservice:The effectiveness will be improved by enhancing the high-quality level of the services that initiate the operation and the results. From this level the effectiveness of increasing satisfaction of the customer.

Security system:The information will be provided is of the highest security and information will not be disclosed with the any user and the available information with the user provided to the security action for the fostering the results (Tatsana-iam and Ngaoprasertwong, 2013).

What are four common problems when designing measuring systems used to monitor and review progress?

Reliability:The foremost commonof designing of the measuring system that is based on increasing the effectiveness and the results. The system will not be reliable tool for the operations lead to the functioning of the results. In order to review the performance, sometimes the software will not be provided the reliable results that need to be carried out in the future.

Consistency:For monitoring and reviewing the performance, the information will not be consistent for the results. If the information is not consistent, then it not be benefited to the future operations (Almehareb and GrahamJones, 2011).

Innovation:There is the evaluation of the cost data for the process of the introduction of the new ones. It is the foundation based on the continuous improvement. The emphasis is regarding for the necessary regarding the survival and action for the improvement in the level of the business activity.

Diagnose problems:The productivity will be analyzed for the effective operation and corrective adjustment must be undertaken for the sourcing of the problem and the related issues and the methods will not be identified with the relative issues (Blackberry et. al., 2013).

Activity 4

You have been asked to write the content for a page on your organization’s intranet to communicate the organization’s continuous improvement processes. Provide a copy of the text you would write

In order to communicate with the organization effectively, the amount of work is designed for the effective intranet with the longer duration. It is becoming the challenge faced for adopting the use of intranet in the operations. For launching the services, intranet tend to generate effectively with the rising in the operations for conducting the functionality of the business operation. For the continuous improvement process, the intranet from the effective day to day performance with the requiring the business tool for the operations. An effective intranet strategy helps to do the effective communication in the organization purpose for the strategies implementing throughout the action. There will be key initiatives for the communication based on the intranet regarding the knowledge of more information for the strategic emphasis on the organization effectiveness. An internet with the lighting and contact for the basis on the organization chart. In improving the intranet is to be based on the work in context to the time-related operation done for the benefit of the organization. It is to define the set of goals and objectives for enabling the intranet for supporting the task. There is the proper functionality of the intranet for the committing for performing the information. This improves in conducting the practice that has been formulated for the community of the intranet of maintaining the results. This core emphasizes for the functioning of the business for the basis of the session of the training for the currently scope in the business. Through the intranet that helps in reduces the influence in internal politics and the results. The decision will be building by the shared ownership and the results for the consisting of the action throughout the procedure of intranet. It is based on the emphasizing value of the increasing knowledge for the business level. For enhancing the specific value of the organization, there will be guiding light for the business results and considering the actions that will be determined with the business objective set to the results (Phillips, 2012).

Activity 5

Some of the workers who require coaching and training in continuous improvement processes are reluctant to take part in it. How would you describe some of the advantages of coaching/ mentoring to encourage them to participate?

There are certain advantage of the adopting of the coaching and mentor for encouraging the level for increasing the participation:

Increasing job satisfaction:There is the relation in context to the organization effectiveness that has the ability of enrolling the satisfaction of the results. The job level that have the mitigating and encouraging for the technique involved for the results. If throughout the effective results from engaging the participation and the job satisfaction will be enhanced.

Enhancement of the own skill:Due to the level of the participation and engaging in the business, the level of satisfaction will be achieved for the action considered regarding the ability and skill in order to generate more results. The problem-solving ability and resolving conflicts ability increases the level of the participation for focussing on the action.

Develop self-esteem:The enhancing level of the self-esteem and the functioning of the results carried out for the action and the activities related to the functioning of the action. Through it is based on the encouraging of the person regarding the participation and helped by the mentors and the coaching (Kruskal et. al, 2012).

Activity 6

Comment on the saying if it is not broken—do not fix it in relation to continuous improvement of customer service.

The continuous improvement in the customer service is helpful for the effective approach undertaken for the results. The customer service will be affected by the operating strategies and action in order to mislead the results. There are various factors that consist for the product and service by the operation and the results.

Innovation:In increasing the level of the customer service in the organization, innovation in the strategies will build more customers and increasing satisfaction increases the profitability and achievement of the goodwill for the relative operations for the results.

High quality:Through the adoption of high quality, there is the sign of the continuous improvement in the product and services for achieving through the business objective. This involves by the increasing of the customer greeting with the determination and dedication of the response.

Motivational effect:There is the driving force that consists of increasing the level of the customer service with the effective operation for the undertaking and its results. This is the essential for the solving in the legal practices for the targeting through the high and enough standard for the focussing out the action (Kruskal, et. al., 2012).

Choose an organization with which you are familiar—either as a current or previous employers or as a customer. Consider what can and should be done to improve customer service in the organization by completing the following activities.

The Woolworth organization carry out the perspective to be the results undertaken for the forbidden action.

Describe the current situation: The current situation enrolled for the functioning of the results by enabling the better customer service in the Wools worth. As the customer, if the customer service will not be according to the expected demand of the customer, then there are various activities that suffer the loss of the organization. The current situation will not be according with the expectation of the customer. The current situation in Wools worth is good because regular feedback will be taken from the level of the customers and efficiency will be improved for the regular operations. 

Describe the proposed change: For the effective daily operations that lead to the results. The proposed with the change with the planning and optimising the activities done for ensuring the level of strategies of customer service in the organization will be changed. In Wools worth, the effective operations will not be undertaken for focussing the related action and its results. The change will be done for the level of satisfaction and procuring and its results by the action considered towards the results.

Explain three of the benefits of the proposal: Through the benefits of the business proposal, the framework of the clearly outlined with the view of the responsibility undertaken for the action. Through the proper business proposal, the strategies will be formulated for increasing the reliable action and its results for the constituting of the action. The foremost benefit of business proposal is that aims and objectives must be clearly outlined for the future action. The performance will be reviewed and according to that alternative steps and action will be taken (Ooi,et. al., 2011).

Explain the costs of not implementing the proposal: In considering the business proposal, the cost will not be implemented by following action. If the proposal will not be implemented then the Woolworth will suffer from the heavy loss and enhancing the level of the activities and pertains to the results.

Activity 7

You have been asked to communicate a recommendation for improvement that will cause workers more work but will improve customer service levels. You do not think that the recommendation will be popular. What are five things that you should do when communicating this recommendation to employees to make them more receptive to the change?

There are various recommendation for the improving the level of the service for the increasing the operations for the results. There are five things for the level of the effectiveness and its results that include:

Online reviews: There are various strategies for accessing the operations that lead to the results. For responding the level of the customers, there should be preventive measures for increasing the level of the opportunity and reliable results for enrolling the action.

Social media: There should be laying down for the conversation held for increasing the level of the service that has been made for the effective operations for the leading strategies and the results. This allows the customers for enhancing and legality of the bounder customers for considering the action (Lewis, 2016).

Healthy culture:For the changes influence through the communication, there should be recommendation of good working relationship with the people and improve the situation with the pre-determining healthy one.

Clear direction:With the help of effective communication between the superior and the employees, further action enhances the productivity and the information provide the clear direction to the employees.

Transparency:With the help of transparency, effective communication leads to the results. There is an empowerment of completion of the task and the action. It will enhance the effective motivation and leads to the results.

Activity 8

Explain the drawbacks of failing to adequately communicate outcomes to team members who have been involved in implementing continuous improvement strategies for the organization.

The drawbacks from falling the outcome in the communication in implementing continuous strategies for creating the impression that will be unproductive in which employees do tough work and adjustment for the new process and it leads to decrease in the productivity and decreased loyalty from the employees. (Turban, et. al, 2011).

Activity 9

Describe some of the advantages of using an affinity diagram to identify opportunities for further improvement

It is the alternative formed for the increasing results that has to be carried out for the action. There are various advantages that have to be carried for the action.

Performance measures

Performance measures:For the completing of determining the average results that has to be carried out for an action.  The targets will be set according to the performance will be reviewed for the effective operation and the results.

Reduce data requirements:the information will be reducing for the operative results for carried out an action in ensuring for the process involved for the carried out an action by the increasing activity and obtain the results for fostering the improvement (Bruno, 2014).

Electronic input:The consideration of the changes and input that had to be resultant for reducing the delay and the errors caused for the rising action and induced results.

Harmonize data:For simplifying the requirements in the data, the requirements will be submitted for the operations that lead to the effective results for involving the action (Owen, 2013).

Make a list of at least three examples of performance data that you think could be used when determining new improvement directions. For each item on your list, explain in one paragraph how the data might contribute to improvement process           

Defining the goals:The goals must be clear with the well defining the authority and the responsibility undertaken for the analysis of the information for the constructive results. This involves the penetration of the new market segment for the changing perception involved the action and the results.  The objective set is measurable and enhancing the process of the organization.

Conducting research:The research will be done for estimating the performance set with the expected level of the organizational effectiveness. The organization develops the hypothesis for the behavior constructing the end results of an action. The research is to be done for quantity of the research that has to be attempt for the numbers set in the organization.

Profit:It is one of the increasing of the performance indicators of the effective results which have to be govern for the carried out and the action in generating the high return for estimating the results and enrolling the action (Tarí, 2011).

Explain the importance of maintaining accurate records of organizational improvement initiatives.

In an organization, there is the emphasis for maintaining the effectiveness of the accurate that is up to date. This involves for recording and keeps transaction for the receipts and payments. There will be the procedures for the purchase orders and the payments for the effectiveness of the action.

Project 1

How will you go about communicating, introducing and managing the improvements so that the employees with whom you work will support them? What tactics would you use to gain the support of the dissenting employee and how will this affect the change processes?

There are various tactics in which activities will be performed for the following activities and maintain the results that influence the changing process and the results. There is the transformational improvement in the operational excellence for the focusing action and enrolled the results.

Previous research: It is the psychological contract for the legal operations in the employees distant. There is the inconsistency for the legality of the effective results undertaken for the evolution for the organization that has met the obligations for the objective and its results.

Reputation: The employees bring the result for the increasing level of the different situation for personalizing the distant operations. The research functions for the likely in the event that is provoked to the different strategy and operations for the functioning of the results.

Solution presentations strategy: There is the evolution of the constructive strategy that is undertaken for the equating the operations for the action (Kato, et. al., 2011).

Threateningstrategies: In considered for initiating the formation of the threatening resignation for the threat in the less drastic forms for the feeling in the situation and executed the results in enrolling the effectiveness and the action that pertains for the results.

How will you use the organization’s systems and technology to monitor and review any changes or improvements that are made?

As the part of changing and the evaluation process, it leads to monitoring of the effectiveness regarding the improvements that has been made for the operations of the results. This leads to demonstrate the success and the functioning of the ensuring activities for the purpose of the results. It includes:

Review regularly:In the planning process, effectiveness of the results is inhabit for the critical issues. This tend to be emphasising for the effectiveness and the management of reviews for the implementing of the results and enrolling the include the policy outcomes for findings and the suggestion for the process involved in the implementation procedure and effective results.

Evaluate the outcomes:There should be initiative determinant for the influence in the stakeholders. There will be the planning and the implementation for the consistent involved for the data and information. The credibility for the evolution for the effectiveness and enhancing the level of evidence for the planning process for the initiation (Richards, 2014).

Monitor progress:Successful monitoring depends on the timely information and making adjustments that is necessary towards the arrangements. In the monitoring process, implementation will be defined for the data collection.

How will you know if the service to your customers has been improved?

Watching the reviews:Through the use of mobile phones, reviews will be checked regarding the customer service and the functioning of the results. (Nair, et. al., 2011).

Awareness through others:Through the user, awareness will be provided through others regarding the improvement in the service levels and the users to opt the procedure through awareness.

Organisation name:

AGL Energy

Organisation Head Office address: 601 Blackburn road, Nottinghill

 ABN: ABN 57 074 821 720

Service details: The foremost services are Repairing of water, heater, and electricity. The service level of increasing the participation and monitoring and the reviewing of the operations that lead to the functioning of the results for the emphasis on the action that prevailed in the method.

Contact details for organisation: +613 8633 6000

Name and position of person within the organization who approved the continuous improvement plan:Tony Nguyen bei, operational analyst

Major issue identified: The major issues identified in the organization is the contrasting of the renewable source of the energy and the renewable source for the business and operations.The leading issue in this organization is the safety and security of the employees regarding the spreading of poisonous gases. There is the big issue of the supply of the electricity and the supplying of the markets into the practicable units in the action. There is the high demand of the contractors for the electricity markets in the legality of the operations and generalizes results.

Signature of above-named person  Andrew Vesey

Due date for submission of the plan 20/08/2017

Due date for review of the continuous improvement plan 19/08/2017

Please record below the details of the departmental contact point used to submit your continuous improvement plan and cover sheet 1300 793 477

Name of lead region contact and/or contract manager Earnest workmen

Email address:

 Rating from self- assessment and/or date identified

The rating from the self-assessment is identified by the high level of the reviews from the people. The organization is self-attained with meeting the expectation and demand of the customer

Issues and improvement action required

The biggest issue in this organization is the increasing level of the risk that is spread widely. The risk will be hazardous to the employees as due to the causes of the severe diseases.

Reasons for the issue

 The biggest reason for the risk is the spreading of the poisonous gases that may be harmful to the people and this leads to the severe diseases and causes to act.

Responsible person to action

There is the responsible person that is authorized person for taking the care and security of the employees in case of shortcomings arises in the organization.

Required by date


Outcome and closed date


Strategies to communicate the outcome

There are various strategies for the action in relating to the interpretation for the action.  In order to affect the community for the operation for the effective results in comparison, the action is meeting the expected demand with the level of the customers. There is effective strategy for overcoming this by enrolling the action for the reliable results in procuring the tendencies for the enabling act and fourth results by the reliable action. For effective communication, desirability for offensive results generally increases the action for the level of the results. The growth initiatives focussing on the reliable action and generates the action for procuring the action generally for the increasing level of expectation involvement for the generally advancement by enabling and enrolling the level of the demanded of the expectation of the customers.

Review Date


Monitoring process and systems

Procurement process:AGL organization enables the effective system of listing involved for the procurement process for the requiring of the functional specification through the installation process.

Working relationships:Though working relationships help in producing the operations and obtaining the safe case proposal for the functioning of the desired results that considered to an action.

Monitoring tools

There are various tools for the effective operations that lead to the functioning of the action. The first tool consist of electricity tool for the customer base operations in the functioning of the results that has to be done effectively.

How suitable to the workplace are continuous improvement template

For the template, continuous improvement lead to the functioning for the better results and involving the action that attains to delivering the better service to the customer. For increasing the continuous improvement, there are changes that will be demanded according to the functioning of the customer.

How will you and the team identify further opportunities for improvement?

The team would identify by through the feedbacks and the charts and graphs shows regarding the outcome of the procedure. Team will identify for the updating information for using the work more effectively and through communication and visibility.

What might you change in the template or do differently

There is nothing to change in the template because all the relative questions been asked and answers are to be provided in the template.

What do you see as the main benefit of using such a template for continuous improvement?

The foremost benefit of using the template that is dynamic and according to the updating use of the customer. There are flexible operations for the rewarding operations and the functioning of the action. Another benefit is the information provided by the customers is generally given to all the customers. For shifting and trending business of the level of the market opportunities for the function.

What recommendation you will give to your colleagues to complete this type of activity in the workplace?

For the working efficiency, there is the minimization of the clashes around with the colleagues. The purpose of effective communication helps in producing healthy relationship in the cooperative manner. This will results in increasing the level of productivity and stressful work environment and functioning of the results.

Project 2

What external forces for change do, or are likely to, impact on work organizations? Provide at least three examples and describe each one in a paragraph.

There are various factors that influence on the level of the work organization. There are some considerations for the monitoring of the results that follow and action.

Competition: There are various changes in the landscape for the changing level of the mergers and the acquisition for following of the company strategy that plays substantially. This component procure for the stealing operations and the results for adopting the retention of the customer base.       

Technology:It requiring the adaptability for the level practiced for the requiring the operations that lead to be in the competitive world. It evolving the operations of the business that lead to the functioning of the operations of the business. The organization for not effectively results undertaken to formulate the action.

Legislation:There are changing operations for the constantly striving operation for the effective function and operating the financial determinants for adopting the influence on the environment procedure for the operating methodologies and the action.

Customers:They are the service user for the product and service related to the operations and important aspect for the environmental results enhancing the functionality of the business.

What internal forces for change impact on an organization's operations? Provide at least three examples and describe each one in a paragraph.

There are various influence on the operation of the organization that describing the activities for the functioning of the results.

Customers:Customer is the internal forces that describing the organizing the operations for the functioning of the operations. The core functioning and its determinants involved the action for the customer effective approach in the organization purposes. The customer is the internal factor for the effective operation for the operation for the execution and the functioning of the results for the follower action.

Suppliers:The suppliers are the intermediates for supplying the goods and services for the functioning and the growth of the business. This involves an integrated procedure for the implications and the procedures for the operations that lead to the action for focussing the involving of the action.

Intermediately:The intermediately depicts the operations for the functioning of the operation of the business that enables the result of the effectiveness and the action pertaining to the results by enhancing the efficiency for the effective results for the undertaking of the operations.

Do changes always equate with improvements?

There are various changes that lead to functionality of the business for leading to the improvement for the functioning of operations that lead to the results. There are various changes that equate with the improvement in the results are:

1. There is the positive and negative outcome for the effective operations for the results for the enrolment of the strategies for the action. It lead to the functionality of the results. The changes do not be necessary for the improvements and the changes that are likely or not likely by the effective results for the formulation strategies and the action.

2. If the leading changes that enroll the negative results, then the organization will suffer that lead to optimizer for the effective functioning of the results and satisfaction will not be achieved.

3. If the changes will be proved that it lead to the constructive improvement and changes that it lead to the functioning of the results that involved for the effective results undertaken for the action.

There are more customers based for the enrolling business and emphasis on the technology-based for the effective operations.

What should you do if the changes you implement, as part of your continuous improvement system, are causing more disruption than benefit to work processes?

Opportunities for learning:For the disruption process involved for the innovation process for the learning knowledge and results. There is an effective part of effective results and active participation for the results. In engaging the frontline managers for empowering the addresses problem for the minimum level of function. For the techniques involved for reducing the difficulty of the operations of the change in the methods involved in it.

Encourage the level of experiments:There is the novelty and challenge for the organization effectiveness for the reluctant of the operations for the people in the new things for the functioning of the involvement. There can weaving for the ideal practices in the organizational effectiveness and maintain the action.


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