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BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Proof Reading Service

Executive summary

Bounce fitness is the leading business and it operates its business on the best business practices that have completed all his legal procedures, local by-laws and its registry from the national body. The Bounce fitness has provided services that include the personal use of the start of the art fitness equipment and the personal training with the proper guidance. Bounce fitness is established in the 2001 and it has four fitness centers located in the Brisbane, Sydney and the Melbourne. Its main head office is situated in the Cairns, Queensland. The company is increasing its goodwill in all over the Australia. Gym and the various fitness centers help in enhancing the personal performance through the designs and the production made by the company. Bounce fitness also has the small cafeteria that leased to supply provides healthy, light foods and the low calorie drinks.


The Bounce fitness wants to extend its business more so, it wants to open another center in the Australia. Its needs to develop various strategies so, that it develops an operational plan to implement the stages. The strength of the company is that it invested its valuable time in providing the training to their staff to upgrade their professional skills and the customer services to raise the loyal membership team. Classes in the bounce fitness are very innovative and it tries to change their regular activities and routines time to time. To make it more effective, the club has developed various choreographed moves with the accompanying music with the different music, needs and the goals of the member group. The negative point of the club is that the company is funded by the membership that decreases the fees scale, it welcomed the casual members but the daily rate in it is a premium one. The club is quietly crowded at the peak time. It is important to develop an organizational development plan to deal with the weaker section of the organization.

Factors that shown that organizational development is important are:

1.Effective strategies of the competitors

2.Bounce fitness weakness and the threats

3.change in the environmental actors

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

2.Organizational development scope- Overview

The bounce fitness is a high rated fitness club that provides best facilities to their customers. It aims to enhance its brand in the market by providing the excellent services and expertise by establishing itself in the premier provider of wellness and fitness in the Australia. This section explains the scope of the organizational development plan that includes management of the stakeholders, communication, stakeholder’s objectives and training.

Stakeholder’s management

A project is to be successful when it accomplishes its goals and objectives or enhances the expectations of the stakeholders. Stakeholder’s management is the process of implementing an effective and successful delivery of the project, activity or the program. A stakeholder is the group of persons, individual or community that affects the organization entirely or perceives itself to be affected by the program. It supports the organizational project by involved actively and investing in the project (Community Tool Box, 2017).

Discuss and support you expect from each of the stakeholders, and how great their influence is in the organization. Discuss your plan for building greater support among those with the most influence?

Various stakeholders that have a great influence on the bounce fitness are:

1.Internal customers: An internal customer holds all the power to support the work or rejects it. The internal consumers play a defining role in the operation of the organization that is to be carried out. It provides their concern in the decision making process and supports those changes that have to be changed to influence its goodwill. The opinion of the internal consumers helps in shaping the vision, strategy and the mission of the bounce fitness (Bachar, 2016).

2.Top management: In the top management, it may include the president of the organization, vice presidents, directors, division mangers, and others. It supports the bounce fitness by providing the best staff to carry out the project. It also helps in acquire the resources and material that is needed in carries out the project.

3.The project team: The people are dedicated to their work on the part time basis are supports in developing the project team. It supports by providing the direction and leadership that direct the team member to accomplish the organizational goal. It helps in solving the organizational problems by working closely (Dekhane, 2014).

How much the stakeholders currently know about the project and how much do you want them to know? They need to have an accurate understanding and the goals and anticipated impact of the project?

Engaging and managing the stakeholders is the complex phenomena and obviously, it is also challenging especially in the larger projects. It is important to manage all the project stakeholders understand all the goals and duration of the completion the target. The manager of the bounce fitness must involve the stakeholders in all the meeting and the communication. The stakeholders in the bounce fitness know about the intensions of the board of directors that they are decided to open a new fitness center in the Perth, Western Australia. Stakeholders also know about the organizational development plan and all the financial performance of the club. This information is enough to influence the stakeholders to invest in the particular areas (Dekhane, 2014).

Who are the supporters and who are the challenges to implementing the plan?

The bounce fitness has a good goodwill in the Australian market. The strategies that are developed by the bounce fitness to open the new center in the Western Australian are quit awesome. It influences all the stakeholders and attracts towards it. There are many supporters who support the decisions of the club. Internal consumers are stands as the supporter of the club. They support the club financially. Internal consumers also support the consumers in many ways such as it involves in the decision making process and supports those changes that have to be changed to influence its goodwill of the bounce fitness.

The bounce fitness also has to face the challenges by implementing the plan. The staff of the bounce fitness feels difficult to accept the new strategies, it directly affects their performance. In the bounce fitness, the top management has started spending less ion the implementing the strategies (Usmani, 2012).

How will you engage the stakeholders to participate and to both advocate and facilitates the challenges?

Stakeholders are the one who supports the organization by providing financial help and providing all the organizational resources. The purpose of the stakeholders is to working together to create the brands for the people. The stakeholders will work smooth fully, operate in the isolation, and works its commitment by the special interests that are:

1.Organization goal

2.Profitable and growth in the goal of the organization

3.Share price growth


When the stakeholders of the bounce fitness get all the above, then they start showing interest in the organization. It will influence their decision and the force them to invest in the organization (Usmani, F., 2012).


It is important to provide well planned information to the stakeholders. The stakeholders are interested when they get the time to time and high quality information. It is important to involve the decisions of the stakeholders in the decision making process.

Describe the stakeholder's groups including the senior management, ends-users, sponsors etc.

It is important to identify all the stakeholders at the beginning of the project and create a strategy to manage them. It helps in running smoothly the project with the minimum obstruction because the sooner they are identified sooner it is easier to communicate with them. This will helps them to communicate with the organization (Indico, 2017). 

The stakeholder's groups that are identified in the bounce fitness are:

1.Senior management: Main work of the senior management is to establish an organizational goal. It develops various strategies to implement the goal.

2.Ends-users: Ends users are also known as the consumers of the organization. Consumers are the king of the market, therefore they decisions are given the preference first. Consumers help in establishing an organizational goal, as the product is produced according to the demand of the ends users.

3.Sponsors: Sponsors are also the essential element of the organization. It helps the organization by providing financial support. Their decision plays an important role in the production of the product.

Develop a communication plan that specifies who will get

1.Information: The stakeholders are interested to know about all the financial information and the all the management plan of the project. Stakeholders are interested in the organization when there is no secrecy in the organization. The bounce fitness has pure transparency in the organization, the stakeholders are ready to invest in it. The information related to project is provided to all the senior management, such as CEO of the bounce fitness (Indico, 2017).

2.At what time: the targeted training activities information is provided to the ends users. It is important to share the information with all the consumers about the training and the development of the consumers.

3.Deliver content by the appropriate method: It is the responsibility of the manger of the organization is that it provides deliver content by the appropriate method information to the sponsors of the organization (Training today, 2016).


Training activity is the important activity of the organization. The educational plan is considered as the roadmap for the training activities.

Understand the training needs of the each stakeholders group?

A stakeholder is the one who has an interest in or will be impacted and affected by the proposed change. A proper training helps in accomplishing the organizational goal easily and effectively. Training must be provided to the following stakeholders:

1.Training for the employees: Training helps the employment to improve their ski8lls and knowledge to enhance the performances in their current roles.

2.Training for the Top managements:A top managements training program provides executives with the fresh perspective on the broader economic and the social issues and helps in controlling the managements more effectively (Webtoolkit, 2015).

Develop targeted training activities

The bounce fitness developed various target to provide training activities. Training is the activity that helps in enhancing the knowledge and skills of the people.

Stake holders’ objectives:

It is important to enhance the stakeholders by communicating with them effectively. It communicates with the stakeholders in order to minimize the negative aspects. The best method of communicating with the stakeholders is a formal method of communication. It involves meetings, conference calls, and the newsletter or email or posters. The meeting is the most common way to communicate. The information can be transferred to the number of group of peoples at a time. It is a time saving method. It helps in communicating with the number of persons at a time and helps involving all the decisions of the individuals.

Conducting the interviews helps in obtaining the detailed information about the personal feelings and the opinions. It helps in achieving the high response rate (Webtoolkit, 2015).

Stakeholders group

Optimum communication

Known concerns

Suspected basis for resistance (if any)

Internal customers

Face to face

1.Less formal communication

2.Misinterpreting body language


Top management


1.One member dominates the discussion

2.Effective group discussion

The project team

Formal communication

1.Flexibility should be there

2.Friendly culture




Proposed supporting actions


It is a chief executive officer of the Bounce fitness

1.have a clear, logical and well-laid-out hierarchy of the objectives

2.identify meaningful parameters and outputs indicators

3.define an ex-post evaluation based on criteria, key performance indicators and synergies between the different levels

3.Communication objective

            To run the business smoothly proper communication is necessary for making effective coordination between the activities. According to Šimová et. al. (2012),Effective communication is necessary in fitness organisation for organising and arranging the resources required. In case of bounce fitness communication plays an important role. In achieving the goals and targets of Bounce fitness for management it is necessary to communicate with the attached stakeholders. This will help in finding out their expectations and in meeting the same (Šimová et. al., 2012).

But before this process it is necessary to first identify the potential stakeholders. So that target audience can be satisfied while taking considering their demands. The stakeholders for the fitness organisations are clients, employees, media, government, sponsors.

To communicate with those members it is also necessary to choose proper modes for the same. This can be done through making proper software’s that can provide information   to all stakeholders, it can also be given in written report etc.

There can be various purpose for intervals meeting and regular meeting. It helps in listening issues of stakeholders and helps in resolving issues by collective judgement of people involved in the same.

Means of communication can be of different types, it can be verbal or in written. Yes, the preparation is necessary for communicating with people.

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

4.Training objectives

a.Perform and analyse the results of a job/workflow impact analyses.

Source:McEwan et. al. (2017).

There are some changes that I expect to see in the Bounce fitness. These as listed below:

1.Take feedbacks from upper management.

2.Interviewing employees of the organisation.

3.The effort is givento each activity including resources, time.

4.Preparing recommendations for total continuous improvement.



Position task – Workflow task

Skill required

Skill Exists

Type of training required

Mr. Dick Mathew

Assistant trainer


Using new fitness equipment

Basic fitness equipment knowledge

Using new equipment

Mrs. Rena Jackson

Equipment handler


Management of equipment

Basic fitness equipment knowledge

Trendy equipment use

b.Provide the organisation with information necessary to prepare for upcoming changes

Policy/ Procedure

Type of changes required

Suggest plan


Fees structure

Provide information to the stakeholders about the change with providing the evidence of overage budget.

Training methods

On the job training

Athletes should be trained in the fitness club on the job, and proper workout plan schedule should be developed.

c.Develop curriculum and content

Stakeholders group

Type of training required

Optimum setting

Delivery method

Suggested job aids


Using new equipment

Positive workplace


Special Trainer

Training documents



Performance documents

Mr. Will smith

Employer and the employees.

Training facility

Stakeholders groups

Type of training


Personal training hostages


Flexibility training, Training according to the motivation of customers.

18 August to 25 August.

d.Post implementation step

Department / Division

Support staff name

Support period

Management(Equipment handler)

Mrs Rena Jackson

  1. days

5.Organisational change management: Approaches and resources:

Organisational development plan

This will include all the things that are previously discussed in detailed above. These are listed below:

1. Communication

2. Training

3. Stakeholder’s objective

4. Communication objectives

5. Training objectives

6. Other activities

7. Implementation

Responsible persons for activities

Liaison Name


Contact information

Mr. Johnson Andrew.

Fitness department

(43) 7010 1111

Mrs. Angel Mathew.

Athletes department

(43) 5551 5678

Mr. Tom Harrison

Performance evaluation department

(43) 7010 1121

Mrs Lisa Bibber

Medical department

(43) 5551 5567

Mrs. Harry Jackson

Sports department

(43) 5551 5027

Mr. Dick Mathew

Aerobics department

(43) 5551 5507

Mrs. Rena Jackson






Team manager

(43) 5551 5024

Mr. Will smith

Finance manger

(43) 5551 5824

Team responsible for identifying changes

Team members name


Contact information

Mr. Johnson Andrew






Fitness department



(43) 7010 1111


Mr. Dick Mathew

Training department

(43) 5551 5507

Mr. Tom Harrison

Performance evaluation department

(43) 7010 1121

Risk response plan





Each department is having different goals.

Different workout strategies.

Women cycle and patterns of training.

Workout place is good enough.

Good training liaison.


The Huge cost associated with services.

The cost associated with the heavy advertisement.

Continuously changes in technologies.



Sustainability as to fulfilling the needs of clients.

Contribution in rising market.

Satisfied clients may help in increasing customers.


Economic downturn.

Competitive market.


Face to face communication will help to know about the facts and real situations that clients are facing.

Fulfilling the needs of clients will help in developing business and goodwill as well.

The questionnairecan be conducted in the written or in oral form. Process issues related to the project plan can be time, cost, human resource management and budget and last stakeholders.

Communication Plan

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help


BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

Stakeholder’s analyses

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help
Communication plan

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

Communication plan

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

Routine communication

Communication plan

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

Budget communication

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

Risks and issues communication

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help
Summary of objectives and keys to communication

BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help


BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organization Development Assignment Help


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