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The following discussion will focus on the position of the women within the society since the women have been demeaned by the patriarchal society for a long time now. The metaphor of beheading has been implied to the women since they have been regarded as the mere creatures with their bodies (Heimsath 123). The role of the scripture along with the myths will also be discussed in this paper as well.

Discussion on ‘Putting a Bag Over Her Head’

Over the centuries and decades, the women have been regarded as the demeaned and faceless creatures that have been disrespected (Doniger 15). The mention of the beheaded women has been there in research mythology as well. This is why the reputation of the women has always been on the downward position all the more. It seems to be the fact that the implication of beheaded women is only to degrade their existence (Hendricks 412). As per the critics, the Holy Scripture The mention of the beheading has also been implied on the women properly since they aree regarded as the embodiments of sin for various reasons. However, there is a huge implication of the beheading in the ancient India and contemporary America as well. There are some cross-cultural facets of this matter so the women can be looked down in the societies of India and America (Doniger 15).

The traditions in the Dravidian or Southern India have been related to the cults of the religion. The Tamil tale related to Mariamma or Mariatale could be related to that of the histity of the beheaded and transposed heads. As discussed by the scholars of history, it can be assumed that the position of the women had been degraded despite the women were in a very high position in the Vedic period (Hendricks 412). Mariatale was considered to be the wife of the great ascetic Jamadagni and the mother of the great ascetic Parasurama (Doniger 15). However, the mention of the image in the Hindu mythology can be found in the divine Goddess image of the Mariatale. The head of Mariatale and the body of the outcaste woman has been juxtaposed within this context. The metaphor that can be found in this context is that of the head of the creature depicted as fascinansand the body as the tremedum(Doniger 15).

Mention of the bagging women in Shakespearean times

The mention of the beheading of the human beings could prove to be much fatal in the mythological texts (Herrin 68). However, the mention of the beheading could also be found in the Elizabethan literature as well. In this context, it can be said that another option could be the blindfolding of the victims i.e. the women in the society. The women did not have much freedom of will or much permission of moving anywhere within the constraints of the society. The phrase ‘putting a bag over her head’ could be ascribed to Benjamin Franklin. He had used the metaphor of the old women and young women in order to understand the notion (Evans 331). This is why he believed the gratefulness in the older women could be important for the status of the woman in the society. The Bible also discusses about beheading of human resource management beings because of the sins they have committed (Oakley 34).

The use of the metaphor in other sources

The metaphor of the putting the bag in the head has been widely used in other sources as well (Herrin 68). It is because of the sexual and political demeaning that the women go through all their lives. The political aspect is always considered to be one of the biggest issues in their lives as well. The economic position of the women within the society is also being showcased here since the poverty of some women is shown through the term ‘bag lady’ (Oakley 34). The social identity and the economic condition is sometimes hid from that of the other social creatures in this manner. The blindfolding of the female political prisoners is also displayed through this manner as well. These are very interesting facts for judging the social status of the human beings in particular (Evans 331).


As per the above discussion, it can be concluded that the role and position of the human beings has been very much overlooked in various ways. This is why the phrase putting a bag over her head has been very much important from the aspects of politics, economy and socio-cultural aspects.


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