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An organisation grows up with gradual development, and gradual improvement of the workforce taking place within the premises of an organisation. Then again, it is also important to evaluate the basic principles, which are essential for the formulation of growth in an organisation. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg stated that, the key factor to a successful growth in global business lies in the mentality, which is capable of thinking big and a way ahead of its time. She also propagated Mark Zuckerberg’s vision behind the growing up of Facebook, which was thinking big and proper administrative skills.

Therefore, the primary objective of this study is to locate the key factors that are responsible for the convenient growth of an organisation, along with the factors that influence the working process of an organisation. This study will also establish the issues that an organisation might face during their development in the workforce. The study will conclude with the analysis of the issues that has been identified as a hindrance to the organisation.

Background of the company

Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, which is one of the finest revolutionary achievements by Mark Zuckerberg. She expressed her experience about her tenure in Google, where she initially has only four employees, and it gradually became  four thousand. According to her principles, she believes that in order to grow a successful business, it is important to  think ahead of the exiting time. She also emphasises on the management science, which is associated with proper administration and leadership. By the term leadership, she refers to the accomplishments of the signs of management.

On the other hand, she also mentions the aspect of connecting the world, which the foremost vision, initiated by Mark Zuckerberg in the name of Facebook. On the other hand, Sheryl Sandberg also emphasised on motivation, which comes from a vision that is essentially big enough to conquer the minds of the common people. However, she believes that an organisation  must hire the people who are experienced and are aware of the methods and procedures, which needs to be implemented. Therefore, it can be stated that, the principles and terminologies that are adopted by Sheryl Sandberg are an epitome of the basic authoritarian involvements, which are necessary for the formulation of the business development of an organisation.

Predominant issues that can be identified

Compensating employees does not just involve monetary rewards. Proper leadership and the ability of the CEO of an organization to motivate its employees are also useful to make it feasible enough as a powerful instrument in encouraging them to make and bring business for you. Treating your agents like your advantages and keeping up agreeable relationship with them doesn't simply yield business in display yet what's more a reasonable method for future. Organizations ought to be ace dynamic to develop a talented and gave workforce that can take you to your targets (Bodie, 2013). Thus in order to bring the change, one needs to be the driving force behind motivating employees behind chasing the ‘Big Dream’.

1. Staffing, people management, incentives and rewards

The organisation management is vested with the responsibility to perform the recruitment process so as to bridge the gap between what organizations require and what they end up obtaining. This requires proper establishing roper rewarding mechanism that should instil in the employee’s the feeling of getting hooked and being loyal to their organization. Organisational strength is almost entirely dependent on the functioning of their staff, thus introducing incentives and rewards should help reviving their willingness to create (Cangelosi, 2013). However, with rise in organisational strength, managing the needs of all becomes an issue. Employees expect proper monetary compensation plus health care benefits etc. Organisations as big as Facebook

 and Google end up utilising their skills in managing their employee network and retaining the interests of their employees. Setting up and completing a reward structure needs attentive examination of the association methodologies and approach. Picking how to see agents' undertakings and what to give them requires cautious examination of obligations and threats within a particular occupation. Reward plan of an affiliation should similarly be in course of action with its targets, mission and vision. Dependent upon the action profile, both monetary and non-cash related prizes can ask specialists to contribute more to the affiliation.

2. Ethics, values, social responsibility

The ethics program is essentially less important unless all staff people understand what it really is and it's working. The possibility of the system may welcome uncertainty if not dealt with straightforwardly and truly. Likewise, paying less attention to how sensible and forefront is a game plan of methodologies might end up disastrously. The perfect structure of an ethics program will frequently unravel delegate lead (instead of formed methodologies) as being genuine. Therefore, employees must think about and act in full concurrence with methodologies and procedures (this is legitimate, paying little respect to whether techniques and frameworks are for ethics activities or work constrain organization). This requires getting ready about game plans and techniques. Apart from the profit making responsibilities that an organisation is densities to follow, it should abide by certain social and corporate responsibilities that should aim to benefit the society (Behfar et al2008). Like the private costs, organisations also incur a social costs, the burden of which should be driven away from the society. This establishes positive relationship with the society thereby playing a crucial role in smoother operations. Studies show that social responsibility is more instrumental as the organisation takes them up voluntarily as opposed to government imposed norms. However, in the initial stages of development, the company might be reluctant in imposing additional social costs. Chemical factories, for example produce kilotonnes of wastes that trouble the environment. Organisations often tend to dump them without taking care of the adversaries that they carry it.

3. Industry and competitive analysis

Competition is inevitable and it is competition that allows an organisation to thrive. Industry and competitive analysis (ICA) circles around the methodology change in firms and diverse affiliations. It contains to a great degree sensible arrangement of procedures to quickly obtain a good handle of an industry, be it pharmaceuticals, information and correspondence advancement, aluminum. Its principal purpose is to understand factors that impact on the execution of the business and the execution of firms inside the business. Firms in an industry can be arranged in charged "key social affairs" in light of the strategies they are looking for after. Strategies are sets of actions that determine the functional set under which an organization is expected to perform. Each indispensable social affair is connected with a particular level of execution. The associations' "enlistment" can be used to anticipate their moves inside the business. What's more, company CEOs use ICA to administer resources, accomplish crucial goals, for instance, bit of the pie or efficiency, and empower their associations to upgrade their position inside the business (Cuppens  et al 2007). The ability to understand the trend of the business, for example might end up bad. Dreaming big is not simply enough unless company board of directors come up with structured plans to fulfil the same. Apart from planning, this also requires detailed analysis of product descriptions, scope for product differentiation and minimisation of losses. Facebook for example can be claimed as the founder of an engaging social networking that thrives on connectivity, innovation and marketing online. With the rise in competition, facebook may either choose to collaborate with other potentially significant organisations to incorporate their benefits. Else it can compete with them through extensive market research and analysing the scope for substitutes.

Detailed analysis of the identified issues by referring to disciplinary knowledge and skills learnt from your degree

Strategies of diversification and multi business cooperation analysis

It is important to note that, in order to analyse the details of the issues that are identified by the reference of the disciplinary knowledge, which is closely associated with the basic principles of an organisation. They are as follows:

1. The foremost task that needs to be initiated is to pursue opportunities in order to leverage the value of the chain relationship of cross business procedures, which are associated with the strategic and competitive advantage.

2. It is also important to provide ample time for the development of global business strategy processes, in order to attain accomplishments (Goetsch, & Davis, 2014).

Predominant financial condition and analysis

A financial statement of analysis provides an allowance for the purpose of identifying the predominant trends with the process of comparing the ratios across multiple period of time.

Therefore, it is important to note that, after an evaluation, the financial condition of an organisation strictly depends on the procedures that are being adopted by them along with the principles, which are associated with the working process of an organisation.

It is also important to note that, a financial condition of an organisation is strictly dependant on the business policies and development processes that are associated with the organisation. As Sheryl Sandberg propagated the principle of attributing the aspect of motivation in the workplace, she meant to evaluate the probabilities of an individual employee along with their skills in the workplace scenario.

Recommended Suggestions

An organisation looks for an able-bodied member group who should work together towards making the interests of the organization count. Resource allocation is hence important and can be broadly classified into human and capital resource management. While the former talks about the strength of the workforce for maximising organization profit, the latter aims to minimise company costs and allocate physical and monetary resources properly (Jones, & George, 2015). Quality of services on offer should undergo regular quality control and gradually move towards innovation into new products. The effectiveness of a company depends on the usage of right set of tools and strategies that will cater to specific goals.  As the Senior Project manager, one can recommend the following for overall company development.

1. Customer Satisfaction:It is the primary goal and duty of an organization to impress its customers through sale of their products or services. This helps retain old customers and creates a chain whereby the company reaches to a region within a small timeframe. Consider facebook for example. The directors of the organization had the perfect knowledge about what potential customers could ask for. They catered to their needs and improvised constantly to make it a more user friendly yet classy interface for social networking. Thus, knowledge about customer taste and preferences is a prerequisite in order for companies to set the price accordingly (Slocum et al 2014).

2. Focus on research and development:In any well-run association, imaginative work have totally business limits - to advance the association's business goals by improving things, to upgrade operational strategies and to give ace appeal to whatever is left of the association and to customers. Some investigation isn't depended upon to pay for itself inside an anticipated time cross. Broad associations may disseminate as much as one-tenth of their investigation spending intend to affirmed blue-sky examinations whose no uncertainty responsibility is to the change of new things and a possible outcome in the far away future. Inside an affiliation any individual who is direct tackling a wander and affected either up or down the line by your work is believed to be an inside customer. If there is no inside customer for work from any scope of the affiliation then the examination wander is most likely not going to fit into the progression strategy, and will miss the mark. Thing inventive work keeps running as one with factual looking over and change. Broad contact is required between these two territories, and methods ought to be standardized. Setting up a creation method or a different line can incorporate noteworthy cost, and mindful work before all else times will ensure that advantages are made.

3. Hybrid structuralisation for organizations:Hybridization of organisational structure may involve a company having multiple working units with separate objectives. A matrix structure helps the organisation utilise its resources with flexibility and efficiency. This helps them assign staff for project requirements. Plus, it lets the organisation take full advantage of proper leadership and better administration. Technical expertise and emergency handling departments  also add to the betterment of the company. Managers and administrative departments should cooperate with each other and ensure that information percolates from one department to another leading to innovation potential at each stage (Wheelen, & Hunger, 2017).

Comparative advantage is the drawn out upkeep of high ground. Limits that provoke a high ground today may not continue doing as such as monetary circumstances and contenders change. Dynamic (versatile) limits are an affiliate's ability to build, facilitate, and reconfigure capacities to address rapidly natural changes (shifts). Specific progressive limits are the extraordinary and novel capacities that perceive the relationship from its adversaries. They empower the relationship to develop a supportable high ground to beat its restriction. Three properties that make a limit specific are according to the accompanying:

1. It adds to dominating customer regard and offers certified (quantifiable) focal points to customers.

2. It is troublesome for contenders to duplicate or duplicate.

3. It empowers the relationship to use the capacity in a variety of ways.
Plan of career or future study

In the current situation, progression has seen a move in a way as a result of constant innovation and development in technology. Generally, it was up to a relationship to ensure that its delegates had the correct stuff to meet the association's whole deal goals. Directly, regardless, delegates advocate that they are—and should be—responsible for their own particular calling headway. This move has changed the way that affiliations handle business progression. Calling change is considered today to be a kind of relationship with delegates. It is in like manner a key piece of an association's interest and support strategy. Numerous contenders won't consider work with an affiliation unless it offers calling change as a basic portion of its lifestyle (Beske, Land, & Seuring, 2014). Thus being  the chief project manager for a particular department, one should concentrate on the following for betterment of his/her career:

1. Enabling business organizations agents to understand their contrasting options to create in the affiliation. Plus it should also aim to collect the information to make sense of what capacities they would need to achieve this. Business ways can include headways or parallel trades. A solid job way program requires quick and dirty arrangements of desires and support through organization preparing.

2. Occupation progression for potential organization is an essentiality and it aims to concentrate on target areas for definitive change. Factors that can Bring Undesired Changes and money related Downsizing is some of the most crucial components that has gravely affected budgetary downsizing. The occupations are cut from the affiliations and the fittest of all specialists survive. In case agents steadily learn new and better aptitudes, chances are that budgetary conditions will not hurt them that seriously when stood out from various individuals.

3. Continuous changes and up gradation in the development is furthermore one of the essential issue that bring change. A couple of individuals can keep a pace with the changing advancement and are always arranged to learn and grasp new IT applications while some show colossal assurance which isn't qualified to the affiliations. Agents need to keep themselves invigorated and show enthusiasm to recognize changes as and when they happen and shape themselves in like manner (Donate, & de Pablo, 2015).

4. Cost-diminishing frameworks of the affiliations are again particularly unsafe for those individuals who are not set up to continue ahead to the accompanying level. In case affiliations need to slash down their working costs, crafted by those individuals is being referred to who are not employable or who have not performed up to the stamp in past. Delegates tenaciously need to refresh themselves and show their capacity remembering the ultimate objective to remain in the relationship till long.

5. De-layering infers renaming of occupations. This is a definitive change action where an association renames the livelihoods more widely. Regardless, old reporting lines do exist with a particular ultimate objective to keep up authoritative control however a couple of businesses may be cleared or slashed down in the midst of the methodology. Yet again, those individuals need to leave the affiliation who are not adequately prepared to be moved to other occupation with different nature (Gholami, et al 2013).


Innovation through constant self-improvement and better leadership does help an organization grow big even from a scratch. Technological improvements like better connectivity and online research in real time helps company administration to utilise skills and capabilities for overall benefit. Targeting and fulfilling the needs of the customers cannot be ignored because it helps create a psychological effect on customer’s minds. Add to it proper marketing and advertising that helps engaging the customers for new product introduction. Product differentiation helps differentiate a product from its closest competitors both in terms of real or fancied perspectives. Competition is intense which is why uniqueness is the key for overall success. 


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