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Business Advertisement Promotion Proof Reading Services

The Advertising

The method the firm uses in its advertising will predict the success of the firm. The persons involved in advertising should understand their role in advertising by using a comprehensive communication business strategy where the customers can quickly get the information of the to advertise easy and the fastest time possible (Nagle and Müller, 2017, pp.0). The big companies have slogans or strap-line to promote their brands to customers. The individuals involved in branding slogans of the firm should possess the following features: communicates effectively, team leader, understand the trends in the advertising industry, be aware of boundaries in the advertising industry and many other.

The Nike’s positioning used the brand’s slogan called “Just Do It” as their basic trademark component of their brand (Wheeler ,2017, pp.0). It was coined in 1998 in an adverting agency meeting where Dan Wieden came up with the slogan. He wanted a slogan that will accommodate every level of customers in their firm. He thought of a slogan that will be simple, and everybody understands too. Dan Wieden then came up with the slogan “Just Do It” which were the Gary Gilmore’s last word. It increased the firm selling and profit in general by competing with simal firms such as Adidas.

The Adidas Slogan

The Adidas company was foundered by Adi Dassler as a shoe company to support athlete in their day to day activities in their fields as a core vision of the company (Mahdi et al,pp.168). Adi was creative in a way that his objectives were as follows: To produce the best shoes than their competitors by branding their shoes in all tastes of their customers from the shape, color, and even size. He had an idea to produce shoes of lower prices lower than that of their competitor to have many customers. Then he thought of creating shoes that protect the athletes from injury and finally make the boots durable.

The Adidas company came up with a slogan “Nothing is Impossible” as their brand’s Slogan and positioning. This positioning leads to brand endorsement by many customers around the world. The “Nothing is Impossible” Slogan was associated with Muhammed Ali who used this slogan during his career as a boxer. Ali made the slogan known by many in the world mostly his fans leading to growing number of customers in the Adidas firm. The “Nothing is Impossible” was closely used with “Forever Sport” that acted as a motivating factor for athletes. In the year 2013, the Adidas firm came up with another slogan “Adidas in All in” which complement all other slogans.

The above slogans have proved that different firms use the different motto in branding their commodities and their positioning. The important factor to consider in the slogan creating, is the knowledge of the individual coming up with this slogan. An effective slogan should be simple to understand and remember to enable the spread of the motto to many customers as possible (Eriksson and Kadefor, pp. 451). The motto of an organization should strive to make the customers more satisfied to increase the image of the firm and to lead to more profit in the organization.


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