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I have elected to make a comprehensive report to the CFO of the organization including case like strategic development, implementation of solution and integration of the system with banks environment. Arab bank use 10 years old outdated file based system where entire operation is done through paper-based and through desktop systems. I have faces problem in managing operations like opening account, maintenance of computer on required time, economic transaction, loan offering and processing and insurance services, all these are done using only by the desktop application which only applicable to manage a single branch. Due to the absence of a centralized application, I don’t know which system requires an update or need maintenance. The organization becomes failure to manage their single branch then, of course, it fails to manage all the branches in Australia.

The bank has many departments as a cashier, clerks, accountant, chartered accountant, loan, insurance and much more and becomes failure to track work result of each team.

2.Concept and Solution

Since the Arab Bank Australia uses an outdatedcomputer-based application for performing minor works but the major operation is being done using the file based system. So as CIO of this company I have suggestedhaving a single centralized system to connect all the branches in a single network. After having the desktop application the bank can perform operations like account opening, finance offers, insurance for home and vehicles, loan etc. and other work like provide maintenance to the required system or breaches and also can manage the HR or PFA efficiently. I have a concept of run a single platform to interconnect the whole branches and increase the staff efficiency as well overall productivity of the bank. It allows to perform each and every work digitally and enable to store retrieve each data on the server means there is no need store or create report again and again on the single update, it can be done by a single click. The admin or manager can track work record of each employee or agents who work for Arab Bank. It also helpful to manage attendance of each staff, assign a task and get an update on real time result in save huge time and increase the overall productivity of all branches. It can provide a feature of online chatting to all the staffs of the bank, enables manager, staffs, and clerks to get help from any location. This desktop application also allows customers to open all type of accounts from anywhere at any time.

3.Key features of Desktop Application

The key feature of newly proposed online desktop based application for Arab Bank is as follows:

1.Online user interacting application with a user-friendly interface which helps staffs to perform better in short time and enable clients to request for services globally from anywhere.

2.A user-friendly navigation design facilitates the customer to get any services in very short time and enable staffs to provide a better solution to retain the client.

3.The desktop application will interconnect whole branches in Australia and optimized well to reconfigure it to work as a mobile application.

4.Provide capability to open the bank 24*7 days in a week.

5.Better security on online transactions.

6.Provide a direct connecting platform to the customers and employees to facilitate them in more efficient manners.

7.Social media connectivity allows to promote the bank in a new way, helps to make new customer rapidly.

8.The systemcan generate popups whenever it requires an update or facing any breaches.

Business Development And Strategies OZ Assignment Help

4.Business Case

If the bank gets an advance management online desktop application then the whole infrastructure of the bank gets modified and each work becomes digitalized. It affects each department and employee workability and also makes a revolution is productivity of bank. No one can open their fake account in different branches of this bank. It saves a huge amount of time by minimizing the paperwork which directly increases the working ability of employees, staffs, managers and other staffs too. Using online chat forum different employee can get instant help from any other employee of any branch on real time which is more beneficial in the growth of the bank. A fully advanced application with online database enable to store a large amount of bank data log and it also helps to process all functional and non-functional task of the bank. A digital solution will help to manage transactions, customer accounts, investors, stakeholder’s profits, HR and Payroll, security and even more. At the end of the week, month and year a well sustainable report can be generated using the new system.

5.Target Audience

For every organization, there is some specific type of target audience and since the Arab Bank is a customer based organization so before implement or introduce new application it is more important to identify the target audience for them. After studying on the bank in a more detailed way I have capable of identifying all type of stakeholders of this bank. The primary target audience of this bank is their staffs and customers. Similarly, the secondary target audience of this bank is corporates industries, individual finance companies, insurance companies, shareholders, the Australian government, World Bank and the user which directly or indirectly use the bank's services. By using online desktop application Arab Bank of Australia can serve their entire target audiences in more efficient manner and attract them all by offering a new type of services to get valuable returns.

6.Strategic alignment within the organization's business and IT strategies

In order to align the organization business strategies with the IT strategies, the organization must have to first align their purpose, goals, and management first. They must have to clearly define the competency of the resources by comparing and evaluating their equipment, staffs and another process can able to manage the latest changes under the organizational environment or not. If not then the organization have to provide the proper training to their staffs to educate them on the new skills, without it the environment of the organization will suffer day by day and at last it will lack the flexibility. Except this they also have to follow these things to align the business strategies and IT strategies under the organization environment:

1.The organization has to develop the supportive culture among the employees.

2.Modifying the factors which affect the organization strategic alignment; such as: trust, transparency, communication, etc.

3.They have to align their management according to the strategies.

4.They have to promote the group of employee, team or individual employees, etc.

7.Value proposition and other benefits

The value proposition of any organization is the marketing statement which organization uses, to sum up why the user uses their services. This is mainly used to the target audience of the organization who will get benefit most from the services or product. In this case, I have designed a desktop application for the “Arab Bank Australia.” The designed desktop application is able to manage all the works of the Arab Bank efficiently and digitally; such as bank opening, generating areport, etc. It reduces the 99% paper works performed under the bank for their several office works. The designed desktop application runs on the server of the Arab bank which centralized all the branches of the Arab Bank and due to this, the employee of the Arab bank can able to track all the work of different branches of the bank remotely. The employee is able to open the customer account and other operation directly through the application without filling the registration or bank accountopening form so they are excited about their work. This will result in the better efficiency in the staff's works and also save lots of time. They also don’t have to generate all the report again and again for the same work and at the end of the year they can calculate their whole business and generate the report through this application. There are various benefits of using this desktop application which is discussed below:

1.Minimize the hassle in opening the accounts for the customers by filling the account opening forms.

2.The staffs don’t have to maintain each and every task of the bank in an individual register.

3.Save lots of time and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the employee works.

4.It allows tracking the work, report and manages the works of another branch of the Arab Bank remotely.

5.It is also capable of generating the automated report in case of security breaches, abnormal behavior in the system, system update and upgrade.

6.It also able to perform automatic backup of all the business data performed over it after the specific time.

8.Infrastructure requirements including

8.1 Development platforms

The designed mobile application is the desktop application. The application is running on all the version of the window operating system and another operating system which is most commonly used by the people. I have chosen the Java programming language to develop this desktop application, so the whole application is programmed in the Java.

8.2 Coding languages and tools

The coding language which I used to develop this application is Java. The tool used to develop the application is Net Beans. Net Beans is a java program editor, which is used to write, debug and run the Java code to develop the various types of application.

8.3 Use of cloud services

I have to use the reliable cloud services for the designed desktop application to efficiently operate, host and manage all the business information, files and the application files and folders. So the cloud services are determined according to the work performance required in the organization.

9.Software design, development and testing strategies

The design, development and testing strategies used for the proposed desktop based application are given below:

Design Strategies

I have followed the following design strategies to design the interface and layout of the proposed system desktop application.

1.UX-design of the application:The first step I have used in my design strategies is the UX-design. To prepare the UX design of the different pages of the application, I have created the wireframes and mockups of all the pages of the application. These designed mockups and wireframes are based on the requirement of the application-development. I have followed all the designing principle used to design a good application. The mockups and wireframes are created by using the mockups and wireframes creator tools; such as Pencil tool.

2.UI-design of the application:Once all the mockups and wireframes are created for the UX design of the proposed application, I have started working on the user-interface (UI) design of the system. To design a good interface for the proposed desktop application, I have used the proper color, font-family, font-color, font-size, graphics, etc.

Development strategies

The development is the most important and lengthy process of the entire development life cycle of the application or software. To develop a well-functioning application, I have to go through the many online articles and blogs subjected to the application development and analyze many desktop application to analyze the features and functionality used in them. After that, I have started developing the application in the Java programming language by using the Net Beans code editor tool and develop and integrate the many functions, features, and validation in the application for its better performance and security purpose.

Testing strategies

After the development of the proposed application, I have created a set of various test cases according to the requirement of the developed application and after that start the testing of theapplication according to the test cases prepared. The entire testing phase of the application includes the following steps:

1.Preparation of the test cases.

2.Automated and manual testing of the different modules of the application.

3.Performance-testing of the application.

4.Usabilitytestingof the application.

5.Compatibilitytestingof the application for the different popular operating system.

6.Security and error-handling testing.

7.Test-report creation.

10.Internationalization for a global market

The internationalization of any products, services, application, etc. in the global market is the method of maximizing the interests and presence of the enterprise in the global markets. For the internationalization of the proposed enterprise desktop application we have to follow the following points:

1.Avail it in the multiple languages according to the country so that the users don’t have alanguage issue in adopting this.

2.We have to make it compatible for all the popular operating system so that user can feel free to use it in any system, they don’t have to face the limitations of using this.

3.Better for security purpose so that users are don’t have to face the issues of cyber theft and they can share their information freely on it.

11.Social media integration strategies

The social media integration strategy for the proposed desktop application includes several objectives such as online marketing, social media promotion, and marketing of the services offered by the Arab Bank. I have integrated the several popular social media sites in the developed application; such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will allow the Arab bank for the social site marketing and promotions of their services and allow receiving feedback or comment by the various users and customers.

(, 2017)

12.Risk management - privacy, security, confidentiality, ethical issues etc.

There is various risk management factors are involved in the proposed desktop application which is discussed below:

1.Harmful Malware and viruses:The proposed application is a desktop application, which is being used in the desktop, computers, and laptop used in the Arab Bank. The bank is using the various types of data source to collect the customer's information and the other branches of the Arab Bank, due to which many harmful and dangerous Malware and viruses come into the system which may corrupt the useful and important information stored in the application and system and may reduce the performance of the system and application. So due to these reasons, they have to use the firewall and good antivirus programs to protect their data.

2.Cyber threats:The proposed system is aserver-based desktop application which is also used to track the work of other branches of the Arab Bank and for this; it uses the internet and transfers the data over the internet. Due to this, there are lots of chances of the cyber attacks. Hackers may hack the system so that they have to use the secure HTTPS connection, firewall and data encryption technologies for the risk management.

3.Legal issues:The bank stores the personal and professional information of their so that the integrating these types of customers data in the server or application may increase the difficulties in managing the several types of business risk and protecting the privacy of users. Due to this, the organization must have to clearly understand these types of the privacy laws of government.

13.Deployment and integration strategies

The strategies used for the deployment and strategies of the proposed application are discussed below:


1.Native-deployment approach:The native deployment approach includes the basic deployment of features of the application; such as: look and feel of the proposed system according to the UX-design and UI-design prepared in the early stages. This approach helps to the easy adoption of the proposed system.

2.Hybrid-deployment approach:The hybrid deployment approach of the system includes the additional deployment with the native deployment of the system. At this, we mainly deploy some of the challenges like specialized skills sets and security issues associated with the system.

3.Web-deployment approach:This approach has many advantages which help to achieve the different purpose or requirement of the proposed system. In this, we deploy the features and functions of the web technology related to the various thefts such as malware, unauthorized links, phishing, hacking, etc.

4.Desktop enterprise application platform:This approach used to provide the high-level flexibility in the application and mitigating the challenges involved in the server based enterprise desktop application by handling the system diversity, performance, groups of users at a time and network. It enables the rapid deployment of the application modules. The desktop enterprise application platform approach provides the middleware integration server component and the client server component for the deployment of the application.


1.Integration of the application

2.Integration of the data

3.Integration of process

4.Integration of the social medias

5.Integration of the cloud services

6.Integration of the  infrastructure and security

14.User acceptance and change management

The proposed system is the desktop application and it is used by the desktop, computers, and Laptops. People are generally like to work on the computers instead of doing their work on pen and paper. This will also save their lots of time and allow them to track the work and make communication with the other branches of the Arab Bank. Due to these features of the proposed application users and target audience easily accept it because this will maximize their effectiveness and efficiency of works.

This will change the whole business process and other modules of the Arab Bank and significantly reshape the organization and maximize their effectiveness, so the change management of this enterprise desktop application is easily handled by the organization.

15.Legacy systems

15.1 Database integration

I have to use the MySQL database in the proposed desktop application to store the various business and customer data of the organization. This is a server-based desktop application so all of its data are stored on the server, so I have used the JDBC queries to connect the application with the database. The MySQL provides the relational database arrangement of the business data of the Arab bank, so it is easy to use or access. The MySQL supports almost all the technology and also allow the accessing of the group of data and allow the program to efficiently create the database.

15.2 Enterprise data integration

The Enterprise data integration in the application mainly includes the storing of the different enterprise data of the organization which requires performing the basic functionality of the organizationbusiness. I have included all the basic enterprise data of the business in the database after creating it.


I have designed the very easy and user-friendly interface of the application so that user can easily add, delete and modify the customer's data and store in the database by just clicking on the navigation given there. The steps which need to be followed for the better maintenance of the system are given below:

1.They have to test the usability of the system properly after a fix time period by checking all of its functionality individually to assure that the application is runs properly.

2.They have to check the application for the updates needed in the various driver used in the application and have to keep them up to date.

3.They have to keep update the database with the latest available version of the database application for better performance and security purpose.

4.They have to keep update the antivirus programs and firewall software which they used to protect their data from the harmful viruses and malware in their computer and server.

17.Future opportunities and enhancements

There are many opportunities for the proposed application in the future. As we know that the today is the world of Smartphone’s, mobile application and the internet. People are continuously attracting towards these technologies and easily adopt these technologies rapidly. And as we know that the current application is the desktop application so in future, we can develop it or extend it as a web application and also develop a mobile application for the better support of this system. By doing this the bank customers can able to use the bank services online through the mobile application and web application at anywhere anytime; such as: update their personal information, fund transfer, etc.

18.Recommendations and conclusion

The recommendations and conclusion for the proposed system are discussed below:


1.As we know that the proposed system is a server-based desktop application which uses the server-based database to store the business and customer information so that they must have to conscious for the various security or cyber theft by using the technology used for the security purpose; such as encryption of data, HTTPS, Firewall software, etc.

2.They have to use the antivirus programs and firewalls to prevent the system from the harmful malware attack.

3.They have to keep all the software drivers, adatabaseapplication, and antivirus up to date with the latest available version for the better security and performance of the system. 

4.They have to check the system regularly for the performance, usability, and compatibility of the system for the better user experience of the application.


In this section, I have proposed a desktop application and elaborate all of its strategies for the deployment, integration, uses and privacy concern of the proposed system. The system is a desktop application which maximizes and enhance the work efficiency and effectiveness of the Arab Bank by moving all of its paperwork to the computer through the application. They can easily store all the details of the customers through this and they also don’t have to fill the registration and account opening forms for all the individually through the pen and paper. They also don’t have to generate the same report again and again; through the proposed application they can save the report once on the server which is accessible by all the authorized person. This will save lots of work of the organization, so we can say that the proposed system is very effective for the organization.

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