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Week 9

Tourism plays a very vital role in the success of the event. Event management helps in bringing people to a single destination. Event is one of the main facilitators for tourism in a host country or destination. Event management attracts a large number of tourists and because of which tourism is developed within the host region and also the success of the event is ensured. The tourists act as the catalysts for the success of the organization [ CITATION Don16 \l 1033 ]. A strong and powerful event has the ability to attract and retain the tourists and also has the ability to influence the tourist spending over the event which will economically employee benefits the event. An event with social motive has the ability to attract tourists as they believe that its impact is for the long term. If the tourism of a country is very well developed then there are chances that the tourist coming in the host country will visit the event in order to gain knowledge about the culture of the host country or the manner in which an event is organized in the host region [ CITATION Kam12 \l 1033 ].

Federation Square is located in Melbourne and is of the size of a city. This destination is famous for hosting many cultural attractions and art galleries. It also hosts mega events. This place is also occupied with some of the best restaurants and café of the city. This place is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Australia [CITATION Inf18 \l 1033 ]. Federation square is an event destination. This can be said on the basis that this is one of the famous tourist places, it is occupied with hotels and cafes, and it is occupied with venues that have the capability to host many mega and small events [ CITATION Eve16 \l 1033 ]. Hence, on the basis of this it can be said that federation square is an event destination that offers everything at a single place.

Week 10

It has become a trend to host sustainable event in today’s world. The peoples concern towards the protection of environment has been increased considerably from the last decade. Hence, it has become important to keep into mind the social as well as environmental considerations while hosting an event so that it falls under the category of sustainable event. These considerations include considering for the benefit of society by way of charity or donation, undertaking event in an outdoor place so that the local people are not disturbed. Undertaking promotion activities via digital medium will help to end the trend of print media promotions and will save a lot of papers adding to the environment in the end [ CITATION Car14 \l 1033 ]. Waste management is another important act that should be adopted in order to make the event more sustainable [ CITATION EdC16 \l 1033 ]. The transportation facility to the event place also plays an important role in determining the carbon footprints of the event. If the event and the hotel facility are at a single place then it will reduce the need for transportation reducing the carbon footprints. The cups or plates used in the event should be biodegradable in order to reduce the waste. Also if a lot of leftover food is there then a provision should be adopted to donate it to the right recipient who is in need. This step will help in contributing towards the environment and society both [ CITATION Kat18 \l 1033 ]. Hence, by keeping in mind the above mentioned factors the event can prove on its very launch day that the event is sustainable in nature and is pro environment and society.

Week 11

Stages of event evaluation


Under the planning stage the main work is related to the definition of the event so that all the event planners remain on the same page. Assessment of resource requirements; developing standards that will help in undertaking the activities in a smooth manner; developing policies and procedures in order to undertake the whole event in a successful manner are some of the important practices that are adopted in the planning stage. The marketing tactics, venue, etc. are decided in the initial planning stage of the event to check the feasibility of the event [ CITATION Smi17 \l 1033 ].


In the implementation process goods, services, as well as the required human resources, are acquired. Logistics and spatial requirements should be coordinated during this stage. The entire necessary infrastructure is established during this stage. Scheduling, costing, budgeting, risk management, etc. are undertaken during this stage. Monitoring the progress of the event also falls under this stage of the event evaluation.

Shut Down

At the time of the closure, supervision is required and also obligation fulfillment is taken into consideration. Data and feedback collection process is undertaken during this stage. During the closure of the event the analysis and evaluation of the final outcomes are undertaken. Balancing the financial books, ensuring that the venue on which the event was hosted is in proper condition or not according to the contract etc, are important part of the closure procedure of the event. After all this process the final compilation of the report is undertake that mentions about the success of the event and to what extent the event has been able to achieve its objectives and goals [ CITATION Jul13 \l 1033 ].

Event management is a very important activity and it has the ability to contribute to the economic growth and development of the host country. The tourists coming in the host country have a direct impact on the success of the event. It is important as an event manager to make the event attractive enough to attract the foreign tourists along with local people so that it can offer economic and cultural benefit to the event. It is usually believed that event destinations are a better option for the event managers to host event. This is so because it acts as a one stop destination for the event planners. The different stages of event evaluation has been discussed above which includes the planning stage, implementation stage and the closure stage of an event.


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