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Overview Of The Company

Mobile News Games LLC (MNG) is the organisation that operates as a developer of the mobile games with the current trends. The Company works on the vision to provide people with the course of interactive games that can help them to revise their marketing strategies. It can further be employed by the company in order to approach the opportunities and market share by overviewing the market conditions (Scott, 2015). This helps them to mitigate the risk of costing that is spend on the launch of the new game plan. The overall objective of the organisation can be determined with the help of SWOT analysis and aims at Scheduling and accountability with respect to costing and responsibility of the individual. The plan of the marketing the video games can be promoted with product awareness through internet advertising over the various website. This can also help them in generating revenue more than 4, 00,000 dollars in respect to sales of the product.


The plan for the MNG LLC has focused on various tactics that are applicable to the implementation of the strategies. This plan would also provide an insight of the product awareness. The New product launched by the MNG LLC provides a strong market orientation and has acknowledged about high-quality services to their customers. Further, the advancement in the technology provides them opportunities to generate greater avenues for advertisement of their products over social media and internet.

Confirming The Target Market

The ideal targeted market for the video game is the customer aged between 13 to 25 years that enjoys playing video games and have the mobile phones that support the applications such as DS/DSi and other portable games.  It is often observed that the customers belonging to targeted age group has Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and other TV-based video game.

The market plan is segmented into two areas that cover the users of the games and the customer that is outreached. They provide a creative experience to their customer by offering new games (Solomon, et al. 2012). The strategy that they plan helps them to allocate their launch of the new product at right time. The marketing benefits have provided the current terms that are employed with a varied role in the plan of the marketing the product through the cost-benefit plan.

The marketing mix that can be focused by MNG LLC is the product strategy, promotional strategy, distribution strategy and pricing strategy. The product provided by them are aimed at meeting the consumer satisfaction and are distributed through the online sources such as social media, online shop and application store to the people that are residing in NB India, Australia and other countries (Mackay and Weidlich, 2014). Further, they communicate with the means of social media in order to promote the product as the part of the promotional strategy. The pricing strategy finally marks the competition level present in the market. This can also target groups of the game lovers.

The company also plans to raise the sale with the figures that are stated in the brief plan that can be accommodated with the game sponsorships, game downloads and custom games for corporations. The leverages that are provided to gain the market share can be prolonged in the social marketing, search engine optimization strategies and e-mail marketing. The demographic users such as they can account for the free mobile games and paid mobiles with the price range of $1.99 to $4.99 (Laursen, 2011).

The Australian Government policy enhances the consumer confidence and also guides the consumers to engage with the electronic commerce that helps a business entity to provide the product quality under the e-commerce consumer protection act (Busbin, 2014). They need a product that can help in the satisfying consumer. The key attributes of the consumer include the trackable links that can direct with the email marketing message that has specific game that includes the landing pages optimization. The games will be tied to current news events that help to capitalize the spectacular services. There is fiscal conservatism or liberalism within the culture of Australia that matters in the cash purchase and payment and can influence to stage the economic cycle.

The attributes of the consumers vary from different demographic conditions that are accountable for the targeted advertising. The preference to product usage is significantly engaged with the basis of their behaviour.  The Generation concepts are involved with the specific identifiable cohort group. This can also contribute to surveying the common attributes. The grouping strategy is typically based on the market survey that tends to provide a more generic classification of the consumer with the demographic, socio-economic and economic factors. The need of the consumer is the first preference such as Mobile game users apparently looks for the new games to play with the plethora that is developed with the targeted stories covered by the demographic consumes (Solomon, et al. 2012). Through means of the distribution channels, they frequently participate in the online forum with most offered games. This helps in accommodating the consumers that prefer to the different mobile preference such as iPhone games are distributed through App stores, Google Android offers an open source model, and Blackberry provides the Blackberry App World. Thus, the business implicit on the mobile devices that are initially consulting with clients i.e. consumer attributes from the different countries.

The New Games LLC product provides a range of strategy is formulated with the differentiation strategy. This provides a high-quality provision of the support services and commitment to providing high-quality products. Even the key feature of the product is lucrative as the mobile game users consist of the young people (Goggin, et al. 2015). This can help in designing the new products that are regularly updated such as for MNG LLC the typical tenure of 3 years of the marketing plan is designed with the contribution to the market experiences and realization of the needs of the target market with the change on time. The primary key to success can be accounted for the product sales that can be tracked on the basis of the number of the gamer clickers that are embedded into the game.

Confirm Level Of Consumer Interest

The marketing options that can be opted in order to attract the consumer to buy the product can relatively base on the entailing price of the product that is executed to the store or in the supermarket. Further, the cost of the product that can help in motivating them to the next option as can account for the promotional strategy to increase the level of the customers. The four key approaches that are essential for an effective marketing strategy are Product, price, promotion and position.  This is generally underpinned by the defamation law that can provide recourse to the publication of the information that helps in balancing the protection of the reputations of the individual.

The past marketing terms were credential with the fund that is used in order to provide the consulting services to the corporation of the advertising sponsorship. The statistical analysis to the expenses and the budget by year helps in anticipating next preceding years that help in facilitating the additional requirements that are helpful in marketing expenses and sales that are to be around 15 per-cents as formulated (Mackay and Weidlich, 2014). On the basis of the monthly expense budget the social media postings, Landing pages generation and other.  This regulates the total sale and marketing expenses. The percent of sales conveyed in January is around 552.76%, for February is 345.48% and in March 73.46% along with April 61.25% that is added to forecast the sale for the preceding two-years that are be based on the source that includes free and paid downloads.  Custom games developed for companies that are consulting with the organisation that is providing the estimated cost of the sell ad sponsorships and develop custom games.

The success of the launch of the games has effectively measured through monitoring the number the games developed, email list size, Industry awards, Five-star game reviews and Number of speaking engagements and five-star game reviews (Solomon, et al. 2012). This can be calculated with the cost of sales that are directed. Such estimation from 1 of every 10 people who visit the landing page can foresee the tweet and accounts on downloading a game.

The key marketing metrics by Month are detailed with the revenue generated by month, how many leads are transfigured and converted into main business of the games and average transactions, Customer is drought with the referrals and PR Mentions, Testimonials and other.

Business Marketing OZ Assignments


The main stages that are involved in the process of marketing the product are accessible with the objectives that are formulated. The business spending can help in attracting a long range of the customers that are calculated with the value of the customer that are focused on raising the business such as through referrals and evaluating the investing in the market that can help in gaining the consumer value and will acknowledge to access the resources in a better manner (Laursen, 2011).

The use of the SWOT analysis can help in determining the marketing potential and particularly the growth and decline of the trends and past performances.


1.Commitment to high quality

2.provision to support customer service


1.Lack of diversification for both product users and product line

2.Current Market Condition and Competition level


1.Advancement in the technology and greater avenues for advertisement

2.Methods of advertisement of the products and creating new clients


1.Resize the organisational growth and outsourcing the expert

2.Codes of the countries that especially control the easy business growth

Other issues that can be considered while marketing the product and services internationally are resulting in the acceptance of the product or services that are prevailed with outsourcing services that are offered in Australia (Busbin, 2014). The payment terms are negotiated while serving them internationally and assessing the local laws with the inability to legal recourse with the conflict that is customer arises.

Recommend Marketing Strategies

The progressive priority that is essential to the innate and influential decision making with the motive to appeal the basic needs that are a higher priority and lower priority must be categorized. The recommendation to the marketing strategies can be effectively initiated with the essential tool for the strategic planning that is the marketing the product through the use of the Software such as SPSS, Excel and Minitab. They also help in accessing the communication of the results.

MNG LLC being the direct marketers has to practice the ADMA Code that is set to minimise the risk of breaching legislation and best practice services in relation to the individual and consumers (Laursen, 2011). The key model that can be standardised is the consumer protection that is underpinned by the several areas and policies that are helping the consumer such as Australian Government Policies on the Consumer Protection and business entity.

The budget of the company is steadily increasing with the upraise in the sale that can help in planning the sale for the next preceding years and can effectively help in increasing the number of the sponsorship and custom games for the corporations.

The equal opportunity for the people helps in prejudicing the consumer to be treated equally. Under the employment practices of the people that colour, nationality and religion and originality can be considered as the artificial barriers for stipulating people (Goggin, et al. 2015).

Key Provision Of Relevant Legislations, Code Of Practice And National Standards Affecting Marketing Operations In Australia And Internationally

Privacy Laws, Copyrights and legal information those are essential for the consent of the individual with the internet needs (Mackay and Weidlich, 2014). Further, the Anti-Discrimination legislation law of 1984 is enacted as the age discrimination on operating the game is racial. As per the federal law, the unfair practices of the market are prohibited and must essence on the law that helps in gaining the customers with confidence dealing.

The Free TV Australia commercialises the modern digital needs of the community standards and practice that are associated with the registered media Authority. The Ansoff Matrix helps in managing the product lifecycle and component that are associated with the business attempt on growing market. The Australian E-Commerce Model has affected the launch of the products as this can affect the groups 13 to 25 years (Alipour-Hafezi, et al. 2013). Thus, setting a voluntary model in order to deal with the consumer are preferred as best online service.


The SWOT analysis model helps in creating the marketing strategy to be planned intimately for developing a successful business.  The recommended strategy is based on the promotional mix that can be accounted for MNG LLC through the source of the social media, advertising and e-mails. Further, different mobile phone operators provide their web application services that can help in extracting the valuable outcomes of the product sale in both manners paid as well as regular services for the games. The key legislation of Australia and internationally are such as Trade Act, Equal opportunity and other that follows the ADMA code of practice that helps in overcoming the barriers that are accounted in the marketing plan.


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