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While some organizations do not value corporate social responsibility (CSR), others consider it a culture that undoubtedly contributes to a successful achievement of organizational goals. According to Lee et al (2017), CSR defines an organizational spirit adopted by managers to ensure that the organization upholds high ethical standards and abides by the business law. On the other hand, organizational performance is defined by Rogers et al (2012) as the actual results achieved by an organization as measured by various intended outputs such as objectives and goals. Against this background, the current study intends to explore how CSR impacts on an organization’s performance, and whether there is an established business case of CSR.

Research Aim:To identify the impacts of corporate social responsibility on business performance

Research Question:What are the impacts of CSR on business performance?

Research Methodology:

Based on a literature review study methodology, data will be obtained from peer-reviewed journal articles retrieved from online databases such as Google Scholar, EBSCO, and Proquest. The studies will be selected based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria to ensure that only the reliable and credible literature is reviewed (Hoffmann et al 2009). The first criterion is that only peer-reviewed articles will be selected for review. Secondly, only the studies accessible in full text will be included – to allow a comprehensive review of the literature. Ultimately, the literature search process intends to end up with studies such as Mir & Shah (2018), Kakahel et al (2015) and Chernev& Blair (2015), and the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility as secondary sources related to CSR as the field of search. Search Terms:To select the peer-reviewed journal articles from online databases, the study will rely on the following search terms: Corporate Social Responsibility, consumers, brand image, profitability, and performance.


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