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BUSN20016 Research Business Editing Services


This study will identify the impact of consumer satisfaction on the performance of the Suzuki's Swift Desire model in India. Consumer satisfaction is one of the key aspects of the success of the organization and management as it increases repeat purchasing of the products. Globalization has increased the competition in the Indian market with the emergence of global giants in the automobile industry as it has established free trade. The consumers that have had their expectation met will promote the company product to other consumers and product review helps in gaining new consumers and increasing sales. In this report, the issues have been identified and research objectives have been developed based on it. The research questions have also been developed based on the research question and provide justification for choosing this research topic. The critical analysis of different literature will be used to develop the hypothesis in the study to address the research problem. The methodology will be developed in accordance with the research problem along with the budget, schedule, and timeline of conducting the research.

Problem statement

Maruti has recalled the production of new units of swift desire, one of the most popular models due to faults and numerous complaints made by the consumers. The performance of Maruti Suzuki does not reach its expectation and have incurred some losses in the past year due to the issues faced in the Maruti swift desire model. However, as the organization offers a large number of products to the consumers and uses their differentiation strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the market. However, the exact impact of consumer satisfaction on a particular product has not been identified in other studies so the study will be focused on consumers of Maruti Suzuki and particular product swift desire. Majority of the studies have considered customer satisfaction as a dependent variable whereas the impact of other factors such as employee motivation, branding, and product performance have been evaluated. However, in this study, customer satisfaction has been taken as an independent variable and its impact on the performance of the organization and a particular product will be identified.

Aim and objectives/research questions

The aim of the study is to evaluate the effect of the consumer satisfaction on the performance of swift desire. The study will identify the different elements of customer satisfaction and product and company performance. The influence of the elements of the customer satisfaction will be evaluated on the elements of the product performance. This will facilitate in identify the exact relationship between both the variables. The objective of the study are as follows:

1. To identify the different elements of consumer satisfaction in Maruti Suzuki
2. To identify the different elements of performance of the company in Maruti Suzuki
3. To examine the relationship between consumer satisfaction and performance of the company in Maruti Suzuki
4. To provide recommendations for improving the performance of the product

Justification and potential output of the research

This research topic has been selected as none of the research has not to be addressed the impact of customer satisfaction on the performance of the organization and the product. This is a specific study which will address the recent issues faced by Maruti Suzuki to identify the performance management of Maruti Suzuki which has not been addressed in any of the previous studies.

The study is expected to provide an output which addresses all the research objectives and questions. The influence of consumers satisfaction on the performance of the company, Maruti Suzuki is expected to be derived along with key factors of consumer satisfaction will be identified that are essential for improving the consumer performance.


The methodology chapter will follow Saunder's research onion to identify the research philosophy, research approach, data collection, and data analysis method, research design, sampling, validity, reliability and ethical consideration. This study is an applied research where the findings of the study can be used by the managers of Maruti Suzuki to make improvements to the performance of the organization.


The major objective of undertaking the project is to assess the different buying behaviors of the consumers relating to a particular model of Maruti Suzuki Swift in India. It will be helping the researcher in studying and understanding the different buying behaviors and thereby assess the needs of the customers. The identification of the preferences of the customers will be helping the organization in developing the most feasible model of cars for gaining a competitive advantage over the other competitors in the markets.

Research Methodology

The research methodology that will be undertaken by the researcher while conducting the study is the mixed method where primary and secondary data will be collected on a qualitative basis.The primary data that will be collected by the researcher will be facilitated through the construction of open- ended questionnaire. It will be helping the researcher in undertaking a survey for identifying the different preferences of the customers and their expectations. The responses that will be recorded by the researcher will be helping the same in undertaking a correlation and regression analysis to support the statements of the research through statistical data. On the other hand, the secondary data collection method through the review of the available literature like journals and articles from the government and industry sources will be helping the researcher in supporting the arguments that are undertaken by the same while advocating on the research. The proper review of the different literatures and the interpretation of the responses that will be collected by the researcher during the sampling will be guiding the research to an unbiased outcome (Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault, 2015). The mixed method will be helping the researcher in identifying the different aspects of the research as per the objective of the study.


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