Case Study Of Marketing Management Proof Reading Services

Case Study Of Marketing Management Assignment

Case Study Of Marketing Management Proof Reading Services

The brief summary of the company profile

Graeter's Ice cream is Australian Ice cream producing and selling company which was founded by Charlie and Regina Graeter. The companies currently operate near about a dozen store across parts of Victoria, Tasmania and Southern Australia. The Graters family the company operates in local owns the business strategy and online market the company sells products online to anywhere in Australia. The company has vision of providing quality Ice creams to their consumer with quality taste. There are various Unique selling proposition that the company uses to boost up there sells. The company has good quality products and keeps the quality higher through fresh ingredients. The company operated franchise store but later one dropped the choice because the following felt that the quality through franchise products would decrease. Currently the company is still owned by the family and fourth generation of the family is holding and managing companies operating. The company stills provide handmade ice creams due to which the quality is high but the maturing rate is slow.

The companies also emphasizes on their employee and want to keep their employee engaged with the company over future years which shows that employee build and effective bond with their employees helping them in their operation management (Ruck et al.2017). The company was first added a non-family member in the co-operative management of the firm and hand made changes regarding the expansion of the manufacturing units the company current operate manufacturing units across Australia. The company is currently looking to expand in the market which is wise decision from the management and the management also does not means to manage with the quality and wants to provide high quality of products to their customers.

Decisionregarding the expansion of the company through licensing another company in another country with justification

It can be said that in line of the company's vision of providing quality and high-enriched taste of unique ice creams it will not be beneficial for the company to expand via licensing other companies in different companies. This can hamper the quality of the products as well as the brand value of the firm. AS franchise and licensing will make the company has no control over the production of ice cream the quality of ice creams might degrade because of which the long term profit and vision of the company will be affected.

Explanationofmanagement decision

The management made the following decision because they are able to feel that for the company’s expansion in effective manner there will be need of extra management because of which they will; not be able to perform the roles and will not be able to meet the set objectives in significant manner. It cannot be said that involvement of external cooperative management has any role in it and cannot affect the roots of the business in any manner. It can be said that for meeting the requirement of quality in expansion of the company there will be needed of extra management that will help the company to manage their quality products and maintain the quality product in line of the expansion process (Schaper et al.2014).


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