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What is the assignment about?

This assignment has an objective to give the learner an understanding system analysis and design. It focuses on providing knowledge of information system analysis, methods, tools, and techniques. It talks about the usage of project management tool and how to develop a system in prescribes timeframe. I have chosen a company named as Pet Circle and has described its process flow, issues and solution for the new system.

Outline the rest parts of this assignment

This assignment contains several tasks to develop a completely new solution. In the first task, I have created a time management plan to show how work is divided into sub-modules along with timelines of each task. In the next task, I have produced a “to be processed" which depicts the future state of the business process model of the organization and compared it with the ‘as is’ process of the organization. After this, I have created an ERD for the business case study according to the solution provided. The ERD made in in fully 3 NF form. I have also produced the 1NF, 2NF and 3NF table designs of the database or ERD.

After that, I have discussed testing of the proposed system and its system changeover. Lastly, I have concluded the assignment along with some recommendations and have provided the references and citation for each task of the assignment.

1.) Time Management Plan

The time management plan defines the detail of each milestone along with its specific completion time. If each phase will complete in time then the overall project will get completed on time. Below is the work breakdown structure is given for the tasks performed in order to complete this assignment.

CIS5200 Professional Skills for Systems Assignment Help

Figure 1 Time management plan (Visio)

2.). “TO BE” Process

CIS5200 Professional Skills for Systems Assignment Help

Figure 2 TO BE Process (Visio)

3.). Comparing “AS IS” and “TO BE” Process

In the assessment-1, I have made an ‘AS IS’ diagram which shows the business workflow of the Pet-Circle organization before the modification. According to the AS IS diagram of the organization the business website handled by the website admin who checks the availability of the product in the stock and manages all the workflow of the customer data on the website. According to the AS IS diagram the customers only view the products offered by the organization and then they have to click on the email subscription to order the product if they want to buy the product. After the email subscription they have to order the product by sending the email to the company email and then the company delivers the product to the customer address. In this only one payment option Cash on Delivery of product is offered to the customer so they have to pay at the time of delivery of the product. This entire process is not delivered the proper e-commerce functionality so it is no efficient for the company and customers so the organization has to face several issues in effectively running their business. So I have to change the online workflow of the business and enable all the e-commerce functionality. I have made a TO BE diagram of the organization according to the new system.

In the TO BE diagram the admin is the person who handles and maintain all the online work perform through the website and also manages the stock and avails the products. Another person is the supplier who has to login to the website by their valid credentials and then they have to go to the product page for their shopping. At the product page, they can see the product image, product description, and price. An Add to Cart button is given there through which the user can add the product to the cart and then on the cart page they have to check out the product. At the time of check out the admin check the stock and if the product is not available then a message is shown on the web page that the product is out of stock. And if the product is available than they have to select the payment mode like COD or debit card. After that, the order is confirmed and sent to the shipping point and then out for delivery.

4.). Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

CIS5200 Professional Skills for Systems Assignment HelpFigure 3 ERD (VISIO)

5.). Data Normalization


Cust_Orders(Cust_order_id, Cust_name, Cust_contact, Cust_address, Cust_city, Cust_state, Cust_country, Cust_dob, Subscription_name, Subscription_description, Subscription_date, Pro_name, Pro_cost, Pro_brand, Pet_name, Quantity, Shipping_address, Shipping_city, Shipping_state, Shipping_country, Date_Of_Purchase, Delivery_address, Quantity)

Supp_Orders(Supp_Order_id, Supp_name, Supp_contact, Supp_address, Pro_name, Pro_cost, Pro_brand, Pet_name, Quantity, Shipping_address, Shipping_city, Shipping_state, Shipping_country, Quantity, Cost)


Members(Mem_id, Mem_name, Mem_contact, Mem_address, Mem_city, Mem_state, Mem_country, Mem_dob, Mem_salary, Position_name)

Customers(Cust_id, Cust_name, Cust_contact, Cust_address, Cust_city, Cust_state, Cust_country, Cust_dob, Subscription_name, Subscription_description, Subscription_date)

Suppliers(Supp_id, Supp_name, Supp_contact, Supp_address)

Products(Pro_id, Pro_name, Pro_cost, Pro_brand, Pet_name, Quantity, Shipping_address, Shipping_city, Shipping_state, Shipping_country)

Cust_Orders(Cust_order_id, Cust_id, Pro_id, Date_Of_Purchase, Delivery_address, Quantity)

Supp_Orders(Supp_Order_id, Supp_id, Pro_id, Quantity, Cost)


Position (Pos_id, Pos_name)

Pet(Pet_id, Pet_name, Pet_breed)

Members(Mem_id, Mem_name, Mem_contact, Mem_address, Mem_city, Mem_state, Mem_country, Mem_dob, Mem_salary, Pos_id)

Subscription(Sub_id, Sub_name, Sub_desc, Sub_date)

Customers(Cust_id, Cust_name, Cust_contact, Cust_address, Cust_city, Cust_state, Cust_country, Cust_dob, Sub_id)

Suppliers(Supp_id, Supp_name, Supp_contact, Supp_address)

Products(Pro_id, Pro_name, Pro_cost, Pro_brand, Pet_id, Quantity)

Cust_Orders(Cust_order_id, Cust_id, Pro_id, Date_Of_Purchase, Delivery_address, Quantity)

Supp_Orders(Supp_Order_id, Supp_id, Pro_id, Quantity, Cost)

Shipping(Ship_id, Pro_id, Ship_address, Ship_city, Ship_state, Ship_country)


1.Underline = Primary key

2.Italic = foreign key

6.) Testing

There is several types of testing are performed to the test the entire e-commerce system of the Pet Circle which is discussed below:

Functionality testing:The functionality testing is the type of testing which is performed to test the features and functionality of the website. The aspects of the website which are tested in the functionality testing are:

1.Login Test:User can able to successfully login to the system or not by their valid credentials.

2.Contact us page:The contact us page includes the contact form or not and the contact form able to send the form data or not.

3.Check/track/cancel an order:Customer or user can able to track, check and cancel their order or not.

4.Sign up testing:User can able to sign up to the site or not.

5.Add to cart testing:The product can be easily added to the ‘add to cart’ page or not.

6.Remove item from the cart:The product can be easily removed from the cart or not.

7.Checkout function:The user can able to successfully checkout from their order page or not

8.Taxes calculation:The system can able to automatically perform the tax calculation according to the delivery address or not.

User-acceptance testing:The user acceptance testing is the type of testing which is performed to assure that the system is easily acceptable to the customers or not and it is user-friendly for them or not. In this testing I have tested the:

1.Browser loading time:The website load on the browser quickly or not.

2.Browser compatibility:The website is compatible with all the popular browsers or not.

3.Responsiveness:The website layout is responsive for the multiple screens or not.

4.Typography:The font family, font size, and color used on the different pages of the website is clearly visible by the user or not.

5.Product pricing:The product page shows the actual price of the products correctly or not.

6.Product and other images used:The images used for the products and other things have the good resolution or not.

7.Discussion forum:The system contains the discussion forum or not.

8.Product Specification:The description about the products clearly specified on the product page or not.

9.Navigation system:The user can able to navigate to the different pages and functionality of the website easily or not.

10.Policies page:The website privacy policy page clearly shown all the policies related to the website business or not.

Desk checking:I have tested the entire system according to the desk checking testing method. In this, I have checked all the algorithm or logics used in the background of the system individually and write down the output or performance of the each logic. After the competition of the test, I have evaluated the test result which I have noted and found that the system is performing properly.

Unit Testing:The unit testing is performed to test each module of the system. In this testing, I have check all the modules and functions of the system individually. According to the testing result, all the module of the new system performs properly.

These testing are performed to test the different aspect of the organization e-commerce website to automate the different process of the organization by providing the better e-commerce functionality and facility to the customers so that they attract towards the organization business which will help the organization to grow faster and doing their business efficiently.

7.). Training

The group of people in the organization who needs the training on the new system are shown below:

1.Marketing group:The marketing group must be skillful in the online marketing and they must have the knowledge about the digital and social site marketing. In this training section, I have covered most of the topics related to the digital marketing such as social site marketing, promotions of the product and services, how to optimize the site on Google ranking, blog posting, etc.

2.Customer service:The customer service provider team must have the good communication skills in their local and English language so that they can able to understand the customer's query. Except this, they also need to know about the customer relationship management so that they can satisfy the customers. In this, I have introduced them to all the topics related to how to establish a good customer relationship, etc.

3.Account team:The account team must have to understand how the billing system of the website flows and how they have to receive and refund the money through the e-commerce site of the organization. In this training, I have covers the topics related to how the taxes apply to the different products. How the product price and discount calculated, etc.

4.Users:I have provided a user document to the system users so that they can understand how to navigate different functions and pages of the system. The user document includes all the things which help a user in accessing the system such as login process, logout process, registration process, product ordering and billing process, etc.

5.Managers:I have also provided a detailed documentation to the managers which include all the information like how the system will be effective for their business, how the system can be used so that it will save the company cost, etc.

6.IT Staff:To train the IT staff of the organization I have let them know all the things about the system; such as system architecture, different modules of the system, system and data flow of the system, etc. so that they can easily maintain the system.

8.). System Changeover

I have developed a plan to change the existing system used by the Pet-Circle. Currently, the pet circle uses the e-commerce website to sell their products to the online customers. Although the website is good it needs some improvement or changes to perform better and provide the better e-commerce facilities to the customers.

To make the system changeover I have developed some new codes and integrated with the existing website. Except this, I have also made some modifications to the existing code of the website. The new changes made in the existing system of the Pet-Circle website are shown below:

1.Currently,the website not has the functionality of the login and sign up, so I have added the new login and sign up functionality to the website so that user can able to open their personal account on the website and can place their order.

2.The organization uses the email subscription facility to receive the order from the customers so I have to change the product ordering way by adding the new functionality through which user can place their order through the company website.

3.As the organization using email subscription for the product order so it doesn't have the add to cart functionality, so I have developed the add to cart functionality to the website, now the user can add and remove multiple products in this and can able to check out all the products at a single time.

4.The layout of the current website not looking attractive according to the user perspective, so I have redesigned the overall design of the user interface of the website and make it more clean, clear and responsive for the multiple screens.

5.Current website of the pet-circle is also not compatible with the different popular web browser so I have made the changes in the existing design of the website to make it compatible with the popular web browsers used.

6.I have added the discussion forum on the website so that the users are able to send their review and feedback about the website, website products, and services.

The system changeover mainly means that changing the old system with the new one. There are mainly four types of methods for system changeover; such as:

1.Direct cutover:In the Direct cutover operation of the system changeover the new system is directly implemented only when the new system becomes operational.

2.Parallel operation:In this operation, the old and new both the system is operated for the limited time period.

3.Pilot operation:In this process of the system changeover, a fully new system is implemented at some of the location of the organization.

4.Phased operation:According to this operation of system changeover, the new system is developed and integrated with the old system in the several phases instead of directly cutting the old system to reduce the risk.

In my case, I have to use the phased operation for the system changeover. I have developed the new phases for the new system one by one and integrate them into the old system or modify in the old system. And at the last when all the required phases of the new system integrated with the old system the process of the system changeover is completed.

9.) Report to Top Management

I have made all the changes in the organization e-commerce website and successfully completed the design and implementation phase of the new system. The explanations are given below:


The objective of this report is to provide the better e-commerce solution to the organization which will help the organization to grab more and more customers and boosts their business efficiently.


The Pet-Circle is an e-commerce company which sales all the pet products online through their e-commerce website. The company is based in the New South Wales in Australia. The founders of the Pet-Circle are Mike Frizel and James Edwards in 2011. The Pet-Circle provides all the products related to various types of pets to the Australian people on a single platform so that the users don’t have to go anywhere else to find the products for their pets; such as pets toys, beds, dog collars, pets food items, etc. The Pet-circle offers the free shipping of all the products to their customer which worth more than $49 for those who are not lives in the local areas of the organization. For the local customers, it delivers all the range of products free of cost without any delivery charges.

Process Undertaken

First of all, I have analyzed the e-commerce system and e-commerce strategy used by the company and after that identifies the changes or modification needs in the system. The e-commerce website which is used by the company is not a complete e-commerce website. The website doesn’t have a complete online ordering system and currently the website also not offers the online payment system to receive the money. Once the analysis and identification of the website have been done, I have made many changes and modification in the website. The changes made in the system:

1.Add Login and Sign up function

2.Add products to the product gallery and add ‘add to cart’ functionality.

3.Add/remove the product from the cart if they are login.

4.A discussion forum

5.Apply several validations to users, etc.

6.Redesign the website layout and make it mobile responsive and browser compatible.


The Pet Circle is an e-commerce organization which sales all the pet related products online and also provide the fastest delivery of the customer orders. The company uses the free delivery strategy for their business. Although the company is good and the e-commerce system (website) used by them is also good after the modifications made in the system. But still, they need to improve several things in their business for the better efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

1.They need to provide free shipping on the customer orders in all the areas.

2.Currently,the website takes more time to load on the browser, so they have to optimize the entire website.

3.Currently,the website displays the limited number of products so it needs to add more products in the product gallery.

4.The website also not offers the search functionality so that users may have to face the problem in finding the products so it needs to develop search functionality.

5.Except this, the website also has to add filters in the products so that the users can filter the product according to their choice.

6.The organization has to perform online marketing of their website like SEO, SMO, social sites marketing, etc. to improve the ranking of the website on the Google.

Recap of all system development cost


Time period


Analysis and requirement gathering

5 days



3 days



8 days



15 days



2 days



2 days


Comparison of actual cost and original estimated cost


Actual time period

Actual cost

Estimated time period

Estimated cost

Analysis and requirement gathering

5 days


3 days



3 days


4 days



8 days


6 days



15 days


20 days



2 days


1 day



2 days


1 day


The Planned modifications and enhancements to the system that have been identified are online payment functionality, add to cart, feedback option, discussion forum and order tracking/cancel/replace

10) Conclusion

This report is prepared to analyze the current state of the Pet Circle organization so that I can provide the best resolution for their e-commerce business so that they can efficiently run their business. In this report, I have mentioned all the information which they need to resolve their business issues. I suggested him to make some modification in their current e-commerce system for better business efficiency; such as: login system, online transaction or bill payment with the debit card, tracking of customer orders, etc. and also describe the whole changes which they required in their current system and the type of testing and training needs for their new system. After reading this report they can able to understand the entire TO BE process of their e-commerce business and can able to run their business effectively.

11.) References

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