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CS6710 Wireless Networks Editing and Proof Reading Services

The use of the library system can help in the process enchasing the regular activities of the library by using the technology. This can help in the process locating book in easier manner. In large libraries, finding the correct book in time becomes very much difficult for the librarian. Hence Wi-Fi enabled system can help the librarian for the easy access to the books that are present. This can help the books stored in 3rd row| Right side | History Section | Fourth Book in a single attempt.

While this system can be seem as one of the most efficient thing for the large sets of the book stores there are some of the major potential issues that can reduce the efficiency:

1. It would require stable internet technology connections
2. Slow internet can reduce the efficiency
3. It would require a large set of databases.
4. The databases must be updated in a regular manner.

The entire concept of the Wi-Fi based library system is based on the technological part. The major needs for the process Database design and Server Android mobile Server computers. The software must be divided in two sub categories, the admin mode and the user mode. This is to ensure proper security of books and the user. This helps in the process of sorting of the books in an easier manner.

The user portal is the portal for the user or the librarian, when the user searches for some book in the application it searchers for the same in the database of the books. If the book is found in the servers then it shows the results of the book as where it is kept and in which position preciously. If the book is not present in the position then it results for the error of finding the book. This will help the process of manual finding of the books in the servers and how these are stored in the systems of the severer.

The books must be sorted and stored in a proper order such that while the process of finding the book begins it becomes easier for the servers to find the specific book is in place or not. One of the major thing that must be kept in mind that the every time a book is issued or kept in place the data must be updated in the servers.

The admin portal of the system has access to all the information about the library. This can ensure that it can see the details of the all the users and the customers of the book. The frequency of using the book is also one of the major thing that is to be considered. While the process of adding a new book it must be ensured that the new books must be kept at desired place

1.This system can easily help in the process of searching the books in the library
2.It becomes convenient for users to search book directly through app
3.Saves time and money.
4.Provides book availability details
5.User need not even enter library, he can get book status within Wi-Fi range of library

The technology is being advancing with days:
With the use of the NFC chips can help in further locating the books at the correct places.
The book shelf can be used for the purpose of enhancing thequality improvementof the services as if sensors are installed then it can read for the empty spaces and alert the admin of the book(Sahu, 2018).

1.The Wi-Fi library system can be the most revolutionary system that can be developed.
2.Thus concept will help in easy process of detection of the books.
3.This can ensure that users of the system gets the best result possible.