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Diploma in Educational Administration and Management Editing Services

In this particular essay, an analysis of educational administration shall be provided on the basis of the article, What Makes Educational Research “Educational”?, by Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Francesca M. Forzani (2007). The chosen article seeks to address the issue of the importance of researches on the system of education so that a profound contribution could be made to the field in making the industry experience of students better. The discussion shall focus specifically on certain key points which shall be elaborated in the following sections.

This educational perspective offers a lens for presenting and studying particular sorts of phenomena as forms of teaching and learning.

This particular quotation sums up the research question of the article. The article intends to provide alternative methods of teaching which are different from the conventional methods. The methods being stressed upon are a result of rigorous researches to arrive at the most feasible alternatives.

research that is ostensibly "in education" frequently focuses not inside the dynamics of education but on phenomena related to education

This is the research gap which the article seeks to address. It means that the previous researches have focused more on the aspects which could be inculcated to make the process of learning better. However no emphasis has been given on the systemic flaws which plagues the education system. Mere concessionary changes in forms of altering the content structure is not enough, the system of dissemination is equally important and that has to be focused upon.

We argue that this orientation to education research is necessary for the production of the sort of disciplined knowledge that might contribute directly to solutions to pressing problems in education.

This statement sums up the attempts taken by the article to fill up the literature gap inferred on the basis of a reading of the previously conducted researches. This article seeks to fulfill that by means of importing ideas for implementing in the educational researches from various disciplines.

We label an approach to research that focusesinsideeducational transactions.

This is in a nutshell the importance of the research. It is impossible to present a suitable approach for conducting researches in matters of education dissemination without in depth study and an analysis of the inferences from those pieces of literature. The recommendations of this article is a result of thorough analysis of previously conducted researches, and that is why this article is important. It provides multiple approaches which gives the liberty to choose depending upon the situation.

Disciplined research on problems and solutions could help in education, just as it does in other domains.

This sums up the benefits of the research. On the basis of thorough research, this article has provided six different approaches to look into the research in educational administration. A reading of this article can provide an insight which shall be helpful in deducing the problem areas of the system of education and on the basis of recommendations, the rectifications can be done. The article however does not want to disrupt the instructive mechanism per se which is the basic governing principle of dissemination education. The aim is simply to address the lacunas in the mode of teaching and rectify them accordingly.

The method used in arriving at the inferences of the article is exclusively qualitative method, with a deductive appraoch. First of all the lacking in the previous researches have been addressed on the basis of a reading of the available literature in the field. That accounts for the qualitative part of the article. It was necessary to derive the problem areas that have been left unattended. The six case studies which have been provided are the basis of providing the alternative methods of learning. They have been arrived at by resorting to the deductive approach. The case studies are but an account of the researches which have already been undertaken and the implications too had been derived from previous researches. A somewhat relevant appropriation of the method can be called as a qualitative data analysis, as the entire article views the previously conducted researches in a critical manner.

In the concluding section thus it can be said that the article does make an attempt to achieve something novel but its reliance solely on secondary sources somehow belies the promise it makes. When the scholars of the article is claiming that there have been some lacuna, then some recommendations to rectify it on the basis of some survey to gather primary data and substantiate the claim must have been provided by the author. Mere pointing out at the lacunas is not enough as solutions are required for filling up the gaps. This is how the research method is limited and it could nit achieve its objective beyond the level of being critical.


1. Ball, D. L., & Forzani, F. M. (2007). 2007 Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture—What Makes Education Research “Educational”?. Educational Researcher, 36(9), 529-540.