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E Commerce Business Resource Proof Reading Services

Question1 bbqfun scenarion information:

The BBQfunboard of directors and the management department make the plans to implement an e-commerce business approach in order to increase market potential and satisfy the needs of customers as well. The documentation of information gives important guidelines in order to record standards and targets of the organization that maintains the integrity of information and also helps in reviewing the performances of an employee accordingly.

Question 2 (A) bbqfun’s operational plan:

BBQfun’s major objectives includes-

  • It engaged their customers by the marketing research methodology and personalized services.
  • To improve customer satisfaction by 25 percent.
  • To provide support system to the workers through giving proper trainingIncreasing marketing potential
  • To reduce operational cost

(B) bbqfun policies and procedures:

Purpose: major aim of operational policies of BBQfun is to ensure the management performance criteria related to the requirements.

  • Scope: it covers overall management procedures and performance criteria of employees.
  • Resources: exact or detailed process selection in order to implement the policies.
  • Responsibility:the manager of the organization is responsible to monitor the performance and also provide training program to the employees in order to development and growth.

(C) role of an operation plan:

In order to implement the strategy of e-commerce, operational plan plays the crucial role that helps in identifying and setting the objectives or goals by which the people can do their work accordingly. Performances of each employee can also be measured by the operational plan.

(D) discussion of operational plan with referce to different models:

As operational plans help in setting goals and objectives by which people can do theirs easily in order to attain it. By measuring performance and action plans of employees can also be helpful in determining the appraisal system and in case of any issues they conducts training and development program for the employees.

Question 3 Resource requirements for implementation of e-commerce strategy:

The overall resources for implementing the e-commerce strategy is required set standards, code of practices, intellectual property rights and responsibilities related to the BBQfun’s operational plan. Apart from that, other required resources are human resource, finance, and budgeting, time and intranet activities etc.

Some of the resources that required for e-commerce strategy are-

  • 6 delivery trucks
  • 3 forklifts
  • Warehouse workers
  • Drivers
  • Office space

Question 4 resourcing consultation role-plays:

  • Role of operational general manager

  • Role of chief financial officer

Question 5 Required resources for consultation role-play:

Sales and Marketing Manager: human resources requirements are-

  • CEO
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Operation General Manager
  • HR team
  • Manager of the company

Technology consultant: physical resource requirement are-

  • Office space
  • Operating capital
  • Desk and chair
  • Computers
  • Telephones
  • Office printer
  • Delivery trucks etc.

Question 6 action plan:

Milestone: Action and/or objective
(to achieve strategic aims of physical or human resourcing)


Person responsible

Budget or resources
(where applicable)

To deliver computers to the office space

1 June 2018

Delivery man

Delivery man

To procure effective technology

1 June 2018

Delivery man

IT team

Delivery van for delivering the required physical resources to the office space

1 June 2018

Management staff

Production or finance department

Legislations, governmental rules and policies

1 August 2018

Regulatory bodies and operational manager

Regulatory bodies

Training and development program

1 October 2018

HR team

HR team

Consultation with supervisors

1 October 2018

Supervisors of the company

Management department

Recruitment and selection process of new employees

1 August 2018

HR team

HR team

Question 7 performance indicator for operational and financial targets:

The current budget of performance indicator and all the required resources are $861000. Apart from that, the overall expenses in over 3 years of e-commerce Business strategy is about to $1680000.

Some of the following expenses of the 2014 financial year include-

Additional staff


Additional marketing


Additional training




This is the additional budgeting system of the BBQfun that associated with financial targets of overall spending. The overall income with the gross profit is approximately $6677000 and total expenses calculated by $5004714, so net profit is $1672286.

KRA (key result area)


KPI (key performance indicator)


Quality of online sales and service

1% error rate

% of informational or order mistakes


Speed of service (online)

<10 minutes per interaction

Average time to completion

20 minutes


$30,000 sales

$ sales


Professional development

Participate in 2 hours of sales training per month.

Training hours

0 hours






Question 8 risks to implementation of operational plan and developing contingency plan:


Company name: BBQfun

Name of person developing the plan:

Who was consulted as part of this plan?

Name                                              Position


Risk identified:

  • There is a high risk of the conflicting situation due to miscommunication and misunderstanding among employees. These kinds of misinterpretation can change the online e-commerce services to the threats of job and also affected the strategies of performances.
  • There is a very low risk of losing IP address and their related confidential within the e-commerce approach.
  • As it is an e-commerce approach where the market sales their products and services online with the use of internet, so there is a some kinds of risks due to hacking software and unauthorized activities. Apart from that there is a low risk of any health compliance.


Strategies/activities to minimise the risk

By when

By whom

Strong communication and healthy relationship between the workers and entire staff can be helpful in reducing conflicts and misunderstanding among the employees.

1 June 2018

Management department

Backup of data and proper security

1 September 2018 

IT department

Proper security and the permission of access to only authorized person

1 June 2018

IT department and operational manager

Question 9 developing proposal:

  • In order to implement e-commerce strategy within the organization- various resources are required that is categorized into two parts such as physical resources and other is human resources accordingly.
  • Approximately $100000
  • Net profit is about $1672286
  •  Clear objectives and goals and by establishing critical success factors
  • High risk of conflicts, misunderstanding, losing data of IP, security breaches etc.
  • Proper security system and the strong relationship among employees can be helpful in reducing such negative consequences. By lowering the cost and providing such effective  training to the employees is also helpful in mitigating the risks factors
  • Internet source, consultation with supervisors etc.

Question 10 Third role-play proposal approval:

Role-play character for implementing the overall plan is sales and marketing manager, who is responsible to make a decision of business trade and make the business possible to sell their products and services with the attractive promotional activities that attracts most of the customers and helps in enhancing the profitability as well.
Question 11 portfolio:

As operation plan of BBQfun includes several goals and objectives in order to engage more employees and make the decision according to implement the plan of e-commerce strategy that helps in enhancing the productivity and profitability rate of the organization.In the above-mentioned action plan, it includes required resources that will be useful in implementing the e-commerce plan of online selling activity. These resources are must require, so inaction plan, timing, budgeting, and the objectives are described.

Performance indicator approaches need statutory and regulatory requirements and it is also important to analyze causes and effects while implementing the plans. There are majorly two types of performance indicator level such as strategic and other is operational that helps in measuring business functions and activities.Physical resources include- computers, delivery van, printers, office space, desk and chair and apart from that human resources includes, operational manager, sales and marketing manager, technical team etc.

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