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The Smith Family is a not for profit children’s charity organization in Australia. Goal of the organization is to create opportunity for the children who are disadvantaged and help their families to educate them (Tebogo and Baitshepi 2015, 144). Organisation works towards to help the poor families to ensure they could provide effective support to their children so that they could build a better future. Company is facing issues with the marketing of the services that it provides to the people. There are certain issues with the funding which are faced by the organisation as the company is not able to get proper funding from the funders (Atighechian et al. 2016, 307). Certain of the issues are also being faced by the company in relation with the internal as well as external environment of the organisation. This report is developed in relation with marketing of The Smith Family in which information related with the analysis of internal as well as external environment will be done. Stakeholder’s analysis of the company will also be availed in this report (Cordery et al. 2011, 363). And finally a proper budget will be provided that will include the information of expenses that will occur in applying the strategies to manage the marketing activities of the company (The Smith Family 2017).

Global Marketing Management Assignment Help

Analysis of Internal Environment (Micro Environment)

SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)



  • The Smith Family has prominent brand name which is presented in the category from more than 2 years (Atighechian et al. 2016, 307).
  • Work for the welfare as well as charity cause which helps in building trust among the people available in the market (The Smith Family 2017).
  • Company is generating awareness about environmental aspects to the families in Australia (Tebogo and Baitshepi 2015, 144).
  • Works towards to provide effective support to the children to grow and move on the path of sustainable future (Sawant and Sarika 2010, 38).
  • There are various other businesses run by the company which will get benefited by The Smith Family non profit organisation and will help in creating brand value in the market (Visconti and Roberto 2013, 282).
  • Lack of awareness is one of the weakest points attached with the company. There are many Australian families which do not have appropriate information related with the company (Cordery et al. 2011, 363).
  • Funding is another weakness of the company as it does not have enough funds to do marketing of the services it provide to the companies (Smardon and Richard 2011, 244).
  • Technology is also one of the weakness of the company as it is not up to date with the help of which could create more awareness and spread information related with the services it is providing to the people (Pratt et al. 2009, 55).



  • With the experience of 200 years in the market company has the opportunity to spread in the global market (Hyder and Akmal 2016, 414).
  • Vertical integration could help the company to grow in the market. Company is also dealing in the market of magazines, newspaper, books and stationary, so it could make advertisements in those which could help in spreading the information related with the services availed by the company (Byrd and Megginson 2013).
  • Advertisements on the social networking sites will create new opportunities for the company which will help it to grow in the market (Cordery et al. 2011, 363).
  • Entry of new competitors in the market is the biggest threat for the organisation as it will not be able to provide the services in such an effective way if any new competitors enter into the market (Arabzad 2012, 610).
  • Long economic slowdown is another threat for the company which could affect its processing (Ghapanchi et al. 2017, 277).
  • Availability of the funds is another threat, The Smith Family is a non profit organisation in which the company requires continuous availability of funds, and any breakdown in the availability could directly affect the process of the company (Atighechian et al. 2016, 307).

Analysis of External Environment (Macro Environment)

PESTEL Analysis

Political Factors:There are various government policies from the political parties to reduce funding from the welfare programs will have a direct impact on the process of The Smith Family (The Smith Family 2017). There are various complex regulations and agreements for the social entrepreneurship which have a direct impact on the non profit organisations like The Smith Family (Tebogo and Baitshepi 2015, 144).

Economic Factors:There is no universal and authentic model prepared for the social entrepreneurs, innovation is not being focused upon in The Smith Family organisation, and absence of training is there which could help in encouraging cross sectoral collaboration (Smardon and Richard 2011, 244). Lack of certain aspects directly affects the process of the company. Economic slowdown is another aspect which has a direct impact on the processing of the company (Sawant and Sarika 2010, 38).

Social Factors:Lack of socio economic development and diversity affects the company (Pratt et al. 2009, 55). There are very less efforts put in social entrepreneurship (Visconti and Roberto 2013, 282). To provide appropriate information it is necessary that the social entrepreneurship should be encourages with the effect of which organisation could grow and provide sufficient services to the people available in the society (Arabzad 2012, 610).

Technological Factors:There is lack of research phenomenon, technological advancement is not there in Smith Family, and do not have effective technological system as they are using old technologies (Hyder and Akmal  2016, 414). It is required that the company should focus more upon new technologies and should go online so that company could provide effective set of information to the people available in the market (Ghapanchi et al. 2017, 277).

Environmental Factors:The Smith Family is indulged in the practices of developing the ecological phenomena (Byrd and Megginson 2013). Company is working towards to provide better services to the children who cannot afford to get proper education (Atighechian et al. 2016, 307). It is necessary that The Smith Family should provide the information of environment and should provide the ways how they can make their contribution in helping the environment to get sustain (Cordery et al. 2011, 363).

Legal Factors:Tax exemptions are provided by the legal authorities to Smith Family which a beneficial aspect for the company, goods and service tax benefits are provided by the authorities to the company (The Smith Family 2017). The Smith Family provides the assurance that it follows all the policies and works as a productive commission. Company has the policy to help the children who are in need and encourage parents to send their children to groom over there and to get appropriate education (Tebogo and Baitshepi 2015, 144).

Stakeholders and Competitors Analysis

The Smith Family is working in non profit environment in which there are various stakeholders attached with the company (Smardon and Richard 2011, 244). Company has very limited competitors who could affect it in the long run. Smith Family has a huge stakeholder’s base and connectivity which could be seen in the below discussion:

1. There are various government and non-governmental organisations which are attached with The Smith Family (Sawant and Sarika 2010, 38). Company ensures to provide better services to the government and non-governmental organisations (Pratt et al. 2009, 55). It ensures to help the children who are in need and provide education to them so that they could move towards the better future (Visconti and Roberto 2013, 282).

2. There are various business and corporate sectors, these are the stakeholders which provide financial support to The Smith Family, and in return the organisation ensures to provide better support to the people who are in need (Arabzad 2012, 610).

3. School programs and other educational programs are organised by The Smith Family to educate the children who are in need (Hyder and Akmal 2016, 414).

4. Huge community and volunteer’s base is available with The Smith Family because it is in the field of charity due to which various communities gets attached with the company (Ghapanchi et al. 2017, 277).

In every field there are various competitors available which have a direct impact on the companies indulged in the non profit market (Byrd and Megginson 2013). Competitors available in the market affects the funding of the company as funding gets divided among various competitors due to which The Smith Family fails to provide effective set of services to the customers available in the market (Atighechian et al. 2016, 307). To ensure that The Smith Family could attain competitive advantage in the market it should focus upon the competitive strategies so that proper funding could be availed to the company and it could provide continuous services to the people who are in need (Cordery et al. 2011, 363).

Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategies of the Smith Company

1. With the great potential The Smith Company is working having an objective of the overall development of the education system. Company has the motive of providing effective set of services to the children and youngsters who are in need (The Smith Family 2017).

2. Vision statement of The Smith Company is “A better future for young Australian in need” (Smardon and Richard 2011, 244). This vision of the company shows the concern of the company towards the upliftment of the whole nation by taking into consideration the people who are in need. Company has great ideas in relation with providing a better future to the people who are in need (Tebogo and Baitshepi 2015, 144).

3. Mission Statement of The Smith Company is “To create opportunities for young Australians in need and by providing long term support for their participation in the education” (Sawant and Sarika 2010, 38). The mission statement of the company shows that it wants to help the children in need by providing better education system to the people who are in need. Developing the sustainable future is the main aim on the path of which the company is moving and ensuring to provide proper help and support to them.

4. Gaol of the company is to spread the effective education system and provide each and every child better and effective set of education so that they could move on the path of sustainable future (Pratt et al. 2009, 55).

5. Strategies of the company are very right as they are indulged in the welfare and charitable activities which ensure to provide sustainable future to the people who are in need (Visconti and Roberto 2013, 282). Company is indulged in the practices of making various innovative modelling and strategic decisions which is helping the company in provoking in making other changes at each and every step which the company is taking. Company has come up with the idea of place management and place management modelling and is planning to work upon the socio economic environment and on its diversity in which changes are occurring with time (Arabzad 2012, 610).


Increase in the issues and competition is creating hurdles in the path of The Smith Company, there are certain consultations that could be availed which could help the company to deal with the hurdles and get benefited in the market (Hyder and Akmal 2016, 414).

Training and Development:It is required that The Smith Company should organise training and development programs so that it could help the staff members to provide more better and effective set of services to the people in need.

Technological Advancement:It is required that company should indulge in the technological advancement aspects so that it could go online and spread the information related with the services it is delivering to the people who are in need and could attract the funders so as to avail funding for the company (Ghapanchi et al. 2017, 277).

Idea Generation and Innovation:Innovation ands idea generations are the key aspects for the success of any company. Companies could grow in the market by developing innovative and new ideas (Byrd, Mary and Megginson. 2013).

Fundraising:Fundraising is the most important aspects attached with the growth of the company. Company should raise funds and should try to find new funders who could help in the growth process of the company (Atighechian et al. 2016, 307).




Adoption of new Technology


Market surveys


Research and development team


Training and Development




(Cordery et al. 2011, 363)


With the analysis of the internal as well as external environment of The Smith Company, the conclusion could be made that the company is working in the atmosphere which is helpful for the company. Vision, mission, goals and strategies of the company were taken into consideration in which analysis were made that company is working on the path of creating sustainable future for the people who are in need. Providing education to the children in need is the motive of the company which will create a helpful hand in the development of Australia. It could be analysed that company requires proper funding so that it could manage to provide continuous services. In the consultation section various ideas are provided which will help the company in wrong run. These factors presented in consultation will ensure that company could attain its vision and mission and could help the children of Australia to create a new and developed future.


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