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The purpose of the report is to offer a brief and analysis of challenges of global collaboration of Tesco PLC. Evaluation of Cross Cultural Collaboration is done in this project to determine the failures of Tesco PLC. The report shows how the company overcome the situation in the global market. A brief discussion has made on the cross cultural teamwork of TESCO and the communication and negotiation concept is also described in this report. An evaluation has done to show the communication and collaboration of Tesco can be enhanced. This report will help to understand about the interrelationship between cross cultural collaboration, communication and teamwork of Tesco PLC which the company has already applied in its business tactics.


Tesco is the third largest grocery retailer in the world that provides grocery and non food items for the common people of UK. Tesco has the total revenue of 59.4 billion. This company has retailer stores in 14 countries in the world. Tesco faces several challenges due to global collaboration. Tesco has several plans to execute in order to adopt operating model in every area. This process can be hard to implement in a co-efficient way.

International operations Development is combined with the organization of TESCO. This combination provides improvement to the business processes of the company. The engineers from Bangalore provide assistance to the employees of every country to optimize the models of the operation (Collins et al.,2013). IT, IOD and HSC workers supervise the ongoing processes in order to provide support to the process. The human resource team hires skilled people from the country in order to provide service according to their convenience.

The global expansion demand mainly affects the group of employees of IT and IOD. The workers need to travel the world in order to provide services which are required. This method is expensive as it is impossible to reduce the cost of travelling and TESCO’s environmental strategy of sustainability is irreconcilable. The company does not rely on phone calls as it has less visual communication than face-to-face meetings that can have greater impact on the clients. The company rely on providing skills and knowledge which is based on pen and paper as it is easier to understand and increase the speed of the process in a sufficient manner.

In order to increase the productivity of the global growth TESCO has implemented new ways for the collaboration. TESCO has the intention to introduce the retailer practice to the global market which it has learned from the UK market while implementing the best practices that affected their overall business from the whole world (Williamson et al., 2016). The company is focusing on the communication of the employees to improve their services in the global market. To improve the communication between the employees, TESCO implemented Next-generation Network. This network makes it easier to communicate with each employee and the network access provides data easily.  This communication method is enhancing the customer service.

When individuals from different nations gathered in one workplace then it is way more fun to have a discussion about different culture, foods, music, dresses and languages. Some large differences are also there as people can judge each other in terms of their attitude, rights and culture. Beside of all these differences, attractive and needful way of living can provide politeness in work. The time company is recruiting new employees to the organization, human resource department always train them properly to increase their skills in all kind of cultural aspects.

To build an effective team all the employee need to discuss all their issues with each other. That way an organization can increase productivity. Performance from an individual and a performance from a well build team always make big difference in outcome. As teamwork always produce effective job outcome. Tesco PLC is that kind of retailer organization where authorities make sure that they have an effective team. In this situation some employees from different culture can make conflict. Those conflicts can lead to a bad impression of this organization (Duus and Cooray, 2014). To handle all these disagreement and conflicts organization must talk to each and every employee about teamwork. HRM departments also take a part to rebuild an effective culture in working environment. Here are three different solutions to resolve all the conflicts.

Consult with boss: Most of the organizations have someone leader who makes all the decisions and all the employees has to maintain that. Without knowing the decision is wrong or right every employee has to obey it for better result. Human Resource Team also helps the entire employee to speak out about any kind of issues to the boss. This role is taking a vital part in this organization as it helps the whole team to work as per the instruction.

Obey the procedure: Some also have different type of procedures to determine all the issues during job. All the answers that produced during determination have to maintain without knowing the effects of it. Tesco PLC also has some procedure to follow by each and every employee (Cha et al.,2015).

Take care of everything: Every organization has different conflicts during organizational work. Authorities of the organization have to take care of every issue that arises between employees.

Global Marketing OZ Assignments

Better have a wide discussion about all the conflicts and try to resolve as soon as possible. It also helps consumers to understand the organization broadly. As employees can provide more support to their customers. By having a broad discussion with each and every one of the organization, they can take effective decision that can help to serve all the needs of every stakeholders (Beske and Seuring, 2014).

Every business is always built up by proper communication and negotiation skills. Whatever it is, the business is small or large a proper communication can lead any business to its peak place. As it can be more important task than the organizational structure. Because if you are failed to impress your consumer then your effective structure of business will be useless. Well-build structure always guides a business to build more creative product and other side communication and negotiation make the product worth everything. Human Resource Department team is the one who can indicate all the employees to improve their communication skills. There are different kinds of concepts of communication that can lead a organization to success (Sucher and Sucher, 2015).

Verbal: Most important part of Tesco PLC is verbal communication. A proper verbal communication can impress any type of stakeholders to buy share from the company. It also helps buyers to provide more interest in the product. In terms of verbal communication the speaker must maintain some basic rules. As he or she has to speak politely, never speak loudly as it can make bad impact to the consumer. Never interrupt anyone’s conversation as it also a key portion to follow. Speaker must know different language from different culture as it is helpful for this organization. For such type of learning skills Human Resource team always put their best to train all the speaker of organization to get one of the best results in the market.

Non-verbal: Sometime non-verbal communication can be more effective than a verbal one. In Tesco PLC most of the organizational process is done by non-verbal communication. In that case sometimes verbal communication can put some poor effects in consumers (Sucher and Cheung, 2015). Putting a proper non-verbal communication can solve that poor scenario and make the product way more meaningful.

Preparation: Before speak anything to anyone or to start a negotiation, the speaker must prepare properly. In that preparation, speaker must includes all the organizational goals, future improvement about the organization, and different types of solutions and mainly know the proper things about the negotiation. The speaker also have to prepare as per to the objective of the negotiation in order to get successful agreement. In terms of preparation Human Resource Management department must provide several types of help that the speaker needed.

As Tesco has the largest retailer chain in UK, the company needs to take care of the cultural preferences of different country. Tesco is implementing several tactics in order to cut the cost of the products to attract the customers more (Wood et al.,2016).  The company has faced difficulty due to the adoption of new tactics that affected the suppliers and the employees were disrespected.  The analyst of TESCO mainly focused on financial aspects than the cultural aspects different countries. The analysts are needed to consider the cultural aspects first in order to determine the problems and satisfy its customers and employees.

Cultural aspects perform an important role in Tesco’s international ventures. Tesco faced failure in china in 2004 because of not considering joint venture with local market and the stores were closed due to lack of cultural consideration. The researchers conclude that the analysts of TESCO PLC did not consider the Chinese culture of consumers. The company introduced loyalty cards to china market (Bergenti et al.,2017). However, it did not perform well as it did in UK market.

Tesco did a joint venture with Sime darby which a huge trading market in Malaysia in 2001. The company implemented the tactics to appreciate the local culture of Malaysia and utilize the guidance offered by the local partnership company without replicating the advantages it got from its UK market.

Tesco PLC did open a number of conventional stores in America. The business did not execute well due to several reasons. The stores were not attractive to the American customers. Instead of that, Tesco PLC minimizes the number of mid-market operators. The researchers of Tesco determined that the gap was caused by lack of cultural analysis that the American customers require. Cultural failings were the main reason for the failure of business in American market and the improvement was not possible (Sousa et al.,2013).  Tesco is improving its business tactics depending on the local cultural appreciation in western US. The company is performing several analyses on cultural aspects to attract more consumers in its global market.  Tesco could have avoided the failure as the company could consider the cultural aspects and analyse the impacts of the cultural appreciation in China and US.  The human resource management hires local people with skills from China and US to satisfy the cultural collaborations.

Tesco needs to communicate efficiently between cross cultural collaboration; communication and team work (Lancaster et al.,2013). The interrelationship is important between cross cultural collaboration, communication and teamwork in order to improve its business in the global market.  In order to build an effective team, Tesco communicate to other team members from the global market regarding the problems and issues. In this way, TESCO improves its rate of productivity and provide efficient service. In order to perform efficiently in the global market, Tesco needs to have an effective interrelationship between cross cultural collaboration, communication and teamwork. The company considers several cultural aspects to attract the global customers and a well build team can work efficiently for the same purpose. Cross cultural collaboration can assist TESCO to understand the market and the preferences of the customers significantly (Smith et al.,2015). An effective team can work to increase the production as per the cultural demand of the customers.  Tesco has employees from several cultures that can cause conflict inside the team. To avoid that kind of conflicts, the team members need to communicate efficiently. The company needs to consider the cultural aspect of the country to serve the customers accordingly. Teamwork is important for cross cultural collaboration as the team member can perform according to the analysis report of cultural aspect of a particular place (Yang et al.,2014).  Human resource management plays an important part in the interrelationship between cross cultural collaboration as the management team hires local people with skills from several countries to meet the requirements of the cultural aspects. The local workers can attract the customers as per the cultural influence.

Tesco PLC has to introduce new teams who can produce more effective strategies to the company. Communication is not just a face to face talk to each other although it can’t be neglected.  Other hand technologies can play a big role in communication as it can be more effective, less time consuming and also can help all the team members to work more resourcefully.

In a retailer business communication is holding the vital part. This is the one and only part that can increase consumer percentages (Thomas and Peterson, 2017). A team with proper business collaboration on organizational goals and projects can build a proper working environment.  A poor communication in an organization is like a car without fuel. So it is an important task for Tesco PLC to enhance their communication strategy as much as possible. The team of this organization also not a different from other retailer company in the market. The competition in the market is increasing day by day; to be alive in the market an organization must enhance their all types of strategies including communication.

On the other hand collaboration of Tesco PLC also an effective area in terms of growth of the organization. Authority of the organization must implement a human resource team that can build an effective collaboration into workplace (Gelfand et al.,2017). Remember a well build team can do a job more effectively and accurately than an individual worker. So the organization must give their most of the attention to those particular areas that way they can enhanced more effective team. HR team must look after this type of situation to get a proper team.

Tesco PLC. Can increase it sells in the global market if the company considers cultural aspects before financial aspects to attract more customers. Tesco PLC.has faced failure in the market of china, US and Malaysia. To overcome the situation communication is done between cross cultural collaboration, communication and teamwork of TESCO. Effective team members are chosen by the human resource management to serve the customers efficiently. The management is hiring local people in order to learn the cultural aspects and strategize its business accordingly.


In this report discussion of the interrelationship between cross cultural collaboration, communication and teamwork of TESCO has made. Tesco has faced several failures in China and UK market due to lack of communication between team workers and reorganisation of cultural aspects of the country. A brief discussion has made on the challenges that Tesco PLC faced in global collaboration. The concept of communication and negotiation and cross cultural teamwork of Tesco is discussed in this report. The company has faced difficulty due to the adoption of new tactics that affected the suppliers and the employees were disrespected. The analyst of TESCO mainly focused on financial aspects than the cultural aspects different countries. The analysts are needed to consider the cultural aspects first in order to determine the problems and satisfy its customers and employees. The last part of the report is a brief discussion about the communication and collaboration of TESCO plc and how that can be enhanced.

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