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Health improvements are important for personal as well as social development as healthy population lives longer with greater amount of productivity and savings, hence, involving in the economic development. This development of healthcare system is due to the involvement of several new technologies, that has created the scope for more development and healthcare improvement in this sector. Using Information andCommunication Technologyin helathcare is one such technology using which the scope of helathcare related services has increased and patient and universalization of helathcare interventions has increased. Sri Lanka, being a developing country has several problems such as infrastructural, economic and management related issues that affect the proper distribution and holistic development of this sector. These difficulties and barriers primarily affecting the successful implementation and conduction of ICT or eHealth systems in the facilities.

The primary aim of this second phase assignment is to provide a detailed analysis of the implementation, designing and development of the Information and Communication Technology using several theories and lessons that can justify the adoption of the chosen technology. Further in this context, the strategies using which the barriers and problems identified in the scenario will be overcome and usage of different policies and practices while managing this situation will be discussed in the scenario.


It has been seen from the previous trends in the healthcare sector of Sri Lanka that information and communication technology is one of the fastest growing sectors that has spread its utilization from public and private organizations to the helathcare sector where it holds a major amount of importance as using this in helathcare helps the people by creating a record of people receiving helathcare and keeping other records safely so that while receiving care from any other healthcare facilities around the world they can access their information properly without any hesitation. This adaptation of eHealth or information and communication technology in Sri Lanka has created a wave in the helathcare sector and has also created several policies and guidelines using which, the helathcare sectors can uniformly use these facilities for the improvement of the helathcare sector. This guideline is names as the National eHealth Guidelines and Standards which aims to provide the population of the country with developed future ICT with compliance to the guidelines and improved service. These standards focuses mainly on the six aspects of helathcare facility proper development of eHealth architecture, ICT governance, Network and connectivity, communication interface, confidentiality and security and finally on the data communication related standard because these aspects are most crucial and in maximum cases works as a barrier to successful implementation of information and communication technology in helathcare sector of Sri Lanka. However, there are situations, due to which successful implementation and conduction of ICT n Sri Lankan helathcare sector is affected. This factors can be the lack of knowledge and training in the workforce, lack of available infrastructure and lack of proper economic orfinancial accountingsupport to make the entire healthcare facility come under one roof of information and communication technology in helathcare facility. This assignment therefore, targets to design and implement strategies to make the successful adoption of eHealth in helathcare facilities of the country.


The primary aim of this section will be to determine the processes andmarketing strategiesusing which barriers present in the successful implementation of these ICTs in helathcare facilities could be removed and then successful implementation of these healthcare technologies could be achieved. Secondary aim of this assignment will be implementing the SWOT theory to determine the barriers and enhancers while implementation of eHealth technologies in healthcare sector of Sri Lanka. Further, to understand the barriers and replacing them with the enhancers will be one of the important aim of this assignment.


The helathcare system of Sri Lanka is much more developed than many countries in the region and serves its citizen with the help of its developed helathcare strategies despite the presence of flaws and loopholes in the implementation specialist care and advanced procedures. These gaps identified, are the reason for several helathcare related issues such as medication error, improper drug delivery, irrelevant medication administration and most patient documents due to which helathcare facilities do not identify patient’s allergic or resistant medication related data, thereby affecting the helathcare system. In this situation, eHealth or information and communication technology can be emerged as one of the major.