HI6005 Taylorism Principle Editing and Proof Reading Services

HI6005 Taylorism Principle OZ Assignments

HI6005 Taylorism Principle Editing and Proof Reading Services

Week 1:

Executive summary

The week 1 used to describe control of organization through pertaining Taylorism principle in an organization. Australia, Europe, and American workers used to refuse this management technique with the implementation of new technology. Taylorism is applied in an organization to manage workers with the division of labor techniques and hierarchical approaches. Call center used to embrace this technique and assigned work to employees in a hierarchical manner where manager works at the top level and employees at a lower level (Lyon's, 2016).

Activity 1: Ford and Taylorism

According to Dininni (2017), Ford used to give scientific management theory which is applied in the management and leads to improve productivity. Scientific management is known as Taylorism that used to be applied to the workers of the organization to control labor with the labor division techniques. In this labor used to work in step by step process and work is separated among labors according to their skills and knowledge instead of managing work by one worker. Ford used to suggest hierarchical management where all managerial people are at the top level and employees are managed at a lower level. It leads to offer an effective lead and team workability in the business that enhances the productivity of the organization. Effective training and selection method is adopted in order to select high-performance work and offer high range salary to the high performer. Taylorism is not accepted by workers of America, Europe, and Australia and refuse to embrace Taylorism theory of Ford.

According to Lyon's, (2016), Taylorism is embraced in call centers where hierarchy is followed in the organizational environment and work is managed by the manager. Call center used to receive calls from the client and solve the query and calls are processed in three levels in a hierarchical manner. Leaders are there who used to assign the work to frontline employees and follow the division of labor technique in order to assign work at a different level to employees according to their qualification. The video clip illustrates about 100 years of history about scientific management principle which is used by the organization. Taylorism is used by the organization in recent scenarios in order to enhance the productivity of organization with the effective delegation of authority and work among employees. Taylorism principle used to improve the efficiency of business through embracing simple work techniques in the organization. Taylorism theory of Ford is adopted by many organizations and work in a hierarchy which leads to improving the capacity of employees through assigning them a task which they are skilled in (Dininni, 2017).


It has been concluded with the fact that Taylorism is an effective theory adopted by every organization in order to enhance the efficiency of the organization. This theory is refused by workers of America, Australia, and Europe as it believes that it is not fit for every employee in the organization and decreases their efficiency. Scientific management principle is adopted in recent scenarios in order to increase productivity.  Call center uses this principle of Ford in order to manage their business operation and process (Lyon's, 2016).


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Week 2:

Executive summary

Globalization is uniform and used to communicate with different cultures or values in the world. Hosted define national culture with its 6 dimension model and cross-culture used to support business for growth.

Activity 1- ‘Thomas Friedman on Globalization’

The Friedman used to define globalization in various stages and describe world as a flat where globalization used to communicate with different cultures and values. In the third phase of globalization company or country embraces unique ideas in order to connect with potential customers and competitors at global level. This era of globalization involves uniqueness that leads to empowering and enjoins Friedman which enables the individual to require and globalize them. Friedman used to give an iron rule which involves flattering the world. The level of globalization is uniform across the world with different cultures and advancement of technology (New Haven, 2017).

Activity 2: Pankaj Ghemawat on Globalisation

As per Ghemawat globalization is not uniform all over the world and world has not been flat. The view of Ghemawat influenced the ideas of globalization and it can be said that globalization is limited to a certain place. Globalization is increasing day by day with foreign investments, GDP ratios, and export or imports. American people have fear of foreign aids accounts for 30% of U.S. federal budget but the actual level is 1% which U.S. government commit to federal aids. Foreign aids are a most aid to poor people that are a most home-biased thing (Ghemawat, 2012).

Activity 3: Online tool to explore different countries' 5 dimensions by Hofstede

Accordingto Hofstede Insights (2017), Hofstede involves six different stages such as power distance, long-term orientation, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, indulgence, and masculinity which have been compared to the home country. It involves comparison of Australian culture to Indian culture with Hofstede culture dimensions. It is a 6 dimension which defines Australia is having 36 dimensions where all superiors are accessible and share information with employees and India have 77 which reflects that hierarchical culture is followed. I agreed with the survey results where Australian people are more individualistic and hold desire which lacks long-term orientation.

HI6005 Taylorism Principle OZ Assignments

Activity 4: ‘The myth of national culture'

It involves a description of myth based on four assumptions such as organizational culture, typical nation, program respondents, and questionnaires which are given by McSweeney against Hofstede cultural dimension model. I agree with the myth of national culture as it is correct with the recent scenarios such as organizational culture is different from nation and questionnaire is prepared for comparison. Hofstede illustrated national culture in better aspects with its 6 dimension model (Hofstede Insights, 2017).

Activity 5: ' Riding the waves of culture’

According to Tedx Talks (2013), in the recent scenario, organization work in a multicultural team which used to cause culture conflict due to cultural difference and dominating nature. Americans have dominating nature towards Asia and German people do not put their ideas on the table. The differences can be overcome through sharing thoughts and ideas on table and must accept each other. As per Trompennar, connecting with a different viewpoint is beneficial and creates culture diversified team.

Activity 6: ‘Building a cross-cultural web design for a wider audience’

Culture used to affect process and people of organization and leads to appeal different cultural audience. Cross culture leads to develop a relationship and must be applied in every organization (Arno, 2010).


Friedman states that globalization is uniform whereas Ghemawat discarded iron rule through supporting that world is not flat. Hofstede defines culture with its 6dimension and McSweeney made four assumptions. Cross culture is beneficial for business process. 


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Week 3:

Executive summary

Corporate culture and culture web used to influence a culture of an organization in order to improve the efficiency of a business. Culture varies with the different organization with their sets of rules and Toyota's corporate culture help in continuous innovation.

Activity 1: Corporate culture and strategy

According to Rick (2013), corporate culture involves organization culture that is embraced in a business environment in order to contribute to an effective environment. I experienced culture and culture clash at a workplace in an organization. Thai Airlines used to involve mix culture strategy and used to serve multicultural customers with multicultural staffs. It is necessary to adopt a hierarchical culture in order to overcome the social clash. Corporate culture and strategy are necessary to achieve business goals and its aim. Airlines must have to adopt strategic integrity in order to develop collaborative corporate culture.

Activity 2: Definition of culture

Culture may vary in every organization as there are different sets of rule and regulation must be followed in organization. Culture is the factor that leads to affect beliefs and opinion of peoples in an association. I used to believe that culture is the sum of values and rituals that lead to integrate member in an association. The national culture leads to influence culture of organization at a high level and manages the customer satisfaction strategy (Watkins, 2012).

Activity 3: Corporate culture instilled in HRM practices and customer satisfaction

Zappos used to offer low risk and stress to employees and even reward them when they opt way to quit in order hiring new employees to call centers. It is necessary to develop the culture-based company in order to improve the success and growth level of company. It deals with customer satisfaction that is a most important corporate culture in order to sustain in market and generate revenue. Corporate culture influences recruitment and selection in order to hire skilled and qualified labors (Harvard Business Review, 2012).

Activity 4: Toyota’s corporate culture and the problem of spreading its culture

According to Bloomberg (2012), the culture of Toyota is known for its innovation and used to consider workers as it most important resource to an organization. Toyota is one of the leading automobile companies that used to indulge in continuous improvement and innovations. It used to embrace the policy of effective and efficient quality management with the excellence approach. Toyota believes worker as a most important resource for a company that leads to helping in enhancing productivity of organization. It used to follow same sets of rule and culture in all plants over the world. Toyota involves different cultures such as:

1.Customer satisfaction

2.Improving outlines

3.Evaluating issues and resolving them

4.Dedicated towards continuous improvement

5.Motivation and rewards to employees

6.Tacking targets of organization

Activity 5: Cultural web and its use in practice (call center)

Culture web used to influence culture of organization with its 6 dimensions which are associated with each other. The six elements that culture web illustrates are stories, symbols, power structure, organizational culture, rituals and routines, and control system. Culture web model used to influence culture of organization and helps organization to comply with rituals or rules. It helps to build same culture all over business environment and drive suitable strategies to improve business efficiency (Change Factory, 2014).


Corporate culture used to play an important role in developing strategies and implementing innovation in the organization. It used to drive HRM practices and help in managing customer satisfaction through cultural web model.


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Week 4:

Executive summary

A structure used to drive strategy as the organization does not work well then it is difficult to formulate an effective strategy. Holacracy is effective traditional management that used to help in creating team-based culture. 

Activity 1: Structure and strategy

According to BCG (2017), organization is the essential dimension in order to grab competitive advantage in the market with an increase in strategy formulation reflected by the behavior of a member of organization. Organization deals with different conflicts and issues but it can be managed through implementing formulated strategy into process, structure, and systems of business. Strategy and structure of organization are interrelated as organization does not work well then it would not come up with effective strategy formulation. It is difficult to make decisions and develop a new strategy and recognizing market strategy due to many layers of operations and decision-making. It leads to becoming difficult to grab market opportunity as it involves loopholes in recognizing weak signals associated with market strategy and opportunity. Organization used to determine the ability of company to come up with new strategy formulation in order to grab market opportunities with the effective market strategies. Structure of organization must be strong enough in order to implement and support the strategy. Structure of organization must rely on the defined goals and priority of organization. In the recent scenarios, most of the business used to focus on goals of organization and must develop strategy to achieve that goal. A structure used to follow strategy in order to fulfill targets and goals of the business and for this case, it is necessary to reduce layers of hierarchy. Layers lead to deliver inefficient decision-making and strategy formulation (BCG, 2017).

Activity 2: Holacracy

According to Ferenstein (2014), Holacracy refers to the management skills which used to emphasize on experimentation. It is traditional management that leads to reflect flat management in order to run the business effectively. CEO used to play an important role in delegating the authority and roles to subordinates. Holacracy used to play a miscellaneous role in creating teams of workers with possible environment. It leads to force organization to define the work that is allocated to teams and helps in defining the roles or responsibilities of team members. It is best for the typical call center workers as Holacracy leads to force to assign duties and responsibility to each team member and manage corporate social responsibility.     It also leads forward to develop democratic decision –making. It helps in breakthrough success of organization and manages risk-happy for entrepreneurs. Holacracy forces organization to trust employees and energize roles and responsibility of employees. If organization used to oversight employees constantly then it proves to be the bureaucratic nightmare to the organization. In case of Zappos Holacracy used to produce effective designs such as risk-happy entrepreneurs. It involves political scientist where decisions are based on expertise than majority rules. The structure of Holacracy is based on experimentation that helps business to develop strategy and focus on achieving goals and sustains in market (Ferenstein, 2014).


It has been concluded that structure and strategy are interrelated which leads to helping organization in gaining competitive advantage in the market. Holacracy is effective management poses traditional hierarchy and forces organization to trust employees.


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Week 5:

Executive summary

In this week the assessment has been made in regards to the analysing of the pain and harm caused by the one human being on another human being. The human being may enforce various types of harms or stress such as physical, mental or emotional (Grief Tourist, 2009). In addition to this, the changes taking place in the human behavior and attitude is assessed and also its impact on the personal decision making of the human being is determined. In relation to the Soloman Asch and group conformity, this has been studied stating the different perspective of the human culture and behavior.

Activity 1- “The Milgram Experiment”

According to the experiment made the analysis of the amount of harm caused by the human being is accessed by the Social psychologist Stanley Milgram (Grief Tourist, 2009). The psychologist has experimented with the three personnel who are teacher, experimenter and the learner. The outcome of the experiment reflects that the people who are obedient as well as calm in nature are most caused harm by the other human being. As compared to the other group of people calm and obedient people are mostly affected by it. These people are torched legal, mentally, psychologically through the way of providing them stress and shock treatments (Gearin, 2012). The electric shocks have been provided to them in order to make them understand in such kind of situations.  The experiment has been done on both of the males as well as females (Gearin, 2012).

Activity 2: “Solomon Asch and Group Conformity”

As per my personal thoughts and opinions, my decision-making process is not always based on the objective process. Apart from the hard or raw facts or figures, there are some factors which influence my personal decision making i.e., feelings, attitudes, beliefs, values and many others that impact over the decision making. However, there are some of the situations in which the decisions made by me are highly dependent on the hard facts such as at the time of making sound investment and others like that. The reflection of the objective process also depends upon the situation that is being prevailed in the market (HeroicImaginationTV, 2012).

Yes, I agree with the statement that in case of working together with the group of members it necessary to agree and accept all the group norms and conditions. This is due to the social pressure created by the group members.

There are a lot of situational factors such as cultures, society, community or working environment that leads to exerting the members to change their mindset and opinion. It is so because of varying norms and trends prevailing in the society (HeroicImaginationTV, 2012).


From the above experiments and activities it has been revealed that the human behavior, attitudes lay great emphasis on the decision making process. Also, there are some of the external or situational factors that are influencing the appropriate decision making of the people.


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Week 6:

Executive summary

The respective week talks about the concept relating to the linear programming and its various approaches used for the effective and efficient decision-making process. The role of linear programming in the rational decision making is also determined under this week. Also, the limitations regarding the linear programming have also been discussed under it. Furthermore, the situations in which the linear programming is very useful for decision making is also analysed below. Through the evaluation of all these factors, the company and its employees are able to make off the sound decisions which are beneficial for in the long-run.

Activity 1: “Linear Programming Word Problem”

From the observation of the video, it has been analysed that there are certain ways of linear programming which helps in solving the complex or daily routine problems. It provides with an easy way and method using the two variables to solve the real-life problems or issues. With the help of such mathematical problem, one can get the instant and accurate result of the problem in an effective manner. On the other hand, the rational decision-making approach provides with the making of the rational decision as per the personal choice of the people. The rational decision making requires of the modeling method in which the linear programming plays an essential role. It provides with the framework, to solve out of the practical and real-life problems (PatrickJMT, 2010).

Apart from the benefits of the linear programming, there are some limitations to this also. The linear programming consists of the variables and complex functions which requires software and expert personnel. The people who are not having the appropriate knowledge or skills of this will not be able to operate it effectively. For the ordinary people, it would be a difficult situation. In case of applying more than two variables for solving of the complex problems, the accuracy of the results is not well defined or accurate. As it is the hard task and requires of a lot of time, energy, and resources.

The business environment is very wide and spread all over economy or others. It has many functions and the linear programming is useful for solving the problems relating to the engineering. There is many of the industry that makes use of the linear programming model or framework the list of which is as follows: transportation, manufacturing, telecommunication, energy, and many others. Also, the linear programming has shown accuracy in case of diverse problem solving during the planning, designing, scheduling, routing, and others (PatrickJMT, 2010).


On the basis of the above analysis, it has been revealed and observed that the linear programming is used by the organisations which are having the complex problems or issues. Many of the organisations belonging to certain industry make use of such in order to have the accurate and reliable results of it. Hence, the linear programming must be used by the organisations for achieving the goals effectively.


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