HLTEN508B Critical Thinking And Health Proof Reading Services

HLTEN508B Critical Thinking And Health OZ Assignment Help

HLTEN508B Critical Thinking And Health Proof Reading Services

Answer 1

1.Nurse have accessed the personal information of the complainant for the personal rivals and uploaded it on the public websites i.e. illegal according to Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. As the matter was disclosed it is known that the complainant and nurse were in relationship and due to a breakdown in relationship nurse performed such unauthorised activity (Lowrance, 2012).

2.An issue Lack of trust can be aroused due to such kind of activity which impacts the relationship between nurses and patients, and their families. Clients feel insecure and started hiding things that may be essential for the nurse to know for their treatment (Huston, 2013). 

Answer 2

It was the problem solving approach from the doctor as child denied to take the mediation and it was necessary to administer the mediation to the child as he was having high fever (Yoder-Wise, 2014).

Answer 3

The approach used by nurse is very creative and it clearly represents the creative thinking that nurse is trying to pamper a child to administer medication because it is essential for him (Parikh, Snee, and Schall, 2014).

Answer 4

It is clear indication that nurse is trying to ask to mother because she has right to choose the right treatment so it repress the critical thinking of the nurse at the particular point.

HLTEN508B Critical Thinking And Health OZ Assignment Help

Answer 5

Over the last decade Nursing in Australia has increased rapidly so for that Australian government has strengthened the primary care. Nursing has observed the numerous changes that includes changes in technology, researches, education, and many policies, now nurses is not only the caretaker to the team of healthcare but also carrying out many task which is ordered by physician (McSherry, and Douglas, 2011). The changes are occurred to provide high class facility and care to patient because nurses spend more time with client than doctor or physician so it is essential to provide them resources for the better care of patient. Nurses have so many different theories because these theories give sense of identity to nurses, which can further help to manager, patient, and health care professionals. These theories also help nurses to understand about their job role, purpose of the job, limitations, restriction, and give full information about their job responsibilities. For the entire nursing student this theories are very useful because it gives information about the career that they have been chosen, its fluidity, its vibrancy, and many more (Munyisia, et al, 2011).         

Answer 6

1.Nurses are responsible for the complete care of patient i.e. physical, emotional, social, economic so to satisfy the need of customer it is essential to ask them about their treatment and other condition as shown in this statement it is essential to ask them about the diagnosis and desired lifestyle to provide them better medication and care. It is necessary to adopt mind-body-spirit-environment-emotion approach while having communication with the client because it shows the intention of the nurse to care for the patient.        

2.The main issue i.e. facing by nurses is ethics and legal challenges when they become advocate for the client, they are frequently deal with this challenges. Nurses advocates clients and support them in such way so they can take right decision according to ethics and legal law, as ethics consist of hospital’s policy, people’s opinion, etiquette of hospitals etc. The main aim of ethics’ code is to recognize and asses the fundamental standard which further help to committed this profession but it troubles and confront the nurses (McSherry, and Douglas, 2011).

3.Apart from holistic approach of care person-centered approach is very important in nursing because it focus on personal needs, desires, and goals so they can be the center of the care. It simply means that putting patient’s needs on priority and taking further actions on the basis of that like preparing a care plan. All the approaches are necessary in the profession of nursing because everyone has their individual needs and desire and that can be satisfied by the common approach so that the different approaches are required.    

Answer 7

I have learned a lot about nursing profession and their practices through this unit of study such as code of ethics there are lots of standards are set up from the Australian government which has to be established during practices. Legislation that need to be considered during practices of nursing and various approaches of theories of nursing which explains the job role, description, etc about the profession which further helps professionals to establish better environment for the patients. In this case study issues related to nursing care are also described that helps to understand what kind of challenges a profession has to face and required skill for that situation i.e. the thinking should be appropriate for the situation, it may be creative, critical, and problem solving depends on the situation. This study gives the sense of identity of situation and how to respond according to it because it is essential to take appropriate decision at the time of critical situation. There are still various  things that are need to be learned like new trends and practices for providing better facility and quality care to the patients.            

Answer 8            

1.The two television shows that portray nurses and nursing are:

a.Nurse TV (since 2005)

b.Intensive Care unit (since 2010)

Yes, these shows are perfectly reflecting all the practices and duties of nurses and provide lot information about nursing care.

2. Yes, it is good because the primary objective of nursing is to provide a care to the patient and caring is the essential aspects in nursing because a culture of caring leads to the culture of curing itself. Nurses have powerful impact on patient’s lives because of intimate nature of nursing.  

3.Essential personal qualities of nurses are given below:

a.Excellent Communication skill

b.Must be emotional stable

c.At tentative nature

d.Problem solving skill

e. Physical endurance

f.Must be flexible and punctual

g.Empathy for pain

h.Responsive to problems.

i.Must respect others.  

Answer 9

1.Enrolled nurses can be justified on some standards listed below

a.Knowledge of common law, rules, and regulations.

b.Duty of care

c.Knowledge of organizational policies

d.Action toward ethical nursing codes

e.Critical thinking and care 

2. Consequences if the nurse in this/her shift doesn’t fulfill the requirement of client:

a.Patient care plan can be disturbed. 

b.There will be extra Work load in the next shift and this is unofficial behavior that can be trouble in future.      

3.Three services that should be provided to the nursing staff by human resource department :

a.Equal opportunity to everyone without any discrimination.

b.Safety at work and after work. 

c.Best policies for services like hygiene, catering etc.  

Answer 10

1.Once at mid night a patient who was 40 year old came to our organization was suffering from back pain and I had intuition that he was having stone so I have referred him to the doctor for further treatment. As treatment starts and went for the test, and as per result of the test stone was the reason of the back pain of the patient.      

2.Three ways that can  keep up to date are listed below:

a.Social media can be very important part for the information and latest trends, just follow or join groups or people on social media who are expert in the field of nursing and you can get the all latest update from there.

b.Apart from social media a person can use blogs and journals that can be very effective because there are numerous writers who continuously perform researches and upload the same.

c.If someone is not aware of the digitalization then various magazines are published i.e. weekly and monthly that can be used to get proper knowledge and information about nursing (Zerwekh, and Garneau, 2014).    

Answer 11

(Popil, 2011) Critical thinking is all about making choices and it analytical, judgmental, and selective in nature on the other creative thinking is thinning creative and listing fresh ideas evolved in mind and it is non-judgmental, generative, and expensive in nature. The mind is free if you are adopted creative thinking but in case of critical thinking mind is restricted to the specific situation and problem solving thinking is focus on the particular situation. Problem solving is the mental process that includes recognizing, analyzing and solving the problem which may be obstacle for the care and the solution should be for resolving the issue. Problem solving approach is required better understanding of particular situation and critical thinking requires understanding of our view regarding to the problem (Rubenfeld, and Scheffer, 2010).        


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