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Hospitality Industry is a wide industry within the service business which include lodging, theme parks, cruise line, transport, travelling and tourism industry. In my research project, I will concentrate on the issues affecting the Hospitality Industry. I will deal with emerging issues in the Hospitality Industry (Sakib, 2014).

Am choosing the topic on New Trends in hospitality; the hospitality industry is one of the industries which has emerging issues. Issues in this industry emerge daily even as the new trends in the industry come up. Some of the trends impacting the hospitality industry are;

I. Catering to millennials- Millennials are a people specifically of ages 18-34. The industry needs to define strategies based on age groups, personal behaviors and habits. People are different and they respond to occasions and season contrarily. For example, hotels need to work very hard to please their clients.

II. Tech explosion- Majority of clients are tech savvy who have become too reliant to technology. People are able to check everything on the internet. Each Hotel needs to make sure that their services are up to standard for them to survive the industry. Many service providers have adopted high-quality tech equipment and very knowledgeable staff for without this they won’t be able to cope with the industry.

III. Need for seamless technology- Complex connectivity platforms across devices have become important. Many industries have adopted even mobile-based technology which makes service to customers effective. Many guests all over the world are able to book services everywhere comfortably.

IV. New roles for staff- Many customers now prefer technology to human beings. They don’t mind even if they are served by a robot. This has enabled staff to focus on other roles.

V. Real-time damage contro-. In case of dissatisfaction, customers can respond easily making the hotels to respond quickly. Engaging with customers has become easy and maintaining customers is easy.

The relevance of emerging trends in hospitality is very important and they cannot be ignored. The trends span from service provision to change in technology. Tech issues have seemly impacted the hospitality department positively. The people in the industry are able to make profits from these businesses. New emerging trends in hospitality have enabled people to connect easily globally. This has made travelling easy. Quests can book accommodation easily everywhere in the world.

This is a broad topic to research on hence making a quality work. There are very many important things to be said and learned in this field. Many people in this field can make a lot of profits if they employ technology effectively. From my research, new trends in the hospitality industry have led to a great improvement in this industry. If any service provider in this industry does not employ the emergent trends then they are going to lag behind. For all service providers who employ technology, they will skyrocket in their business strategy. However, much technology has to develop in this industry.

Workplace codes of conduct are enforceable rules and measures that control industrial conduct. It defines workers and their consumer relationships. Each business has its own legal industrial requirements. In the hospitality industry, some of the codes of conduct expected from the workers are honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, loyalty and fairness to mention some (Yoo, Lee, & Bai, 2011). These codes control the industry internally and externally and any violation of any code is against the law. Every individual in the hospitality department is supposed to understand the codes of conduct which control him/her. This industry is very delicate to extend it deals with human health.

In my legalistic research, I was interested in workplace health and safety. Health and safety are among the most basic things required in a working place. Governments and institutions have legal measures which control their day to day activities. The government has requirements which it expects from the people with the hotel industry.

Sources of information on hospitality industry structure; my study is on Restaurant/café. A restaurant or a café is specialized in serving, preparing and cleaning food and beverages (Chen, & Hu, 2010). The foods include first foods and room service food. Restaurants and cafes are located in most places all over the world. If they are using technology people can access them easily from everywhere in the world. People are able to choose the class and the kind of restaurant/cafes they want. The internet acts as one of the major sources of information in the hospitality industry.

Source information on a trade union and an industry association; the trade union controlling restaurants and cafes in terms of food drink and grocery manufacturing is the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) (Whitney, 2009). This body can help business people to connect with others in the food and beverage industry. They provide business people with key information and current updates. In my research trade unions are very helpful in the hospitality industry. They help much in connecting and even looking for markets for the subscribed members. Trade unions give information regarding trade and all requirements and expectation of the market standards.

The current technology operating in my current working place is the use of mobile phones and cards. Accommodation services are accessible through mobile phones. Quests all over the world are able to book the services they require by even downloading apps in their phones. Doors of rooms are now being opened by cards. This technology has made work easy in accommodation services all over the world. Travellers are now no longer stressed when they want to travel (Law, Leung, & Buhalis, 2009).

The emerging Technology being used inhospitably industry and the most current is the use of robots to serve people in the catering systems. Systems are developed such that people no longer need to do some things. This has made staffs concentrate on human relations and services that need people physically.Network technology has made things easy for programmed robots are able to work faster than human beings. Automation of services in the industry has made thing easy too making businesses profitable.

In conclusion, the hospitality industry is one of the most improved industries in the world. The emerging issues and trends in the industry have contributed a lot to the people doing this business. However much need to be done in terms of improvement in technology to make the industry more efficient. Integrated systems between different service providers in this industry have to be developed.

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