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HRMT11011 Human Resource Management OZ Assignments

HRMT11011 Human Resource Management Proof Reading Services


This essay will be discussing the areas of recruitment. Recruitment is one of the HR practice and is important for the organizations to be performed as it provides many skilled and able employees which contributes towards the effectiveness of the business in many ways. Recruitment in the organizations is carried on as a process which is quite crucial and includes important decisions to be taken by the management. There are various trends according to which the recruitment is done within the organizations. Recruitment brings certain challenges for the organizations as well as the employees and various opportunities as well.

Recruitment refers to the process of hiring candidates for the job positions available in the organization. It includes the procedure of attracting the pool of candidates and applicants to apply for the job position and fill the vacancies with the candidates having required skills and abilities to handle the job activities. Organisations when recruiting the candidates for the business operations not only see the skills and talents that the candidate possesses but also the type of attitude as well as the social skills possessed by the candidate. The recruitment process is carried out on the internal and external level of the organization. The process of recruitment is wide and focuses on hiring the candidates with required skills and abilities to perform the job functions of the job positions. The pool of applicants is created by the organizations through the recruitment process (Searle & Dietz, 2012).

Recruitment is a vital process which is to be performed by the organizations of Australia for developing their business and competing in the highly competitive business environment. At a particular place and at the same time, recruitment applications are made available to the organizations for hiring the right kind of candidate suitable for the organization. Recruitment process provides the organizations with the best talented and skilled employees which develop the goodwill and image of the organizations with the help of their talent and abilities. Recruitment solves the issues and reduces the challenges which are faced by the organizations in terms of losing the employees during operation of the important and large projects by making the organization available to potential candidates in advance. This process provides a backup for the organisations when dealing in the large projects in future. The organisations are able to attain the goals as well as the objectives of the business with the help of employees having the right potential and skills to perform their jobs. This can be explained with the help of an example. BHP Billiton, an Australian organisation, with the effective performance of the employees has been achieving the set goals and objectives. Recruitment process is followed by a model and includes hiring of best suitable candidates which can be their good investments in terms of increasing the productivity and efficiency of the business (Sills, 2014).

HRMT11011 Human Resource Management OZ Assignments

Figure 1: Model of recruitment

Recruitment is an important function of the humanresource management and is quite important for the growth and development of the organization. Different companies follow different recruitment trends as per the needs and requirements of the business. Recruitment of employees is done in two ways i.e. internal as well as external. Selecting the employees from the organizations for the higher post is included in the internal recruitment. There are various forms of internal recruitment namely promotions, transferring the employee to the other branch, employee referrals etc. Promotions are the best form of internal recruitment as it builds up the morale and motivates the employees to perform their job functions. Internal recruitment trends are preferred by the companies as these methods provide the organizations with the employees which are already well known for the policies and systems of the organizations (Searle & Dietz, 2012).

HRMT11011 Human Resource Management OZ Assignments

Figure 2: Sources of recruitment

According toShafique (2012),recruitment trends can be of external methods too as most of the organizations prefer to recruit the employees from outside the organizations. They believe that recruiting employees through external methods can bring new talent to the organization. External recruiting methods include online portals, campus recruitments, outsourcing and many others. This method of recruitment attracts a pool of candidates towards the organization. Online portals are the most commonly used methods by the organization to hire the right candidate. These portals diversify the requirements of both, the employees and the organization. Online portals develop the online modes which connect the employees directly to the organization. This method is beneficial for the organization as it does not incur any costs and saves much time of the employer. This can be explained with the help of an example. McDonald’s require youngsters to work with them and serve the customers. They recruit and hire the employees through applications of snap chat in which the candidates need to specify the reason for how they are suitable for this job position and what talent and skills they possess. This is a 10 sec process of recruitment which saves the time of the organization and chooses the best among the pool of candidates (Shafique, 2012).

Campus recruitments include the hiring of individuals from the universities and colleges. This enables the organization to recruit employees from different departments and interest fields for its various business activities. Students get the jobs according to their interests and knowledge. Campus recruitment provides the organizations with fresh knowledge and talented candidates. This helps the organization to recruit the best candidates and improve the efficiency of the business. Outsourcing is the form of recruitment in which the candidates are hired through the third party recruitment agency. This method is also beneficial for the organizations as they get the filtered candidates through agencies according to the skills and knowledge they possess for the required job positions (Kumudha & Priyadarshini, 2014).

Recruitment brings challenges and issues to the organization. The HR manager and the management face a major challenge while the process of recruitment in terms of balancing a speed of recruitment and recruiting candidates with quality skills and talents. The process of recruitment is a time-consuming process carried on by the organization. They assure that the candidates recruited and selected for the organization are beneficial for the business and increase the productivity and efficiency of the business activities through their quality skills and talents. In order to be competitive in the market, the organizations need to improve the recruitment strategies which are a challenge for the organization when ineffective. There are several employment opportunities available in Australia which is beneficial for the employees but not for the organizations, as they face the fear of losing effective candidates and employees. Some of the organizations have less money allotted for the recruitment process which enables the organization to carry out the recruitment procedure on a small level. Due to this fewer candidates appear for applying for job positions and the organizations are not able to get the required skilled candidates for the vacant positions (Anand & Devi, 2016).

According toSills (2014),although recruitment is an essential function to be performed and includes various methods and sources, it brings many challenges which are to be faced by the organizations as well as the employees. The individuals across the world are facing heavy competition to gain the job positions according to the skills and abilities they have. The major challenge of recruitment for the employees is competing with the other candidates and getting the jobs of their interest. Today’s business environment demands highly skilled and knowledgeable employees to make the organization more efficient. As a result of which competent employees are given more preference than the averagely skilled candidates. This requirement brings many challenges and issues for most of the candidates. This can be explained with the help of the example. Westfarmers is an organization in Australia having 205000 employees. The employees working in such reputed organizations have certain value due to their skills and abilities which are useful for them in performing their job functions. Fewer individuals get a chance of working in large organizations due to their skills and talents. As a result of which large competition has arisen for the employees for being selected by the large organizations in the recruitment process (Sills, 2014).

The processof recruitment has opportunities for the organizations as well as the employees. Working in a reputed organization brings a lot of opportunities for the candidates. This can be explained with the help of an example. BHP Billiton is an Australian organization which provides better opportunities to the existing employees as well as the new joiners. Organisation’s employees get better opportunities with the help of promotions and transfers which motivates them to work harder and efficiently. Higher positions of the organization have many duties and responsibilities which when handled by the already working employees, will produce effective results and outcomes. The organizations are able to grow and develop with the help of the talented employees. Best and well-deserved candidates are recruited through the recruitment process which contributes effectively towards the success of the organizations (Hada & Gairola, 2015).


The above essay concludes that recruitment plays a vital role in the organization and is one of the important HR practice. Recruitment through effective methods enables the organization to hire right candidates on the right place with the right kind of attitude towards the job and the entire organization. It brings creative talent and ideas in the organization, which helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the business. Recruitment is beneficial for both, the employees and the organizations. Trends in recruitment are changing due to the changing business environment. The process of recruitment can be simplified with the help of technological advancements.


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