HSC1400 Australian Healthcare System Proof Reading Services

HSC1400 Australian Healthcare System Oz Assignment

HSC1400 Australian Healthcare System Proof Reading Services

In what ways, do you think an individual’s financial status affects their ability to access health resources?

Financial status is a factor that affects one’s ability to get quality treatment. While accessing health, one can choose to attend either a private or public hospital. Public relation hospitals are widely known for their low charges that are accompanied by poor services. On the other hand, private hospitals are considered prestigious, possess a high level of health resources and are subsequently very expensive (Brownson, 2017).

Outline the social determinants that you consider disadvantage people and create health inequalities.

1. Social gradient-This is the level at which one lies in the society with regards to their level of education and the level of education one has (Brownson, 2017). Where one has little education and comes from the lower class, the health will likely be poor.

2. Stress-Continued anxiety, social isolation, lack of adequate control over work and home issues and insecurity can lead to long-term stress that is damaging to the health.

3. Early life-Having to be a parent very early in life denies the person time for complete development. This puts people at risk of emotional functioning, improper physical development and emotional imbalance (Brownson, 2017).

Explain the health care issues and it's the impacts for healthcare delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

There is a high rate of poverty among the Aboriginal and Torres people. Subsequently, these people seek cheap primary health services that are insufficient.

There are increased rates of drug and substance abuse that lead to many health complications such as diabetes and vascular diseases.

The increased rates of ear and eye infection among the children impact the attainment of education and employment.

Identify one health issue facing people from a non-western country and discuss the factors that may impact on this health issue (consider culture, environment, resources etc.)

The high costs of obtaining health services is a major health issue that faces immigrants. Many immigrants often have low funding. Most of them worry that visiting the doctor will cost them a lot. Consequently, this leads to lower health status that is later presented at late stages. Lack of enough resources is a key cause of this organizationalbehavior. However, some of the non-residence have access to free medication and should, therefore, take advantage of this fact.

How would the role of the Enrolled nurse in the primary care setting be different from their role in the acute care setting? Within your answer discuss the members of the healthcare team who the Enrolled nurse would most likely be working alongside (75 words)

An enrolled nurse is a person who has completed a program that allows him/ her to work as a nurse. Enrolled nurses may be in possession of only a diploma and hence their scope of expertise is limited. There is minimal supervision when enrolled nurses are rendering services at primary care level as compared to when working in the acute care setting. Furthermore, enrolled nurses are only mandated to administer drugs if only they are qualified under the Board-approved education program. The supervision of a registered nurse in both cases is crucial if the nurse does not meet these requirements (Duckett & Willcox, 2015)

Discuss the principles and philosophical framework of primary health care. Within your answer explain how the principles of wellness can be incorporated into the nurses’ care (75 words).

WHO defines health as one being socialy, physically, and mentally well-being (Duckett & Willcox, 2015). This means one is free from any diseases while enjoying adequate social freedom. The three factors are crucial in the enjoyment of life. The social factor is related with regards to the social wellbeing of Bruce. The principle of wellness is inculcated in healthcare to ensure that one is able to attain a fulfilling healthy life. According to the principle of wellness, patients are actively involved in the pursuit of their well-being.


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