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In this essay, various aspects of recruitment will be discussed. Employees are the essence of the organizations. Recruitment refers to the process which includes finding as well as hiring the best candidate in terms of qualifications and experience. This process is carried out by the organizations in a very cost-effective manner and within less time duration. For recruitment of the potential employees, the employer needs to analyze and evaluate the job positions within the organization, attract a pool of candidates to apply for the job, select the right applicants, hire them and utilize their skills and abilities for enhancement of the business.

Recruitment is not only the process of selecting and hiring the employees having right potential but is also a process of analyzing the social skills which are required by the employees to work effectively within the organization. For being effective within the organization, the employees are required to have the right attitude and required skills as well as potential to perform its job functions. The recruitment process is carried on by the HR manager of the organizations and is done internally and externally and at times hired by the third party. The process of recruitment creates a link between the employers and the employees. The main aim of recruiting the employees through external sources is to attract a large number of applicants having talents and required skills to work within the organization (Adler & Ghiselli, 2015).

According to Chungyalpa & Karishma (2016), recruitment process plays a vital role in the growth of the organizations in Australia, as a result of which it is necessary to understand the importance of recruitment for the organizations.  When the recruitment process takes place in the organization, it provides a pool of talent to the organizations at a time and at one place. With the availability of a large number of candidates, organizations are able to choose the right candidate having appropriate skills and knowledge. This helps the organizations to recruit the employees which are required for the future projects instead of struggling at the last moment (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016).

Employee referrals enable the organizations to hire the right talent. Recruiting the right type of candidate helps the organization to effectively achieve the desired goals and objectives and grow on a rapid speed as the selected candidates have the potential to perform well and contribute towards the success of the organizations. Recruitment acts as the backup for the company as the company always faces the fear of candidate leaving the job in the mid of the project. This problem is solved by recruitment as organization recruits the employees and train them well to adjust to the environment. The process motivates the already working employees of the organization to work more effectively as they get the opportunity to develop and grow within the organization. Example: Woolworths Limited is the company in Australia which has experienced tremendous growth with the effective performance of the employees (Mamoon, 2013).

According to Maurer, (2017), recruitment creates a balance within the organizations as right kind of candidates is employed and all the business activities are performed effectively. It also enables the organizations to fill up the seats with right potential employees. Recruiting process helps in analyzing on how the company treats its employees, which would help in creating an image of the company in the market. Using advanced technology and sources saves much time and costs of the organizations. Loyal candidates are hired in the organizations which helps in developing an image and goodwill of the company in the market and due to their high productivity prove to be a good investment of the company (Maurer, 2017).

There are several trends that are followed by the organization for recruiting the employees for carrying on the business. There are mainly two types of recruitment methods namely internal and external. Internal recruitment trends include recruiting employees from within the organization. Internal promotions, transfers, and employee referrals are the most common recruitment trends on the internal basis. Internal recruitment trends prove to be much beneficial for the organization as they are familiar with the work and performances of the employees and in many other ways (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016).

There are external recruitments too which provide the organizations with talented employees. Outsourcing, advertisements, campus recruitments, internet portals and other sources are some of the external recruitment trends. External recruitment provides the organizations with a large number of candidates having skills and talent required for the designed job positions. Outsourcing is the most common form of recruitment which is used by the organizations. The outsourcing considers the needs of the organizations and recruits the best suitable employees for them. There are various advantages of outsourcing form of recruitment for the organizations. Employer of the organization does not plan for the recruitment of the potential employees in advance. It saves much time and costs for the organizations. Another trend or method prevailing in the organizations is e-recruitment. There are various portals through which the employers put the information about the job openings (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016).

Human Resource Management OZ Assignments

Figure 1: Recruitment methods

Campus recruitments include hiring candidates from the colleges as well as universities from different departments and fields. This enables the organizations to hire fresh knowledgeable candidates which can be beneficial for the business. Students also get better opportunities according to their acquired skills and qualifications. This method saves costs for the organizations. Internet sources include portals which creates a link between the employer and the employees through online modes. This is the most time saving and cost-effective method of recruitment and is the most common trend prevailing in the business environment to hire the effective employees. For example, snap chat is the application which is used by Mc Donald’s to attract a large number of youth candidates and be a part of the organization with the required skills and attitude. This includes a 10 sec process in which the employees are required to explain their suitability for the job position through snaplications. This simplifies the process of recruitment and enables the company to hire the best suitable candidate (Bansal, 2015).

Recruitment is a crucial process and includes various challenges. There are various challenges and issues that are faced in the field of recruitment by the employees as well as the organizations. In today’s fast-growing and developing environment, a huge competition prevails in the working environment. Employees are hired on the basis of the skills and knowledge they possess. Competition in the working environment creates a major challenge for the employees for being selected in the organization. Example: Commonwealth Bank of Australia is an organization which has the best employees. These employees have made the activities of the organization more effective and produced effective results. Less number of candidates gets a chance to work in such reputed organizations, as the company demands candidates with required talent, skills and knowledge candidates with right kind of attitude. This result in competition among the candidates and fewer people get the opportunity to get employed (Maurer, 2017).

According to Ekwoaba, et. al., (2015), Recruitment brings plenty of opportunities for the employees and the candidates. Taking Commonwealth Bank of Australia as an example, it provides great opportunities to the already working employees as well as new candidates to join the organization. Recruitment process of the organization motivates the already working employees to work more effectively and efficiently so as to gain promotions within the organization. This helps the company to fill the higher positions with the employees already working in the organization. This proves to be more beneficial for the employees as they work in the environment they are familiar with and are able to produce more efficient and effective results (Ekwoaba, et. al., 2015).

According to Mamoon, (2013), the organizations also face certain challenges due to the HR practice of recruitment. The main challenge faced by the organization in the recruitment process is maintaining a balance between the speed of recruiting and quality of recruited candidates. The organizations aim at hiring right candidates for the business but take time to ensure that the selected candidates are excellent in terms of quality and prove beneficial for the organization. The organization faces a problem with the out-dated and ineffective recruitment strategies when compared with the competitive organizations. It is difficult for the organizations to retain the employees for the longer time period in the growing job opportunities era. With the limited resources and limited budgets, the organizations are not able to carry on the process of recruitment on a large scale, as a result of which organizations are able to attract less number of candidates towards the job positions. Recruitment brings many growths and developmental opportunities for the organizations as well. It enables the company to hire the best candidate from among the pool of talented applicants and achieve the organizational goals. This enables the organization to succeed with the talented and skilled employees as well as create a backup for the organizational activities and operations (Mamoon, 2013).


From the above essay, it has been concluded that recruitment is one of the most important elements of the HR practice, as with the help of effective recruitment process the organizations are able to hire efficient and reliable employees which prove to be beneficial for the organizations. Effective recruitment brings efficient employees in the organizations which increase the productivity of the organizations. Recruitment is facing a major change in the organizations, as there are various different ways which are adopted by the organizations to recruit potential employees. Recruitment creates challenges as well as opportunities for the employees and organizations.


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