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The essay is presented in relation with High Performance Work System in which information related with various elements of high performance will be shared. The essay will comprise of in depth information related with the high performance work system which will help the organization to develop the strategies which will help it in maintaining high performance. Information related with the benefits that the organization will have with the performance management will be shared and challenges attached will also be taken into consideration. Relevant framework in relation with the performance management will be made with the help of this essay.

Body Of The Essay

Human Performance Work System is the process where human resource practices interact with the bundles of the human resource practices (Zgrzywa-Ziemak, 2015). Human resource management ensures that they should include all the practices which could help in maintaining the performance of the workforce so that they could ensure to provide quality at work. Quality is the most important aspects that are being focused upon by an organization, it is necessary that the company should ensure to bring quality in the work process so that it could maintain the high performance rate of the organization (Mucha, 2011). Human resource management of an organization ensures that it should avail the right combination of people, technology, and organizational structure which helps in making the full use of the organization’s resources and opportunities in achieving its targets and goals.

There are certain elements which help in the smooth functioning of the organization and help it to maintain the high performance work system, these elements are as follows:

Organizational structure is one of the element which helps in maintaining the decorum of the workplace (Idowu, 2016). It is required that a proper structure of the workplace should be formed so that company could able to manage all its work process in a proper way. It is required that all the employees at the workplace should have proper information of what to do and what not do. Roles and responsibilities of employees should be explained properly and information related with who has to inform whom should be availed so that employees could work properly and internal decorum of the workplace could be managed.

Human Resource Management OZ Assignment Help

Task design is another element that will help in enhancing the performance of the workplace. It is required that human resource management should develop a proper task design of which team will be doing which task so that work could be completed in a smooth manner (Amah, Nwuche and Chukwuigwe, 2013).

Training and development is another element that will help in managing the workplace performance. It is required that the organization will have to provide proper set of training to the employees. Training and development helps in grooming the employees. Proper set of information is delivered to the employees so that they could bring quality to the workplace. Human resource should try to provide proper set of training to the new hires and should organize the development programs so that employees could work properly and provide quality products and services to the organization (Zgrzywa-Ziemak, 2015).

Reward system helps in motivating the employees. It is required that the employees working at the workplace could remain motivated because motivated employees happy and if the employees working in the organization remain happy than the organizational environment became happy (Mucha, 2011). It is being analyzed that the organization which has a happy environment could perform effectively and could attain success in the market.

Information system should be effective; flow of information should be done in a proper manner so that employees could work properly. Effective flow of information is necessary for the organization. It is required that all the employees should remain informed and have the freedom to share their views and ideas which could make the internal process of the organization more smooth and effective (Idowu, 2016).

McDonalds is the organisation dealing in the food chain restaurant business in different parts of the world. Reason behind the success of the company is its structure and performance of the employees. Company has the policy to behave in the manner which is liked by the market in which it is located. This strategy of the company helps in enhancing its performance and helps it to attain competitive advantage in the market (Amah, Nwuche and Chukwuigwe, 2013).

Organisation have a proper system to manage the flow of information, organisation avails the opportunity to each and every employee to grow and groom within it only.

There are various other human resource policies which help in enhancing the organisational performance like:

Human resource policies and procedures which are developed by the human resource of the company have a positive impact on the organisational performance as these policies and procedures helps in maintaining the internal decorum of the organisation and ensures that the internal disputes could be reduced (Dhewanto and Sohal, 2014).

Job rotation helps in enhancing the performance of the employees. Organisations prefer to recruit people internally from one process to another and from one portfolio to another. This type of activity helps the employees to manage the work in the critical situation. Job rotation helps in managing the work at the peak time as all the employees have the knowledge of the work of other process which ensures that they could manage the same in the emergency situation. Such type of activity helps in maintaining the performance of the organisation (Collings, 2012).

Incentives are being provided by the organisation to maintain the performance of the employees. Incentives could be monetary or non monetary. Human resource management provide incentives to the best performing employees which helps them to remain motivated as well as encourage others to work hard. This creates an environment of competition among the employees which helps the organisation to enhance its performance and grow in the market.

Benefits of Organizational performance

Maintaining organizational performance is a beneficial factor for the organization as it provides better support to the workplace. Organizations could manage the uncertainty aspects in a proper by maintaining its performance.

Maintaining the organizational performance helps in reducing the staff turnover ratio, organization which performs better in the market is the result of its happy as well as healthy environment (Dhewanto and Sohal, 2014). When the organizations have the healthy environment then the employees working in it prefers to remain with that organization which results in reducing employee turnover ratio.

With the help of organizational management company could indulge in the cost control practices, employees working at the workplace prefers to perform the tasks with quality and ensures to manage the waste. Employees ensure to reduce the unnecessary expanses which help the organization to control cost in a proper way.

Maintaining proper information system ensures that the employees working should remain informed (Zgrzywa-Ziemak, 2015). This helps the workforce to complete the work in a more appropriate manner. Informed people works more effectively as they have proper set of information of what to do and what not to do. Such type of activities ensures that the company could sustain in the market.

It helps the company to attain competitive advantage. Organizational performance helps the company to maintain its goodwill in the market. Customers of the organization develop their trust with the organization which avails quality products and services to the company. It is required that company should maintain its quality and performance so that it could attain competitive advantage from the market (Kouhy, 2010).

Organizational performance helps in improving time management. Organizations could only perform better in the case in when they perform all the tasks and procedures in a proper time frame (Mucha, 2011). Appropriate planning is required so as to process the work on time. Completing the targets on time help the organization to develop new strategies which could help it to sustain in the market and attain competitive advantage (Idowu, 2016).

Challenges in the Application

A holistic analysis of the performance is being created, organization believes that the performance is all about analysing the performance and hence faces issues with developing the appropriate results which affect the decision making of the company.

Company indulges in forecasting so that it could gather the information related with the requirements which are required to manage the performance of the workplace. Forecasting does not guarantee success and could affect the process of the workplace. It is required that company should develop proper plans which could ensure to help the company to perform properly in the market (Amah, Nwuche and Chukwuigwe, 2013).

There are many aspects which are attached with performance of the company and a huge amount is required to be invested in the company. Training and development are the processes which required huge amount to be invested in. human resource management also requires huge investment which helps the employees to remain motivated. It is required that the company should make wise decisions in relation with performance because a huge amount is being invested to maintain the same.

Unfocused appraisal is another challenge that affects the organizational performance. It is required that the company appropriate decisions should be taken by the company in case of appraisals which are to be provided to the employees. Unfocused appraisals could directly affect the performance of the employees which could result in lowering down the performance of an organization (Dhewanto and Sohal, 2014).

Black box is another challenge for the organisational performance as it is the situation which affects the decision making of buyers. There are two sub components of buyer’s black box these are, buyer’s characteristics and buyer’s decision process. There are various characteristics like personal, social, cultural and psychological. For the organisation it becomes hard to bring changes in these characteristics of the buyer as they are the internal characteristics. Process of buyer’s decision making consists of zero problem recognition, zero information searches, and zero evaluation of alternatives and zero purchase decisions (Banks and Kepes, 2015). These things create the situation of black box for the organisation which has a direct impact on the strategies that are to be developed by the company. Organisations fails to create the strategies which could help it to provide the effective set of services to the customers due to which performance of the same gets affected.


Organizational performance plays a key role to sustain the future of the organization and analysing all the aspects related with the organizational performance of an organization it could be concluded that company should take appropriate steps to maintain its performance in the market. It could be recommended that company should focus on the challenges and develop the strategies which could help in removing the challenges and help the company to enhance its performance in a more effective way. Company should have proper training and development system because it will help in refining the knowledge of the employees which will provide the assurance that company could perform better in the market. With employee training and development it is also required that the company should have proper recruitment and selection process so that it could attract the talent which could bring new and innovative ideas. Talented and happy workforce is the key to success of the organization, it is required that the organization should indulge in the activities which could help in enhancing the performance of the employee because it will help the organization to process the work smoothly and achieve the targets and goals within the time period decided by the management.


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