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ICT703 Network Infrastructure Proof Reading Services


A cellular/mobile network is a communiqué network where the latter link is wireless. The interface is dispersed over land areas known as cells, each attended by at least one fixed-station transceiver, but more usually three base transceiver stations or cell puts or. These base stations offer the cell with the network exposure that can be used for voice transmission, data, and other content categories (Klein 2018). A cell naturally uses different frequencies sets from neighbouring cells, in avoiding interference and provide excellent service quality management within every cell.

Business operations

Network infrastructure

Network convergence and unified communications

For useful network capabilities, EZY-Books needs establishing a secure Local Area Network (LAN) where business will be performed more efficiently. With prices reducing and a growing variety of instant networks now accessible in computer stores, siting up a local area network (LAN) for the small business has not ever been cheaper or cooler. Most LANs will recompense for themselves even an open network can save EZY-Books time, money and lots of groundwork. LAN converts more useful with each supplementary user as the company develops, so will the significance of the network. EZY-Books in their operation level in the networking aspect will involve buying a server that typically entails an administrator and also server software (e.g., Microsoft Windows NT or Novell NetWare). A server is essentially a powerful computer handling the flow of information among all of the other workstations in the company’s network (Bhatt et al., 2014).

LAN types

Campus Area Network

The type of network appropriate employment by the company is Campus Area Network. The company having several buildings in the area of operations needs CAN as all those buildings need interconnection. The company may install routers as they perform healthier than switches when handling network traffic and preserving bandwidth for other submissions.

Metropolitan area network

This is type of LAN that covers a large geographical area. The company may decide to connect their offices in a particular city, and appropriate network type is MAN (Bryman and Bell, 2015).

System-Area Network

The company may utilize this type of network in transferring information/data requiring high speeds. According to Scarborough (2016) in curbing time barrier in most businesses the company may install SANs in their company that will connect different servers in different locations.

Cabling plan

ZY-Books Company requires campus backbone cabling in connecting branches and through data transmission. Campus cabling is the network segment that typically grants the designer and operator with the most choices, especially in big networks such as those in higher learning institutions and large industrial parks. The campus backbone also is classically the most controlled by such physical reflexions as duct availability, right-of-way, and physical barriers. Head offices and their secondary branches require active communication at all times to ensure the smooth flow of data and information. Thus the campus backbone type tend operating efficiently (Cummings, Hickey and Kinney 2017).

Wide area network connection

The fact that the head office and the branches are far apart in the distance, an extensive area network (WAN) is required in employment to ensure valuable connections. WANs are applied in connection local networks and other networks brands together so that operators and PCs in a single setting will interconnect with staffs/computers in other settings. Several wide area networks are constructed for a certain association and are secluded while others, assembled by service providers (Internet), provide acquaintances from an administration's local network to the Internet. Wide networks creation by EZY-Books will tend enhancement by application of leased lines where every leased streak end, a router joins the local network on one flank with another router within the LAN on the other. However these leased outlines can be very costly (Liang and Yu, 2015).

Networked services

Every business in operation should consider an aspect of network services to enhance improvement of their actual performance. Customers all over the world require ongoing supportive care from the company support system and this greatly enhanced by installations of network services. In computer interacting, a network service is a submission operating at the system application layer and beyond that offers information storage, management, exhibition, communication or other competence that often executed via a client-server or peer-to-peer structural design grounded on application layer network conventions (Morreale and Anderson, 2014)


E-Mail is a type of network EZY-Books should mostly consider as it enhances effective communication between the company support team and the clients in the market. It is a method of swapping messages between individuals by use of electronic devices. The company should employ Email capabilities as it is an important technique of business communication that is fast, inexpensive, available and easily simulated. Engaging email, the business will benefit from providing efficient and effective conducts for transmitting all types of electronic information.


An extranet is a secluded network that applies Internet technology and the communal telecommunication scheme to securely share a fragment of a business's material or operations with suppliers, sellers, partners, clients, or other productions. In enhancing proper data collection and new production methods. EZY-Books will apply extranet which is viewed as part of a corporation's intranet that is prolonged to users external out of the company. EZY –Books will be in a position of reducing the margin of error during transactions. Extranet will reduce the error margin, mainly when used to offer specific groups admittance to internal applications (Cordray et al., 2015). This could involve some aspect as simple as permitting customer’s access to their order antiquities, or something as composite as processing orders from suppliers and providers. Another element enhanced by extranet is flexibility. When the company applies extranet in making information and applications accessible to partners, customers, and consumers, everyone can function at the most convenient time and place. This self-serve method frees one from unnecessary conferences and phone tag, and it reduces costs associated with in-person information conversations. For instance, an extranet may permit support team to provide customer-service info outside of regular commercial hours.


Intranet aspect and expedient application are required in EZY –Books where it will be a private network aspect only accessible to the staffs of the company. Often, a wide variety of information and facilities are available on an establishment's internal intranet that is inaccessible to the public, distinct from the Internet. A company-wide intranet can institute an important focal socket of internal communiqué and collaboration, and deliver a single starting point to have internal and external possessions. The company team needs to share information and pass important aspect where they operate efficiently by assisting one another in their part. A study by Bryman and Bell (2015) states that when staffs are isolated among themselves and management, they tend to turn to a negative mentality which in turn reduces the overall production of the business. Social intranet software can halt down these barriers, by allowing direct, transparent exchange of ideas among staff and management where team members share ideas and productive feedback, and the managers can interrelate transparently with their staff. Through application intranet network, the company will be in a position to crowdsource info, identify trends, head off possible issues, and make healthier strategic decisions for the overall business (Christensen 2016).


In facilitating multimedia sessions of communication between the staffs and connections established EZY-Books may require Voice over internet protocol aspect since it will effectively enhance better communication. VoIP enhance will improve performance management since it is accessible on several PCs and other devices accessing internet.

Data processing facilities

Data storage solutions

Having capabilities of data storage solution is a vital aspect of business as they enhance proper and safety data storing aptitude. Company’s information should not be exposed to all public as there are individuals/business competitors who may maliciously use that info to destroy company image (Puente, Samdanis and Sayadi, 2016). EZY –Books should employ a form of distributed database that not all storage expedients are attached to a standard PC. It may be stowed in multiple computers, situated in the same corporeal location; or may be detached over a network of interrelated computers. Unlike parallel schemes, in that the processors are firmly coupled and constituted in a single database structure, a distributed database system contains loosely coupled situates sharing no physical mechanisms. Research of Lord and Washington (2018) states that distributed database will enhance improved performance in EZY-Books as data located near the site of high demand, and the database schemes are parallelized, permitting load on the databases to be well-adjusted among servers. (A high weight on one component of the database will not affect other elements of the catalog in a distributed database)

For proper business operation, EZY-Books should put in practice important aspect of the data center. The data center is an aptitude used to house computer structures and associated mechanisms, such as communications and storage systems. It usually includes redundant or hold-up components and substructure for power supply, data infrastructures connections, ecological controls, and numerous security strategies. The business currently is not performing well as sales representatives lack adequate information from the market. When the company installs data centre, sales representatives will operate as well as they will be in a position to acquire all information they require from the data centre. The research of Johannisson (2017) portrays that data centre is incorporated in the system where all stakeholders of the company will access the required information that in turn will improve and enhance smooth functioning of the business.

Data processing Model

Data models anticipated to improve the functioning of the business is Peer-to-peer (P2P) and client-server model. P2p in networking is a circulated application construction that partitions responsibilities or workloads among nodes and are equally honoured, equipotent contributors in the solicitation. This model enhances effective collaboration between the head office and the branches distributed in the country. The model makes sure that the head office and branches staffs are in a position to get accurate data from the particular location of operation (Loo, Mauri, and Ortiz, 2016).

Network services delivered by the company will enhance customer satisfaction. E-mail capability improves effective client base customer care where various information and queries are attended through e-mail between client and support team. The network services also portray efficient live chats that in turn will enhance customer satisfaction hence high-profit realization at the end.


In business, the competitive aspect is a must consideration where executives should enhance measures that add a competitive edge to their business. EZY-Books should improve future network infrastructure since it will portray a wide range of possibility to prime advantage over their competitors in the market (Rost et al., 2016).


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