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Background of field attachment

(Name of your institution) is a public commissioned institution of higher education that provides engineering courses with pertinent training.To get the Undergraduate Degree necessity at (your University’s name), engineering scholars ought to proceed on internships for a minimum of twelve weeks field. The internship offers understandingto the engineering scholars to hands-on practice and offer the student a chance to practice the skills learnt in the institution of higher education.1.1 Objectives of the field attachment

The resolution of an industrial internship at (name of your institution) is to expose the engineering scholar to practical experience and offer the scholar a chance to practice the expertise learnt in the institution of higher education. The campus attributes great significance to the real-world exercise and it accounts to the award of the Undergraduate’s degree. In addition, it functions as a connection amongst the scholars and a number of pertinent industries who consumer behaviour services and/or products offered.

Background of the organization

(Name of the company), Construction Ltd. is an Intercontinental company. The company was started in Australia in 2008 as supervisory project executives and engineers. This company play a part in infrastructure growth, construction works, civil engineering and electrical mechanical areas not only in these but also in rail line, bridge, and solar scheme. For any most significant development, this establishment provides a wide-ranging and superiority diversity of expertise to assess the projects.

Capacities of this industry are Project Building and development. The choice of the project is precise by implementation and execution of engineering practices and as per customer necessities and favorites, they articulate a budget. To evaluate the various procedures of building of infrastructure by executing practical and ecological readings and to recommend the unmatched design to the client. When there is a vague situation they provide framework and procedure for sensible decision making.

The management director of (name of the company), Construction Ltd. is known as Mr. (name), He holds a bachelor degree and Masters of Management too from NSW. Moreover, Mr. (name) pursued MASCE. (USA) Chartered Professional Engineer and Fellow associate of The Institution of Engineers, Australia over 30 years of knowledge in Structural Design and High-ranking Project Director.

Reporting Date 

The industrial attachment commenced on of December 2017 at (name of the company), Construction Ltd in Thindigua construction site. The development is purposed to build residential apartments. The University internship letter and insurance cover were submitted to the director for records. Since the site had started I was allocated a small task as well keep erudition from other events by asking questions or simply observations. I was offered with the company’s Rules and regulations and code of practice. I was presented with (name of the company), Construction Ltd occupational Health and safety plans to acquaint myself. I was also given logins credentials to the company’s website to go through the completed projects and upcoming projects.

Section of the company worked

Tasks were assigned at Thindigua construction site in Sydney. The tasks involved supervision of the tendering of the upcoming projects, construction works, learning and taking part in the site meetings.

 Flow in the section

In order to work effortlessly and increase operational flow, the below protocol was implemented.

Site Engineer

A site engineer provides supervision in the planning, co-ordination and instruction of technical features of construction ventures. A site engineer's starring role is critical to a building project: they play a part in several accountabilities encompassing resolving practical issues, providing advice, framing reports, appraising design and supervision building progress.

Project Manager

A Project Manager is dedicated in the turf of Management. Project managers have the liability of the programming, procurement of resources and execution of a project, in any ground of engineering.

Site agent

A site agent is a member of amenity provider in a building site. He/ She oversees the general building works. The site agent executes the survey works, read out and interprets the engineering drawings and gives directions to the foreman.


A foreman is a skilled supervisor responsible working with site engineer, the contractor, the project manager and the client. The main task is to employ skilled workers for definite work and the laborers. The foreman focuses in overall management of all activities on site for timely project completion.

Masons and laborers.

The group encompasses of masons, carpenters, steel fixers and daily laborers and are out sourced by foreman and work under strict instructions.

Areas explored during the attachment

Evaluation and interpretation of engineering drawings.

Engineering drawings are graphical lingos utilized by engineers and other mechanical personnel linked with the production line of duty. The tenacity of engineering drawing is to guide in detail the conceptions and facts required for the building. Engineering drawings presented in the Thindigua building site includes; Structural, Electrical installation and plumbing drawings. The site engineer offered support in reading and interpretation of the engineering drawings. This task was executed in the course of the building of the columns, beams and slabs. The drawings assisted in steel fixing, a critical stage in the course of building of the structure.

General Tendering

(Name of the company) on a regular basis bids for developments. Although I was not used to tendering, the development manager got keen consideration in overseeing out needed backing to grasp conception of e-tendering. There after I enthusiastically was engaged in tendering process of the forthcoming development in conjunction with other senior Quantity surveyors of the company. Later then, I prepared questionnaire regarding design, timely supply and scope of work. In addition, I showed up on the meeting with noticeable corporations where the congress briefed about the bidding process and stuffs to be contained within the lodging tendering.


Excavation is the utmost significant segment of building. It symbolizes to the art of getting rid of soil or rock from its initial position, usually in preparation for building footings, basements, and concealed amenity lines. Excavated soil necessary for backfill and the grouping fill is stock up on the site for later use. The unwanted soil was removed from the construction site.

Excavation works were executed by the workers under the direction of the site agent. The distance of the base was decided by the engineer in the site after the examination of the kind of soil. The depth of the underground tank was 3350mm.

Concrete formwork and concrete works.

Concrete formwork is a lesser building, utilized as a mold for a building. Fresh concrete is triggered to flow into the mold and set in the necessary shape and size. The formwork organizational structure is removed when the concrete, fortifies and gains acceptable métier. In Thindigua building site, formworks were placed by use of both steel sheets and timber sheets.I was actively engaged in the supervision of erection of the form work to ensure there are no flaws. The size of the formwork is governed by on the size of the structural elements such as beams, columns and slabs. Formworks were erected using plumb bob, try square and spirit levels for accuracy.

Figure 2.18.1: concreteform work

Concrete is a uniform mixture of cement, sand, ballast and water at a constant rate. Fresh concrete is malleable and is able to be moulded easily into whichever shape. Concrete utilized in forming structural components was class 25 (Ratio 1:2:4) 1 bag of cement, 2bags of sand and 4 bags of ballast and coarse aggregate. The mix was prepared using a concrete mixer and transported using cranes, steel basins and wheelbarrows.

Steel fixing

Concrete is significant weaker in tension than in compression. Its ductile strength is roughly 15% of its compressive métier. This means that concrete is generally cast-off in amalgamation with steel strengthening that offers the tensile strength in concrete member. The flawless unification between steel and concrete is owed to the thermal increase of both constituents being the same.

Figure 2.19.1: Foundations, floor slab, beams and columns reinforcement steel bars..

Masonry work

Masonry are works that are performed by laying building units such as stone, brick and mortar as the binding material. Supervision of laying masonry was done to confirm that the mortar was in the necessary ratio and the wall was at the requisite level. Distribution wires were positioned at alternate courses to guarantee even circulation of stresses in the wall.

Site Inspection and site meetings.

During the whole period of the internship, I was present in site meetings and was engaged in site inspection exercises. The site meeting were intended to update the customer on the headway of the development, analysis of the timelines and project assessments. I was engaged in drafting of site progress reports. The site inspection exercises were executed to guarantee that the project was being embarked on as per the stipulated requirements as per the Engineering drawings. These practices equipped me with communication and interrelation skills of the field work.

benefits and challenges

Benefits to Students. The internship seek to offer students a practical version of the theory they have been learnt in class. It has also got distinct value of liaising the institution of higher education to the businesses, hence enhancing the employment chances of the scholars in the university. Through this attachment, I have created a good interpersonal relationship through my collaboration with my supervisors and coworkers. This has aided me to interrelate self-assuredly with people regardless of the position. Industrial internship has presented many benefits in relation to real time situation. At the end of internship, I evolved a lot and was able to put on well-educated subject into real-world scenario. Though it was problematic to work under pressure. My supervisor held me to tackle tasks in a suitable and resulted to best solutions. On the other hand, upgraded great ability towards conveying and communicating in a way acknowledgeable by the customer. There by, reviewed the communications skills that I learnt from unit Professional practice and communication.

Experience Through my attachment, I have gained some new experiences in the construction industry. I have also learnt construction workers are struggling their daily tasks which has aided me to improve on my social life through interaction with construction workers either working under pressure with or without.

Moral education. Working in the company wide-opened me to several learning environment or conditions. It has thereby indoctrinated in me compassion for the poor and most of all the will to acquire myself from refining my practical knowledge.

Linkage with professionals in your field, for references and future employment opportunities.

It’s all about who you know. As a student intern, you are delimited by professionals in the industry that you are in quest of access to. It’s more than just about getting a grade, earning credit, or making money. This gave me an opportunity to learn from everyone around me, ask questions, and impress them with my interest



1. Drastic Weather changes disturbing the aims of the day
2. Shortage of information in some portion of work at the site.
3. Substandard answers for questions from building workers
4. Inadequate safety requirements hence prone to hazards.
5. Working under high conditions pressure.

Conclusion and recommendation


The internship was fruitful despite the encounters faced. Hypothetical skills well-read in class were put into in the building site. Immense experience was efficaciously acquired in the course of the internship. Expertise such as setting out, reading and interpretation of drawings, general tendering and management were learnt all through. I was able to attain high level of confidence to cope with problems that arise in a construction site.

In general, the industrial internship was helpful to me in comprehending all engineering expertise applicable to civil engineering. Moreover, it heightened the aptitude of scholarly and managing. On the other hand, internship helped to advance great experience in surveying and Civil works.


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