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For any kind of business in the world the influence of the environmental laws of different countries is pretty great and can be seen in the various approaches they use to overcome the environmental management. Different countries have different environmental laws and policies that affect the organizations differently. Today the companies are performing their operations that don’t disturb the environment much and supports the safety of nature. Hence, there are both positive and negative impacts of the environment policies which is described herein the essay in the context of two countries; Australia and the USA.

Strict And Weak Environmental Laws Of The Countries And Their Impact On The Businesses

For operating the business in various countries, the laws related to the environmental safety and protections have many positive as well as negative consequences. In the USA there are numerous laws that are imposed on the businesses of the country and it is alleged that the laws of US have a bad impact on the overall economy of the businesses and the country. These federal laws deal with protecting the environment and the health of the people of the country. The different laws that are imposed by the government are Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), Endangered Species Act, The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) etc. These laws for the safety of the environment affects the business majorly in their operations and eventually affects the economic system (Cullingworth and Caves, 2013).

Another example of the country where the businesses majorly affected by the environmental laws in Australia. The major environmental legislation in the Australia is the Environment Protection Act 1997, Guidelines for the business and industries, Environmental Assessment Act 1982 etc. Generally, the laws for running the business in Australia are beneficial for both the businesses and the environment at the same time (Thampapillai and Sinden, 2013). But this is not the case with the US policies and laws, it is the perception in the US that the laws force the companies to flee for more accommodating countries.

The United States of America

With respect to the US, the view that the environmental laws and policies seriously harms the economic systems of the companies and the country is so strongly settled in the mind of the people and has become the centrepiece in the performance of the organizations. the country spends the considerably large amount on the environmental protection but not much as compared to the health care and the defence of the country. Secondly, the country gains huge amounts from the environment protection and pollution control, and hence there is no evidence that the regulations enforce large plant closure and job loss in the organizations. These laws not even impact the competitiveness of the companies of forcing them to move to other nations. Here it is said that the environmental laws and policies are too expensive and leads to the reduction in the economy (Cantwell, et al. 2010). The companies that are running their business in the United States are of course forced for following the environmental protection acts but this is not implemented to harm their business in any sense. The government of the US is very keen to make their country the best for performing the business activities and related operations.

Analysing the impact of the environmental laws on the business can be seen majorly on the waste management and the protection of the ecosystem in which they operate. The government authorities that monitor the businesses of the people try to make the best policies for them and make them relevant and acceptable for their business. The main motive is to attain a healthy and safe environment for the people of US. The fact that the population of US consists of the big percentage of people from different countries, so it is being difficult for the government to impose policies that hinder them regarding the protection of the environment. The government of US have many policies and laws for the protection of the environment, sometimes these laws benefit the businesses and the operations, but this is not a permanent case. The implications of such policies lead to increasing the costs of the various activities of the company and this is one of the most important issues of the business persons. The increase in the costing of the company forces them to increase the price of the products and the salary of the employees. Following various environmental laws in the organizations is another thing and maintaining that is different. The environmental laws in the US, majorly influence the price of the products and services and hence the inflation in the country rapidly spreads (Jörgens, 2012).

International Business Concepts OZ Assignments

In context of the environmental laws, sometimes the laws are weak and sometimes are strict, the strict laws gave some complexities while the weak laws gave profit to the companies but there is a need to maintain strict laws regarding the safety of environment so that the operations can be performed without any kind of harm to the surroundings. Being one of the major countries in the world US government and the legislative bodies make sure the safety of the environment. Another impact of these environmental laws is the complexities of the routine operations of the business because maintaining and managing the laws becomes a prior duty which delays the other major works sometimes. The waste management, use of safe drinking water and relevant use of the resources of the nation are some issues that are also considered in this. The laws to use the resources and then the sustainable development of the raw materials with no or very low emissions is becoming a necessity for the businesses. Finally, it can be said that the policies of the US government regarding the protection of the environment from the various activities of the business operations in the country influence the business mostly in the positive ways and the views that are alleged are totally untrue.


At the same time, another country in which the business activities are affected by the environmental laws in Australia. The country is well known for its beautiful nature and this is maintained through the strict and well-managed laws the for environment.  The laws of the country are made according to the needs of the businesses in the country. The government itself implements many activities that help the businesses like the generation of solar energy, waste management, proper use and distribution of the resources for the businesses. The country is known for its valued laws for the business that gives them more and more opportunities to grow (Glasson, et al. 2013).

The influence of the environmental laws on the organizations of Australia is mostly positive and there is almost no worry for operating business. The people in the Australia run their business effectively and efficiently without any kind of harm to the environment and dismantling the laws.

Mostly there are problems for the new enterprises and the businesses of the other countries. In this case, the international businesses in Australia have to follow some other strict actions to maintain the safety of the environment and the resources of the country. Because of the strict actions from starting the country has gained an effective and beneficial competitive advantage. The country has a vast and diverse flora and fauna which has to be protected, the conservation of the marine ecosystem because whole Australia is covered with waters at the borders, invasive species (Epstein and Buhovac, 2014). Government bodies make sure the proper use of the laws and run the business appropriately. Overall it can be said that the laws regarding the safety of the environment are strict but to the due proper management of the government, the policies don’t affect the business negatively infect give more opportunities and benefits to the companies. This type of critical management of the policies by the businesses and the strictness by the government provides best results and help the business to grow globally.


The implications of the various environmental laws and policies on any kind of business are vast. The countries like the Us and Australia try to manage the laws so that they can protect their environment as well as give benefits to the businesses. The laws are sometimes weak for the organizations and the country while sometimes they are very strict that influence the overall economy of the country but gave better results the for the environment. This essay shows the influence of the environmental policies of the two countries the US and the Australia on the business operations in the respective countries. In addition to this, the essay describes the beneficial role of the environmental laws in the overall country’s economy and the business activities successfully.


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