ITC505 Project Management Editing and Proof Reading Services

ITC505 Project Management Assignment Solution

ITC505 Project Management Editing and Proof Reading Services

Project overview:-

This venture is to build up an online cash market place platform named I-crop. Globex Corporation which will be composed by Virtucon Consultancy. Globex Corporation is a dependable customer of Virtucon which was established in 2013 by taking an interest of two major territorial business, Riverina Precision Farming, and B T and Sons Farming Equipment. It is located in three areas: Albury, Griffith and Wagga in the Riverina Region of NSW.Currently, Globex has effectively opened another branch at Orange to give better offices to satisfy the requests of the many stud Farms in the region. Globex endeavors to convey high caliber, solid horticultural arrangements and give best cost to the agriculturists and purchasers.

Project description:-

Our group is building up a platform called I-crop, which will be totally new framework and won't supplant any current framework. I-crop will be a site and application in house that will endeavor to give the arrangement on time as inexpensively as conceivable by meeting venture prerequisites. It will include benefit for Globex customer who develop and buy grains. Additionally, it will unite cultivators and purchasers in a solitary stage. Also, purchasing and offering warehoused grains will be simple and advantageous to oversee. I-crop will give the simple UI and portable empowered stage, which permits simple household and fare get to circumstances.

Team charter

Skills and Knowledge inventory:-

Our group members have numerous skills and knowledge. In our group, one member comes from financial background and other member has a good knowledge ofcustomer serviceand documentation skills. The first meeting was about the determining the objectives of the project and assign the task according to their knowledge and skills. The skills and knowledge of our team mates are listed below.

The overall goal of our teamareas follows:- finish the project within the given period of time

2.carry out the project by tracing our uses and know where the money is going. keep the project’s quality at the same level by keeping its deadlines throughout the projects. finish the project by proper guidelines by satisfying customer’s want, which is also simply done by completing the project as customer really wanted.

5.Project should be done on best way with enough information we have.

Roles andresponsibilities :-

In a project, each and every team member should have their equal roles and responsibilities to finish the project. So, in our project, team members have their own qualities to assign different roles and responsibilities in order to complete the project in a proper way. So, here are the roles and responsibilities of our team members:

1.Planning, monitoring, preparing, maintaining all the project roles in systematic manner.

2.arranging every one of the gatherings, imparting and giving all the data to each gathering individuals.

3.reporting group advancement and exercises to key partners, arranging and dealing with the undertaking and conveying the task on time inside spending plan. with money related model and guaging our business thought

5.calculating all the cost required finishing this task and how benefits will be earned from this venture.

6.prepare money related proclamations, reports of business movement and gauge.

7.Create and document software tools required by artists or other developers.

8.Contribute to technical design documentation.

9.Managing security issues while doing team work.

10.Time to time connection with venture chief about the undertaking.

11.Quickly produce well-organized, optimized, and documented source code.

12.Documentation about the client rules and responsibilities.

Team communication:-

For the gathering correspondence reason, we have made two social occasions, one is on the Viber for educating and sorting out get-togethers, however Facebook assemble is utilized for sharing records and documentations. With respect to the very close assembling, we leadsocial workoccasions after the class in library which will be more natural and fruitful for talk and urges in smoothing motivation to achieve our errand successfully[ CITATION Pin17 \l 3081 ].

Team Rules andExpectations :-

Filling in as a group has numerous advantages, we can without much of a stretch tackle numerous issues which emerges while working alone. In cooperation, we can share our thoughts and information keeping in mind the end goal to finish the venture. While, there are a few disadvantages of working in a group, for example, misconception and unequal inclusion and commitment of colleague.

Teamvalue :-

1.The learning and abilities ought to be shared among colleagues.
2.Involvement of every part in basic leadership and critical thinking
3.Completion of allocated work inside given time period.
4.The focal point of the group ought to be on clients.
5.The venture designs and standards must be trailed by each colleague.
6.Each part should work genuinely and there ought to be group reconciliation.

Code ofethics :-

As this undertaking is done in gathering, every last part ought to take part in all exercises viably and finish the apportioned assignment. For the effective finishing of the undertaking, there ought to be appropriate task arranging, correspondence of gathering part, sharing of learning and data among the colleague[ CITATION Geo10 \l 3081 ]. What's more, finally, gathering should center around customers necessities.

Rules andexpectations :-

1.All the colleagues ought to give their contact subtle elements.
2.Every pivotal choice ought to be made after the assention of every part.
3.There should me nearness of every part in group gatherings.
4.Each part ought to achieve their appointed assignment.
5.Meeting place,time,location ought to be finished by all individuals.

Stakeholder name

Information to be shared

Frequency of information exchange

Location of information exchange

Purpose of communication

Mechanism for communication

Hardcopy, pdf, ppt, word, email, etc







Virtucon Consultancy and Globex Corporation

-updating the project report



Meeting hall

To know, how the project is going on.



Team Members

-develop and design project

-Exchange of ideas and information


Meeting hall

To exchange ideas of each other and develop confident level.



- Project budgeting

- Reporting



Report should be sent monthly to know about budget.



- use the product

- provide feedbacks


Face to face

To know about the products quality.


Project manager

- project planning

-provide required resources.



Know about the proper resources


IT manager (Paul Smyth)

- completing projects

- developers on diverse projects



In order to complete projects and to know the idea of project.


In this project, we understand about the team work. Working in a group is the form of different members which will benefit from cooperative learning, that enhances the total output of the activity than when done individually. I am extremely glad as I have other two individuals who have diverse aptitudes and learning. Being a project manager, I helped in planning, procurement and execution of projects[ CITATION Pet17 \l 3081 ]. As a project manager, I am a first purpose of contact for any issues or errors emerging from inside the heads of different offices in an association before the issue heightens to higher specialists.

While doing this project, I have to lead my team members in different way. In that period, I know about leadership quality and how important is it, while doing project. A pioneer is somebody who sets up a reasonable vision, and after that aides their group towards that vision by engaging them and training them to enormity[ CITATION McG12 \l 3081 ]. The abilities that it takes to be a decent leader are incredible correspondence, regard, energy, being sharp witted, and being a mentor. Some of the qualities of a successful leader are:

1.Honesty and integrity are two important ingredients which make a good leader. 
2.Communication is very important to deal with each other.
3.Should think positive and this positive approach should be visible through your actions.

Being a project manager, I understand many things and I teach many things to my team members. During this project, I understand many ways to solve the problems and I developed qualities in myself[ CITATION Ele17 \l 3081 ]. The qualities that I developed while doing this project are as follows:

1.Organise the tasks in the right order to hit the right outcome.
2.Find the right person to do the work in right time.
3.Things go wrong on projects, so project manager can make plan for it to reduce the risk.
4.Use spreadsheet application and develop confident level.
5.Management of Team.


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