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LAW101 Business Law Proof Reading Service


The given assignment explains the role of Judges in the court room. It really takes huge efforts and time for a Judge to solve a given dispute. Apart from keeping in mind all the evidence, emphasis is also given on the past Landmark cases. The role of Judges is the most important while making a decree. The aspects related to their respect and the decorum of the court has also been examined.(Groppi and Ponthoreau,2013)

LAW101 Business Law Assignment Help


The courts have always been neutral when it comes to making decisions. It all depends upon the fairness of the case on which a decree is given by the Judge. Judges keep in mind all the Laws related to the given case and follow accordingly upon it. The facts need to be clear, transparent and precise to bring the legality aspects in it. It is the duty of the Judges to be Neutral in the case and make results only after getting the required evidences. The information, data, proofs, etc. are all the elements of evidence which are considered by the Judges while making a decree.

It is the duty of the Petitioners, attorney and all the members of the Court Room to maintain its decorum towards the Judges. The respect to the Judge and the court room is the first thing and only after that other things come. It is the right of the Judge to debar any person who disrespects him or the court by any means. Only the specific information should be provided through correct means and in the appropriate time period. All the proceedings must be heard with due diligence and the intention of correctness is must in the court room. Moreover, a court room is the place of Justice which should be given the due respect by everyone. Even in case of heavy arguments, care should be taken that the decorum of the Court is maintained.(Flanagan and Ahern,2011)

It is the duty of the Judge to justify the fairness of the case through different evidences, documents, arguments, etc. While providing justice, it is not easy for a Judge to come to a conclusion. At the time of proceedings, people who act as evidence are given a chance to express their perception of the given case. The skills come with experience and knowledge in the court of law.  Judges ask questions from the participants who give evidence understanding their point of the story to bring clarity in the case law. The tone and language used in the court room must always be polite and kind to maintain its dignity by one and all. Moreover, the use of abusive language must always be avoided to avoid any harsh penalties. The language must be simple and appropriate along with the required facial expressions.

It all depends upon the facts of the case which ends up with the decree in a given case. Different Judge gives different decisions regarding a case law. However, at the time of presenting a case, every party feels that they will win the case. Presenting a law suit doesn’t justify the skills of any Judge and does not speak anything regarding the truth. As per the facts given, every Solicitor makes efforts to have a positive result and ensures confidence to the party to believe in its fairness.(Rothwell et al.,2010)


The role of Judges is becoming more important with the pending number of cases in the country. It is the primary duty of the Judge to enhance all the documents, evidence, etc. of the given case and order the appropriate decision. The observations made by the Judges help in the proper decision making.


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