Marketing Analysis on Mcdonald's Proof Reading and Editing Services

Marketing Analysis on Mcdonald's Oz Assignments

Marketing Analysis on Mcdonald's Proof Reading and Editing Services


Current Operations at McDonalds

McDonald is regarded as one of the leading form of rising food businesses, which has set up their retail stores from all over the world. They had started as retail stores in the early 60’s and hence have become one of the leading stores in the retail and food market. The business objective of McDonald is based on the serving of people on a global basis. They have their operations at 30,000 globally located stores (Egaña, Kamp and Errasti 2013). McDonald follows a very high form of strategic model of marketing their products by providing high level of food services in various parts of the world. They provide low price foods to the customers and thus attract the customers to taste their products. McDonald conducts various extensive forms of research in the business sector. They deeply focus on providing high quality food and thus establish a healthy relationship with their customers. The primary objective of McDonald is on ensuring the quality of their products and thus provide better forms of service to their customers. With the economic growth within their business, they have introduced new products to their brochure, which are meant for satisfying the expectations of the customers (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus 2014). This form of current strategy of business operations helps the organization to gain a broader base of customers and thus become the largest retail food chain in the global market.


Vision of McDonald

The vision followed by McDonald is to become the largest food retail sector and thus expand their business in every corner of the world.

Current Operation and Business Strategy of McDonald

McDonald is one of the leading food retail sector in the world. They hold their business operations and hence have developed some form of high level of business strategies. The primary form of strategy followed by McDonald is on the making of quality food products, which would be liked by a community of people. They also focus on the healthiness of the food items and look into the health aspects of the people. The food served at the retail stores of the organisation is made available for all communities of people (Loughran and McDonald 2014). Hence by following these kind of principle, the retail sector of McDonald helps in gaining the likeliness of people by setting lower price of food items within their store. These use of wide form strategies would prove to be beneficial for the expanding of the business growth in the world market.

The different strategies followed by McDonald within the current conditions of the market helps in the management of the different forms of operations. The different kinds of operations within the business of McDonald includes serving of food, providing high form of delivery services and other forms of business operations. The detailed strategy that has been adopted by McDonald is focused on emphasizing on the needs of the customer and thus provide utmost importance to satisfy the needs.

With the huge rise of technical advancements in the field of Information Technology (IT) services, there has been wide form of changes in the retail sectors of McDonald. In the recent years, they have designed a formal website for the organisation. People who love to explore technology most get benefited by using the web application of the company (Hamari, Sjöklint and Ukkonen 2016). McDonald also has a mobile based application, which also provides the same purposes as in the website of the application. People who love to avail the facilities of the organisation just tap on their devices and hence order foods from the application. The application also provides live tracking service, which is a much enhanced feature of the application (Grant 2016). Hence, McDonald is striving hard to gain a worldwide position in the market by allowing the use of such kind of services. With the huge forms of innovations in the technical aspects, it has been estimated that in the recent decades, McDonald would be able to gain a much higher number of customer base. They would also be able to bring new products within the current markets. McDonald is entirely dedicated for serving their wide number of customers who make use of the application on a daily basis.

The use of IT systems within McDonald have helped the organisation to enhance the processes of transaction within the organization. The rise of high kinds of IT innovations purely transforms the underlying business strategies. The IT management team deeply focuses on bringing new kinds of innovations within the sector. They try to improve the current user interface of the web and mobile based applications (Schultz et al. 2013). They are entirely responsible for bring each new features within their application, which are mainly focused on the needs of the customer. The company forms a high level of strategy based on a control database system. This helps in reducing of unnecessary food orders, updating the records of the current stock of food items based on real-time assessment. Based on the current assessment of the organization, it has been seen that the impact of IT within the sector have majorly helped the organization for improving the various kinds of operational based activities within the organization. McDonald also has a Point of Sale (PoS) system based on which the stock rooms are fully connected. This helps the retail sector and the mobile based application to get continuous evaluation of the stock of foods within the store (Morosan and DeFranco 2016). The IT systems within the organization have also helped the organization to save a considerable amount of time. With the aid of the mobile based applications, customers are able to order food with a single click. The high performance within the operations of the store helps in fast processing of the orders. They quickly pack the food that has been ordered by the customer. It is then served to the delivery executive who in turns takes the responsibility of deliver the food to the designated customer. Hence the use of this form of IT based strategy have helped them to convert the traditional business operations into a much faster approach.

Quality Management – McDonald is mainly focused on grappling new kinds of opportunities that are available in the world market and thus bring in efficiency within their products. They thus maintain the quality of food and try to bring several forms of innovations within the sector. Hence they conduct wide forms of surveys on their views, which helps them in understanding the changing demands of the market aspects (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus 2014). The high form of control over the quality of foods is being widely maintained by the field consultants within the organisation. The quality consultants conduct vast form of inspection of retail sectors and are thus able to provide an extensive report based on the top managerial level of the organization (Nickson, Warhurst and Witz 2017).

Process Selection – The selection of a wide form of processes within the organisation helps in the initiation of the workflow of products. The food items available at the counters are always pre-cooked and are stocked. The system at McDonald is based on Make to Order form of model. This form of business process cycle helps in the high form of production of food. This model also improves the kind of operation within the organisation and brings fast form of service within the organisation (Singh, Khan and Grover 2013). Hence they are able to gain higher gains on return based on the vast form of investments.

Location-based Strategy – The Company primarily targets those kind of localities in which there is a high demand of high quality of packaged foods. This form of strategy primarily helps the organisation to understand the basic demands of the customer and thus helps in reaching to a broad number of customers. The planning of setting up of a store at a location is very much important for performing the business operations of the company. There are various kinds of demographic factors, which are responsible for bringing in changes in the growth of the business of McDonald (Takaki and Matsubayashi 2013). Other kinds of factors that are mainly been considered by the organisation includes the different number of customers who are residing at a particular area, environmental factors such as the number of residential homes and the number of offices.

Inventory Management – The type of inventory management control that is mainly followed at McDonald is Just-in-Time (JIT). The inventory management systems at McDonald keeps a regular update of the stock of food items within the retail sector (Aggarwal and Kumar 2013). This helps in understanding about the varying demands of food in the market and thus they would get notified whenever their products would run out of stock. With the help of the inventory management systems, the customers would be able to receive all forms of beneficial services offered by the organisation based on service delivery.

Service Process Design –McDonald has a big form of customer base. Hence in order to retain this high form of base of customer, they focus on building of quality products. They serve billions of customers regularly. The company highly invests on providing various forms of accessories other than food. This includes the serving of toys to kids based on special occasions. They also provide special offers to their loyal customers. This form of strategy is being adopted by the organisation to promote their services and improve the business prospects.


The discussion based on the report is able to conclude with the fact that the business operations of McDonald should be reviewed properly. There could be several kinds of improvements within the sector of their business based on extensive use of market strategies. McDonald had previously conducted a vast form of research on their existing customers. McDonald focuses on the promotion of their business based on a high strategy model. The report also discusses about the daily business operations within McDonald and also emphasizes on putting focus on the factors of profit within the sector.


Based on the conclusions from the discussions, it could be recommended that there should be some major form of investments within the IT sector that is focused on McDonald. This can prove to be a huge factor of benefit hence they have highly focused on the implementation of IT strategies within the organisational sector (Lee, Thomas and Baskerville 2015). The use of IT systems could improve the business process models and could also serve the major community of users. McDonald has a huge scope of improvement and thus provide high level of service to their customers (Jones and Jones 2013). Hence the integration of IT services within the sector would be helpful for them to achieve their business goals and thus gain higher growths within their business.


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