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Purpose of report

The purpose of the report is to elucidate on the marketing mix of Mc Donalds. It discusses about the product, price, place and promotion related marketing aspects of the company.


Mc Donald’s Australia is a fast food company that has emerged to become the largest restaurant chain in terms of revenue ( 2018). The company is primarily known for the hamburgers, cheese burgers, french fries, chicken products, desserts, soft drink and the milk shake. The changing consumer behaviour taste has compelled the company to add salads, smoothies and the fruit to the menu.


This report will discuss about the marketing mix of Mc Donald that can help in understanding the product being offered by the company and regarding its plan pertaining to successful product offering. The marketing mix would be executed by taking recourse to 4P’s of the marketing- product, place, price and promotion.


Secondary data will be used for doing this report that can help in providing a detailed view about the marketing mix of Mc Donalds. Secondary data has been already collected by previous researchers and it is an economical method. The secondary resources that were made use of for doing the assignment are textbooks and the journal articles.

Case Study


Mc Donalds Australia has product mix that is composed of food along with beverage products. The main product lines of Mc Donalds Australia are hamburgers, sandwiches, desserts, shakes, chicken, fish, salad, snack and the beverages. It also provides all-day breakfast that is greatly popular among a large portion of the Australian population. The innovative gourmet creations are greatly popular among the people and are coveted by a large number of people (Huang and Sarigöllü 2014). It also has Mc Café, condiments and the drinks that helps in targeting the young population of Australia. The menu of Mc Donald comprises of “All Day Favourites” that helps in catering to the unique taste of the people.


The pricing element of the marketing mix helps in specifying price points along with price ranges of food products of the company. Mc Donald wants to maximise the profit margins and for this end it makes use of bundle along with psychological pricing strategies. Mc Donalds offers meal in terms of product bundles at a price that is discounted that helps the company in getting an edge over the competitors (Sulaiman and Syahrivar 2018). The customers can buy Happy Meal or the Extra Value Meal that helps in optimizing the cost along with product value. The psychological pricing strategy of Mc Donalds Australia makes use of prices that seem to be affordable for the consumers. They make use of $__.99 to encourage the customers to purchase the products of the company (Mathur 2017).


This element of the marketing mix specifies the locations where the products are offered that can make it accessible to the consumers. The products and service of the company are distributed to restaurants located within Australia. The distribution of the products is carried out with the help of kiosks, restaurants and mobile apps. The company is able to generate the maximum amount of sales revenue with the help if restaurants. The restaurants of Mc Donalds manage the kiosks that is instrumental in selling limited products like sundae along with other desserts. The mobile apps of Mc Donald can be easily accessed by the customer for gaining information regarding the products of the company (Fan, Lau and Zhao 2015). The mobile apps for the iOS along with Android can help the customers in claiming the special deals and finding the locations of the restaurants. The customers can also place the order by taking recourse to Postmates website and the mobile app.


This element helps in defining the tactics that the business can make use of for communication with the customers. The company makes use of new information that can help in persuading the consumers for buying new products. Mc Donalds makes use of advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing and the public relation for the purpose of promoting the products (Harrington, Ottenbacher and Fauser 2017). Advertisements acts as a great promotional tactic for the company. Mc Donalds also offers discount coupons along with freebies in relation to certain products that can help in attracting the consumers. The public relations of the company helps in promotion of business to that of the target market by making use of brand strengthening (Kraak et al. 2017).


Mc Donalds Australia has the product mix that comprises of food and the beverage products. Innovative gourmet creations of Mc Donald are in great demand among people and they are popular among a large section of the population. The meals are offered at a discounted proce that makes it affordable among a large section of the people. The consumers can purchase Happy Meal or that of the Extra Value Meal that can optimize the product value. The products of the company are distributed with the help of restaurants and the kiosks. New information is made use of by the company for drawing the customers.


Mc Donalds should recognize the significance of digital media in relation to promotional mix and it should make use of digital marketing strategies that can help it in engaging with that of the online customer base.

Mc Donalds can offer additional service features like food on demand along with home delivery that can help in providing convenience to the customers.


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