MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Proof Reading Services

MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Assignments

MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Proof Reading Services


Leadership is an action, ability to show sovereignty and rule to a group of people or an organization. A dynamic person would be an individual with a high powered, effectual in an attitude full of energy and new ideas. Therefore dynamic leadership is a form of an adaptive govern ship that enables a leader to react to changes hence increasing Positive results and encourages a more joyful workplace. Gallup’s tools of business analysis help us to determine the type of leader and the leadership ability(Andinasari, 2017).

Gallup’s Tool Analysis

I will analyze the leader’s strengths using the Gallup’s tool analysis. I have used my leadership abilities to strengthen and impact on individuals in my workplace. Throughout my leadership journey, I have been able to grow both as an individual and a team player. Through this development, I have had to grow thick skin in order to cope and pass through tough time s without a break down. Additionally, persistence and toughness has been embraced in my journey. As a young leader, I have faced many challenging situations that required mental toughness and persistence(Khan, 2016).

Indeed, interaction with other leaders has enabled me to learn positive and negative approaches to undertake within my surroundings having learnt from others my social observation skills of effective and ineffective leaders around has improved. I have had a task of self-reflection by analyzing my past experience individually to guide my future behavior and actions. Being accountable and responsible is a key quality that has enabled me to understand how to use power and authority appropriately without burdening my employees.

As a young leader I have been perceived by my employees to be tough and empathetic though some might not like the way I govern, my actions direct me to become a great leader in future.i have had the opportunity to create long lasting relationship with some of my colleagues and employees, which enables me as a leader not only inspire my team to follow but also motivate them to strive wholeheartedly to achieve the organization’s goals(Oreg, & Berson, 2015).

All great leaders have a unique strength or talent that differentiates them from others. I personally don’t compare myself to others although I don’t mind approaching those that intimidate and inspire me. I took the chance to venture into further studies which will boost my knowledge and skill sets to manage with the modern business.


As a leader I have come to realize leadership is a mindset and attitude towards achieving a particular goal. Gallup’s tools of analysis helps us to determine the type of leader and the leadership ability. I have tried to balance the respect and dissenting voices from employees in order to avoid any surprises such as strikes have recently began a forum with my employees and colleagues to bring out positive values which will help the company growth(Zhang, 2014).


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