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Draft-The ability of the organization to manage change and to learn and adapt as a whole organization

This essay is being presented on the topic of analyzing the ability of the organization to manage change and to learn and adapt as a whole organization. The changes which takes place in the organization is IBIS hotel in Australia. The main objective of the organization is to provide satisfaction to the customers by providing various types of facilities. As in the hotel, many of the departments are present and work together to obtain the same organization goal. This essay covers many of the aspects which contribute equally to the organization and helps in adapting changing without many obstacles.

MGT501 Contemporary Management Assignment Help


About organization

The IBIS hotel was founded in 1967. It is the being counted in the international hotel holding company which is owned by Accor hotels. The IBIS hotel was opened in 1974 in Bordeaux. These hotels are being opened near to the cities, airports and railway stations as to give customer satisfaction.

Different Views of authors

Theories on management

Various theories are being applied in the organization to bring change and to develop in different areas. These changes help the IBIS hotel to expand and to do something new by adopting changes according to the market situation and need of the organization (Yildiz, 2015). There are three theories being involved in the IBIS which are being explained below along with their positive and negative aspects.

Theory 1: Kotter’s 8 Step change model

The Kotter’s theory is being analyzed as to get the changes being done in the organization IBIS hotel in order to develop the organization at different levels.

Step 1: Creates Need:In the first step it is being analyzed about the actual need for adopting changes in the organization like IBIS hotel.

Step 2: Taking opinion: From different employees in the organization, opinion is being taken from so as understand the need and requirement of the organization.

Step 3: Creating Vision: The importance of adapting changes is being analyzed to the stakeholders within the organization as well as outside the organization.

Step 4: Communicate Vision: This step tells about the communication is being done to the whole of the group of stakeholders.

Step 5: Remove problems: The problems are to be solved as soon as possible.

Step 6: create short targets:  To obtain the results for the changes to be made, small targets are being made and implemented.

Step 7: Build on the change: The steps tells about the changes being made are to be implemented in the organization.

Step 8: Implement changes:  At the last stage, the changes are to be implemented in the organization.

Theory: 2 – Herzberg’s two-factor theory

According to the Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation, there are some factors which cause satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Satisfaction factors include achievement, advancement, growth, and recognition. The dissatisfaction factors which includes supervision, work conditions, relationship between peers. In order to keep all these factors in mind, IBIS hotel can gain employee retention. In order to gain attention of the consumers the organizations have paid focus on the various needs like psychological, social, needs with changing consumer preferences and lifestyle.

Theory 3: -Lewin’s three-Step Change Model

In order to bring the changes in an organization one of the theory isLewin’s Three-Step Change Model. This theory is being implemented by IBIS hotel of Australia. This involves amendments in the current organizational processes so that IBIS hotel can move on an efficient way and can function in a smooth manner by satisfying the customers.

Three steps are as follows: -





Introducing the changes in IBIS hotel leads to several disadvantages for it. Above mentioned changes in IBIS will result in the misunderstanding in an organization, as all these changes should take place together. Changing policies of recruitment and selection will result in confusion in IBIS hotel. Managers will trap into the ethical dilemma


As the IBIS hotel is applying many of the changes in the organization. But some of the changes are being are made so that the changes can be effective and objective can be fulfilled.  The organization needs to improve upon the changes being made and also a continuous monitoring is also being done.

This is being concluded from the essay that changes are to be made in the organization as to get the output in correct manner. Without changes, no organization can grow and develop. In the organization IBIS hotel, many of the changes are being made such as change in the communication at different levels, changes been done in the presentation of the food by making different segments and changes made in the process of recruitment and selection of the employees in different departments.