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MKT01906 International Tourism Systems Assessment 3

MKT01906 International Tourism Systems Proof Reading Services


According to Mir (2014),Travel as well as tourism is very much important in today’s scenario in order to achieve the goals and objectives and to increase the number of tourists to the destination this assignment, it has been discussed about the Kashmir which is one of the best places for the tourist destination. Vacation industry can encompass most important conveyance to the overall place, local conveyance, lodgings, entertainment, regeneration, food as well as is very important in the present scenario to achieve or to have the sustainable tourism in the destination of the nation.

Introduce the location and outline the main themes to be discussed and analysed in the case study.

Kashmir is the utmost vital traveller destination, located in the northernmost portion of India. There are plenty of travellers’ happenings which take place in Kashmir all over the year. Kashmir has constantly been the maximum visited location with regards to the tourism as well as travel sector.There are several tourist destinations in the Kashmir which attract an enormous number of travellers to the destination (Mir, 2014). The destination places of Kashmir are Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Nehru garden, Sonmarg, Chashme shahi, Shalimar garden. In this case study, it has been discussed about the positive as well as negative aspects of the tourism and issues regarding the location or the destination.

Provide analysis of the tourist visitation to your location. Use relevant statistics to support your answer.

In today’s scenario, tourist plays a very significant role for every destination or for the country. The number of visitation is increasing day by day with the advancement of technology as well as facilities that are to be provided to the traveller. According to Gardiner (2013), Kashmir is one of the best places to visit r we can say that it is the best destination for the tourist to come and stay at the present scenario, there is an enormous increase in the number of traveller as compared to the year 2008.

MKT01906 International Tourism Systems Assessment 3

From the above-mentioned image, it can be understood that the there is an enormous increase in the tourist in the year of 2014 as compared to the year 2008.As it has been shown in the image that there is a vast upsurge in the amaranth Ji as well as Vaishno Devi. In the year 2008, there is 572,100 tourist who visited the amaranth Ji and are domestic as well as foreign and 6,576,000 at the Vaishno Devi.

Explain what makes the destination attractive to tourists. Relate to the tourism system, motivation or satisfaction theories in this unit.

Vacation industry is one of the fastest developing businesses in the world. By what means the satisfied traveller are is an exact essential measure for travel businesses. When travellers are not pleased or else satisfied with the services or the facilities of the destination, they are unlikely to coming back. In today’s scenario, the traveller is attracted to a destination when it has something unique from the other destination places (Gardiner, 2013). It is very important for the destination place management to satisfy their tourist by providing better services to their tourist in order to retain them which helps in growth and development of the nation as it will help in generation of the revenue. Traveller motivation studies are push as well as pull theory as per this theory the persons travel for the reason that they are pushed by means of internal forces as well as at the similar time pulled by way of external forces such as interest in a destination’s features. Further mentioned are the points that illuminate the aspects which make the destination attractive to tourists: The attractiveness of a place or the destination is contingent on numerous aspects, such as destinations strategy, budget, societal life, and atmosphere or else culture. Tourist inspirations give details about the aspects in which effect a traveller to tourism. According toBatz (2013), for the attraction of more and more tourist, the destination place must be so attractive and unique which leads to automatically fascination of the tourists.

Identify and analyses important issues related to tourism and destination development at the location.

Tourism is very significant to a nation’s economy, mainly in less developed areas, where it can attain progress. Vacation industry also tends to have essential influences on the surroundings as well as society at large. There are so many issues related to the travel as well as destination growth and development at the location, they are as follows:

1.Ecological issues:In today’s scenario it is very important for the development of the tourist destination to follow principles as well as ethics so as to attract more and more tourist to the destination place (Batz et .al., 2013). Vacation industry, as well as tourism's foremost problem, will be the ecological effect of other polluting businesses in the neighbourhoods. So it is very important to have a pollution free atmosphere so as to attract more tourists to the destination.

2.Taxation:Nations, states as well as even cities which give income tax breaks to the vacation industry are marketing it as an advertising instrument. Vacation industry is a very much taxed business. A small number of persons, separate from the travel as well as travel industry comprehend just by what means the travellers pay taxes in the form of airline tickets, hotel etc.

3.Technology:In the present time, technology is a very important issue as there is a lot of change in the technology. Advancement of technology is attaining a rapid growth and has a major effect on the development of the tourism and the destination place. According to Ramjit (2014), it is very important for the nation to work according to the update of the technology; if they will not do this ten it will become so much difficult for the place to achieve growth as well as to attain progress.

4.Employment:As the business advances superior propriety as well as an acknowledgment, it will fascinate more than its reasonable share of competent new individuals looking for to see the world as well as enjoy the tourist attractions and sounds they are exposed to in excess of the Internet. Flexibility will upsurge as Internet websites permit individuals to find work in diverse portions of the world. There will be excessive demand for persons by way of language abilities as well as capacity to work with diverse values and cultures.

5.Social issues:It is one of the major issues which are faced by the nation or the state in the development of the tourist destination. The toughest work for the business depends upon the convincing its elements which it is not a business by means of the rich aimed at the rich. Because of the travel and tourism, there is a growth in the child labour and other means which affect the they are not according to the rules and regulation, values and principles of the societal order.

MKT01906 International Tourism Systems Assessment 36.Tourism, as well as vacation industry,is extremely reliant on the price of petroleum. The current increase in the value of fuel such as petrol has a chief influence on the complete industry. Summer is the great period for vacation industry as well as by means of the cost of petrol on the upsurge; many tourists may perhaps have to alter their expenditure or holiday length so as to pay for extra petroleum charges (Ramjit, 2014).

7.Safety is a most important issue to the travel as well as travel business. AS it is well known by everyone that in todays presents time, there is a massive upsurge in the crime as well as political aspects that effect the development of the destinations as well as tourist places.

So these are some of the major issues that must be kept in mind in order to accomplish the development of the tourist as well as the destination. It is very important for the nation or the state to enhance the growth as well as the development of the destination place, in order to attract more and more tourist to the pace of destination, which will result in the generation of more and more revenues and an upsurge in the GDP of the country. Therefore these are some of the important issues that must be analysed related to tourism and destination development at the location.

Identify and analyses negative and positive impacts of tourism activity on the host community at the location.

Travel as well as tourism plays an enormously significant role in the financial as well as social expansion and development of maximum nations in the word. It is the biggest originator of employment as well as its services series from vacation industry, lodging, catering as well as looking after of culture and customs particularly the handicraft industry as well as to the preservation of ecosystem. According to Mason (2015),thecommunication in the middle of travellers as well as the host community can be one of the aspects that may perhaps have impacted a community as travellers might not be sensitive to native customs, ethnicities as well as standards.As we all know that there are both optimistic as well as destructive effects consequential from vacation industry. Positively it generates employment as well as financially permits the preservation of treasured space; put away a migratory propensity in the interior the home inhabitants enlightening their socio-cultural education. It inspires sustenance of native commercialization ensuing in the free transaction of thoughts, customs as well as sensitization of matters relating to the eco atmosphere. The decrease of employed hours, the forever current danger of joblessness for the reason that of technological development as well as the globalization procedure allows the vacation industry to deliver a thought-provoking as well as motivating concentrated substitute.There are several positive as well as negative impacts of the environmental, social as well as economical on the tourism activity on the host community at the location, they are as follows:



1.The positive concerns are that it preserves the ancient memorials of the country as well as nations need to be communally rich and also developed with ancient traditional places.

2.It supports in providing the occupation to the country that will assistance in the social command of the nation.

3.Vacation industry has a need for host group of people to be further quick to respond as well as educated to make available superiority services to travellers.

4.It provides excessive consideration of the eye-catching places in accordance by means of nature as well as individuals performance (Mason, 2015).

5.There must be a development in native life with the help of improved local services as well as structure as they will do that to sustain travel.

6.A lot of the ancient travellers as well as memorials fans’ determine these places actually attracting.


1.The social aspects comprise the welfares that the traveller may drive by way of a holiday

2.As the travel, as well as vacation industries, nurture and upsurge the routine of liquor or drug consumption.



1.Tourism industry creates services as well as works for the people that will energetic care the enlargement and also the growth of the corporate.

2.It as well raises the arrival of the overseas transaction in the host nation-state.

3.Maximum of the country’s practices persistent phases in tempting travellers to the destination.

4.Destinationsbring high commercial worth as well as respected producers. 


1.There is an unbalancedpolitical context that appeals vacationers for roving or for wandering (Gardiner, 2013).

2.Vacation industry as a source of income is not calm to measure at least by means of any degree of accurateness.

3.It makes a progressive cost of existing and also existing morals of the individual’s way of life, excises on assessable goods and chattels, and also demands collective services.

4.Wanderersset up to a certain degree  of problematical to tourism in countries  as well as state that don’t make available harmless long weekend



1.It has assistances in the preservation of the memorials of the country as well as the state.

2.It is precise significant to work competently and efficaciously to request more clients to advance their biological surroundings

3.Most of the nation is usually high spot on the protection and also a defense of memorials and flora as well as fauna as they are specified as vacation industry as well as tourism properties.


1.The immenseexpansion in air pollution is for the reason of the tourism and also vacation business.

2.According (2011), there is a huge amount of dreadful circumstances in the safeguarding of the customary memorial as well as in the natural background.

3.Vacation industry carries a pressure to a degree's of traditional monument or placesof Kashmir such as Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Nehru garden, Sonmarg, Chashme shahi, Shalimar garden.

Identify and discuss four (4) policy implications to achieve sustainable tourism outcomes for the destination.

Sustainable tourismis the perception of going to a different destination as a traveller as well as trying to create solitary a positive effect on the environment, the social order as well as budget. Vacation industry can encompass most important conveyance to the overall place, local conveyance, lodgings, entertainment, regeneration, food as well as is very important in the present scenario to achieve or to have the sustainable tourism in the destination of the nation. There are so many implications so as to attain sustainable tourism. Some of them are as follows:

1.Tourism has a duty to be started by means of the help of broad-based communal inputs as well as the communal have a duty to keep up regulator of vacation industry development and enlargement.

2.Vacation industry has to make available superiority engagement to its communal inhabitants as well as a relationship in the middle of the native trades as well as vacation industry must be well-known.

3.Education as well as working out programmers to increase as well as be able to manage tradition as well as natural means must be well-known (, 2011)

4.Concerning natural as well as cultural standards of the nation to attain the sustainable tourism for the country.

5.Sustainable vacation industry expansion originates its form as well as an appeal from these abilities, as well as adds to the extraordinary natural surroundings of the destination.

6.Achieving conservation outcomes is the main cause which helps in attaining the sustainable tourism effectively as well as effectively so as to achieve betterment for the country.

7.A code of preparation must be well-known for vacation industry at the whole levels nationwide, local, as well as native - based on all over the world acknowledged morals as well, by means of values. According to Buhalis and Amaranggana (2015), Course of action for vacation industry operations, impact evaluation, measuring as well as monitoring of increasing influences, as well as restrictions to satisfactory alteration must be recognized.

8.A commonly advantageous association can be accomplished in the middle of vacation industry as well as maintenance (Buhalis and Amaranggana, 2015). That is, with the help of understanding as well as enjoyment originates superior gratitude as well as empathy, encouragement also fortification for the means.


In the end, it can be concluded that tourism destination is so much important for the successful increase in the number of the has been discussed about the policy which helps in attaining the sustainable tourism for the destination.Therefore, Kashmir is one of the best places for the tourist destination.Further, it has been mentioned about thecommunication in the middle of tourists as well as the host communal that can be one of the features that may possibly have impacted a community as travellers might not be thoughtful to native customs, civilizations as well as standards.


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