MKT410 Introduction to Marketing Editing and Proof Reading Services

MKT410 Introduction to Marketing Assignment

MKT410 Introduction to Marketing Editing and Proof Reading Services

Importance of Marketing to business in general and the Disney Corporation in Bangkok, Thailand

Marketing is one of the major important factors in any business development as it helps the business to attract the potential customers and also research the market place to gather information about the demands that are there in the target audience minds (Jobber & Ellis-Chadwick 2012). Marketing is important to promote sales and also make the consumer knowledgeable regarding the brand.

There are a number of proofs of the successful marketing campaigns with the fact that many companies have benefitted largely due to the marketing strategy. According to Armstrong et al. (2015), companies like Disney that rely on the customer attraction should do marketing in order to improve their customer footfall. The variation in the marketing of the films produced by Disney is one of the major factors that had led the organization to have successful marketing techniques. Marketing also helps a company to remain competitive in the market that is being dominated by a number of other companies or brands of the same genre (Tiago & Veríssimo 2014).

The importance of marketing to Disney is important to the fact that it is one of the major producer of films as well as has one of the best animated parks in the world (Disney Home 2018). This makes sure that to retain the importance and the position of Disney in the market and the world, the marketing strategy of Disney is important.

Target demographic in the Disney project in Bangkok, Thailand

Population who are categorised on the base of age, gender, income and education are generally termed as the demographics segment of population which is again one of the major target audience for the customer (Koch & Benlian 2015). Every company has its own range of target demographic audience that helps the company to grow and also to have a better segmentation of the customers (England 2017).

The target demographic audience is Disney project in Bangkok will be the children as well as their families who belong to the middle and the upper middle classes. According to Thomas et al. (2015), Disney is mainly famous for its films as well as the amusement park that attracts the children and make them enjoy and have fun. Middle class and upper middle-class families have been one of their primary audience for films. Another chief target which Disney can implement are the tourists that visit Bangkok, Thailand as it is one of the major tourists’ attractions of the world. According to Patino, Pitta & Quinones (2012), Bangkok is famous for its affordable holiday destination that attracts tourists from all over the world, from both developed and developing countries which make it one of the best places for Disney to set up their project and enjoy a good customer footfall.

The suiteof products that will be delivered in Disney project, Bangkok, Thailand

There are a number of items and product variations that can be offered by the Disney project in Bangkok, Thailand in order to attract the customers and have better profit margin for the company as well as for the workers (Auster & Michaud 2013). Other than the typical and conventional facilities provided by the amusement park which will help the tourists and the targeted audience to enjoy and learn something new, the project can also offer to give their audience some other product variations like merchandise and goods. A restaurant should be built in the premise so that the tourists can get their favourite food and even hire that catering for packing. Other than this, hotels can also be constructed using the theme of Disney so that the children can stay there and enjoy. Personal service like the guide and tour managers can also be employee relation (Wasko 2013). At the end of the trip, both paid and unpaid souvenirs can be given to the tourists for their remembrance of the place and further coming. The memento, as well as group pictures, can also be collected by the tourists as well as the several small coupons and gift boxes can also be given to the group travellers who are likely to be their repeated customers as well as can refer others to come here.

The strategy that will be delivered the suite of products in Bangkok, Thailand

There are a number of strategies that are being used by the marketing authorities of Disney project in Thailand to make sure that the suite of products that are being delivered by the project to their potential customers have a positive impact on the company as well as help the business to flourish. The promotional strategy is defined as the kind of strategy that is being adopted by the companies to promote their products or services in order to make more business and profit (Wilson et al. 2012). Pamphlets can also be distributed on the roads which will help the newer audience to know about the project. Technological support like use of social media and television for the promotional strategy can also be given. The company can hire both local and international spokesperson as well as sponsors for their public relations effect. The promotional strategy can also be seen by the issuing of free vouchers and tickets and holding contests for the new customers in order to promote the place.

The promotional strategy adopted by the project of Disney at Bangkok, Thailand is mainly used to cater to the people who are willing to visit the place (Fifield 2012). The promotional strategy is also done to make sure that more potential customers are more engaged in the business and to yield more profit in the case.


Summarizing all the main questions, it can be said that with the proper promotional marketing strategy of Disney project in Bangkok, Thailand, success can be found which will affect the company as well as the project in a better way. In addition, the marketing and the promotional strategy will help the company to grow and make more profit in future.


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