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Executive Summary

This report provides the analysis of the board meetings organized by WRSX and the agendas that surfaced from these meetings. It discusses the effects of each agenda from the meeting and the outcomes of applying the agendas to WRSX’s current business strategy. WRSX is currently in the process of improving and restructuring the current business process in order to maximize profit and to refine the company’s image in order to attain the goal of becoming a top 20 company in the advertising industry. The results of the discussions and the agendas the board has chosen to take is reviewed in detail in this report and presented chronologically. The outcomes of each chosen agenda are also mentioned for clarity of situation and to justify why certain follow-up decisions were made.

Board Meeting 1

The environmental sustainability of WRSX

Nowadays?with the development of new technology, the words are easier to fast forward for their customers by the commercials due to the advertising obsolete of traditional TV.

The advertising is distributed by using a variety of channels, it has been viewed as a means of entertainment and used to share different standard advert. This will increase the aspirations for the globalization of the brands expecting the consultants and multinational marketing agencies. For the WRSX, it is facing the drastic changing of external environment. U.S. could find that there is a decline trend in revenues offset through the raise of consumerism in other Asia countries such as China.

The WRSX, as the multinational advertising and marketing agency, has increased by acquisitions on the local specialized activities in the media purchasing, marketing and other service for the customers. The purpose of WRSX is using a series of related marketing activities to create advertising. Meanwhile, it gets the success by differentiation strategy and strengthening the brands. For WRSX, it is preparing to go to a variety of lengths to make sure that the position in the future of the advertisements.

More and more consumers are increasingly recognizing the environmental implications of the operations of the large organizations. Meanwhile, a large number of customers are encouraging to pay more attention to the environmental sustainability by considering their corporate social responsibility policies (Atkinson & Neumayer, 2009). For the local government, more and more regulations and policies are published to increasing the awareness of environmental sustainability of public. Meanwhile, the local government also provides a series of preferential policies for the companies which pay more attention to environment protection and sustainable development. Meanwhile, for the consumers, if a firm is seen to be conducting the positive influences on the local environment, the customers will be more possibly to favor this brand (James, 2015). Furthermore, this brand can obtain numerous customer group. This is not only very essential for the customers of the brand, the brand but also as the customer of the WRSX services. This is because WRSX, as the brand of sustainability, it could condemn the companies that are not focus on the environmental sustainability and share value. These enterprises are difficult to become the partners with the sustainability companies. Due to this reason, it is significantly essential for WRSX to promote its image with regard to the environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, the corporate social responsibility policy of WRSX allowed likeminded businesses to favor WRSX over the other agency which could not be conducting so much.

Board meeting 1?agenda item 2?:

The agenda item 2 is closely associated with the agenda item 1 would be the operations are in China, the country will provide a variety of opportunities to WRSX. The purpose of the addenda item 2 is rebrand the brands of the WRSX and creating the motivations for the top managers and its employers. Furthermore, the firm wants to invest in the small amount into its new design and some printing equipment and facilities in one area in order to assist in the expansion to China. In order to achieve this purpose WRSX decide to run a small operation like this and promoting when the full force expansion is considered as the worthy reason. Although the financial profits for the selling goods were attractive, the company still needs to create the brand image or reputation in China. In order to it will assist in occurring a feel for the requirement of the external market.

However, all of the reputation and performance are related to the sustainability. The problem is not ignored. Obviously, more and more customers care whether your companies are the environmental sustainability company. This is because they are aware of the corporate social responsibility of the company and wants to know whether the company could bring the share value for the clients. Thus, for the company themselves, the pursuing the sustainability is the common trend for the most enterprises (Wallace, 2005). Thus, in the agenda 2, board meeting provides a series of options for the company to promote the environment sustainability of WRSX.

After the analysis of the Company Performance & Results, we found that there was the increasing trend for the share price from Start position to the period of Board Meeting 1. This could be because the environmental sustainability strategy of WRSX received recognition from the public. Thus, more and more investors prefer to invest in the WRSX, and this is the main reason leads to the increase of share price. For the financial performance, the total operating costs has increased from the 163.9 to 196.6. after the analysis, we found the main source of the extra cost were came from the staff costs.

Meanwhile, for the non-financial performance, only the procurement & supplier management index keep remain, the left other indexes were reducing. This could be because due to the BOD pay more attention to the performance of financial parts, and ignore the monitoring and controlling the non-financial performance indexes.

The given option is option D. In the option D, it shows that the BOD should not make the payment for the environmental sustainability of WRSX. This is because they think that the issues are the local problems and they should not be listed on the Main Board Agenda. Even more, for the developed cities, promoting the environmental sustainability seems not suitable for them. For example, New York, London, Singapore and Paris are famous developed cities. The major aim for the cities is providing numerus wealth for the whole countries even the whole world. Thus, for these cities, trying to promote the environmental sustainability for WRSX is unwise choice. However, the WRSX should not blame the issues to the specific characteristics of the cities, it should give its one hundred percent energy to change the issues.


After the above analysis, in my view, the option B is the best option. Although the option B should pay a lot of funds to achieve the goals, In the option B, the WRSX wants to be the leader of the environmental sustainability in the external market and trying to establish its own “green brand”. In order to promote its suppliers also become the sustainability enterprises, the WRSX should monitor the qualification of every suppliers, and making sure that every partner is also the environmentally friendly company. By doing so, the local business environment will be influence. Moreover, the WRSX will have a leadership role in these enterprises. In the leading position, the brand of WRSX will obtain the good reputation. Thus, the customer loyalty will be consolidated, and the WSRX will be successful transfer from the environmental sustainability for the external environment to the sustainable development of the WSRX. Consequently, for the companies themselves, trying to keep the environmental-friendly can promote the development sustainability of the company. By contrast, option A could not an effective method and option C only focus on the internal department of this issues. Thus, option B could be the most effective method.

2.2 Board Meeting 2

After the second board meeting is held, the company’s share price is reduced slightly to EUR 2.83, which is still higher than the company’s share price at the beginning period but indicates that investors do not believe that the performance of the second board meeting has a significant positive influence on the expected value of the company in the future. Thus, it can be argued that the increase in the company’s share price after two board meetings have mainly relied upon the good performance of the first board meeting.

According to the company’s income statement during period 1 – 2, it is clear that either revenue collected or gross profit earned is increased after the second board meeting is held. Meanwhile, the net profit earned is increased during the same period as well. However, the staff costs, establishment costs, and other operating costs are also increased significantly after the second board meeting is held. Thus, in order to examine the relationship between the board performance and the company’s profitability, the company’s PBIT ratio and staff cost ratio should be examined. According to the company’s key ratios, it is clear that the company’s PBIT is reduced continuously during the whole research period. It indicates that the company’s profitability is reduced after the second board meeting is held. Thus, it indicates that the performance of the second board meeting may have a significant negative influence on the company’s profitability, while such negative influence may offset the positive contribution made by the first board meeting. Meanwhile, the staff cost ratio is increased after the second board meeting is held and is still higher than the ratio at the beginning of period, which indicates that the company’s board meeting is still not able to help the company reduce the staff cost to the level as low as expected even when the company decides to delegate power to local CEO.

According to the company’s non – financial performance, it is clear that the average index for the company’s non – financial performance is improved continuously after the company’s first and second board meeting is held. Thus, it indicates that the company’s board performance has a positive contribution to the improvement of the company’s non – financial performance. However, the company’s capability of risk management is reduced because the score in the index obtained after the second board meeting is held is lower than the score at the beginning period. Thus, the company should keep sufficient awareness of the effectiveness of the board for risk management in the subsequent period. The capability of risk management is quite important and critical to the company’s business success. The effect of risk management may not be obvious when the economic environment is good. However, the insufficient attention paid by the company’s board to risk management may have a significant negative influence on the company’s sustainability when the economic environment is worse. In addition, it can be argued that the company’s board performance is still lower than the industry average because the average score in the index is no more than 50 although it is improved.

According to the company’s P / E ratio, it is clear that the P / E ratio is reduced continuously. The general increase in the company’s share price and the continuous reduction in the company’s P / E ratio indicate that the equity value of the company in the share market may be understated so that it is appropriate for investors to do equity investment in the company.

Nevertheless, the decision made at the second board meeting is considered as having a significant negative influence on the company’s business performance. the decision made does not lead to a significant change in the structure of the company’s business process, while such a decision is considered as having little evidence to improve the company’s business performance. Thus, it can be argued that the decision made by the company’s board does not provide sufficient support for the company’s business development and has no significant positive contribution on the improvement of the company’s business performance. Thus, it is less likely for the company’s profitability to be increased due to the performance of the company’s second board meeting. However, significant resources owned by the company are consumed for preparing the second board meeting held by the company. In such circumstance, it can be argued that the resources consumed lead to little improvement of the company’s business performance, which indicates that the operating efficiency in the company is reduced so that the company’s profitability and core competence is indirectly and negatively influenced in such circumstance. Thus, the reduction in P / E ratio after the second board meeting may indicate that investors are not confident to invest in the company due to the reduction in the company’s long-term profitability and operating efficiency.

Moreover, the decision made by the company’s second board meeting may also have a significant negative influence on the company’s market share. The reason is that little continuous improvement in the company’s business performance due to poor decisions made by the company’s board may make the company less competitive in the market against other competitors in the market. In such a circumstance, the company’s market share may be reduced when other competitors in the market improve their business performance and attract more customers to the market. Therefore, it can be argued that the decision made by the first meeting attracts investors to invest in the company with a low level of P / E ratio. However, the decision made by the second meeting makes shareholders prefer selling the company’s share on hand for pursuing alternative opportunities to catch up better return on investment.

2.3 Board Meeting 3

The expansion of our market to China, we propose that as the company you develop a blue print by drafting a rough market plan that will shed light on the suitability of our products. The probable outcome will be based on how well the draft is. This will make you avoid any mistake that might arise especially the unseen ones in the market place. This basically is achieved by helping the management to give priority by directing, and also defining the objectives that you want to achieve (Alocilja and Radke, 2003).

In our case, here the expansion of our market developing a market plan will enable the WRSX company adapt the new China environment where other rival companies have already established their market. The draft will enable company to manage cash this will enable company cut on any unexpected cost as seen in board meeting three board agenda item one. We agree with it as though employees are valuable asset they need to be managed. This by not over recruiting neither by under recruiting (Economides & Tåg 2012).This will help the company to avoid any unnecessary costs in expanding our market to China. It is also good to appreciate the fact that China is one of the most populated country and therefore we propose that the country is fit for expansion this is because of good market and low competition.

Coming up with draft will enable you to manage changes by reviewing of assumptions, enabling adjustments to catch up with new developments. This change might arise due to adjustments that might arise due to rival companies on realizing that there is a new company that has come up. We propose that extra funding should be allocated in case of any unknown issue that might arise. You need to address on issue regarding market in UK and US as they are other potential grounds for the expansion this is because as indicated in board meeting three section two, they are a fertile ground of our products. The good reputation portrayed by our company will act as a good campaigning tool for our products this will lower cost of advertising. We propose that as you expand market to China there should remain a space for that ready market.

After development, there is pre-production where preparations are made pertaining the product to be sold to customers. We propose that qualified human capital to be put in place this is by proper recruitment of staff with adequate skills and wide range this is to avoid recruiting a lot of staff (remember we are also considering cost effective ways) (Moorman, Zaltman, and Deshpande 1992) we also consider locations where to set our business and therefore we propose areas near towns as they have a high population translating to a higher market we appreciate the board meeting one section one as they conducted survey on market. This therefore gives us confidence on availability of the market. There are other factors to be considered and they include both internal and external business environment. Factors such as demographic referring to density, growth rate and size of population this will give a high labour availability as the company is seeking labour in host country you should be careful on the available labour due to inadequate skills. We also propose that further investigations to be done on policies of the government and their attitude towards unionism and also business. This will enable the management not to land in cases of breaking country’s policies. (Mueller & Kaufmann 2001).We should appreciate the fact that China’s government is stable and therefore no cause for alarm. There are laws and regulations that are set in place you as the management you need to put in place the personnel who is conversant with all acts that are put in place to avoid conflict with the government. The population attitude towards wealth and work, issues to do with ethics and also religion all this fall under culture and social environment. Those business environments are very dynamic this means they change as time goes by and therefore we propose that the staff to be recruited they have to be undergoing regular training this will enable them to cope up with the changes that might arise in the process. This will also make the firm have long term and broad strategies with timely action plan also will enable the company analyze strategies that the competitors are laying and develop best counter measures. In this stage of pre-production by the end of it screen play is finalized and satisfactory to stakeholders and also financiers. Therefore, we propose that a review at this stage is very important for the evaluation of the suitability and also adaptability to the new environment. (Peters and Peters 1994)

The actual production of the proposed film can now start as the market research has been completed we propose to the management more crew to be recruited in this stage like script supervisor, photographer, sound editor, property master, picture editor. We can propose to the management to first try the UK and US market as they seem to be a bit better compared to the targeted China market as implementation cost seems to be higher in first eight months according to Jean-Luc’s report. One good thing as observed in Jean-Luc report is that our operators are among the best in market. This gives us an upper hand almost above other competitor companies. Having experience will make our films be among the best in market. We suggest that the films to be edited well in post-production and adding of special visual effects it should also have sound effect and design all this is for the improvement of the quality for the company to gain more advantage.

Another important stage is distribution where film is released to cinemas or to consumer directly or by digital media through download. We would advise the management to display the films in the internet this is to give a broad market. This will also do the work of informing, reminding, and also persuading the prospective customers. This will boost the sales of our films. As film production is not core business for WRSX group it should be as Jean-Luc advices should an investment plan.


WRSX certainly needs to work on prioritizing certain strategies for the company in order to ensure stock level prices are maintained. One of WRSX’s major goals should be to increase share prices and to increase number of investors. The more investors the company has, the stronger the image the company has when attempting to approach clients for projects. Technology and innovation come hand in hand and WRSX needs to get on the bandwagon in order to produce better products to attract major clients. Additionally, WRSX should improve the company’s sustainability to increase competitiveness amongst other advertising moguls. Once local recognition has been received, WRSX can move on to starting projects in China. This would be a good move to test the waters before WRSX makes any decision to expand in China.


Throughout the progression of this assignment, our group faced minor challenges but have smoothly overcome these obstacles through good communication and strong responsibility. Our group faced a particular incident where a member lost all the progress she had done on the assignment and required more time to work on her part before submitting the whole document. As a team, we decided it was best to allow her the time she needed and not stress her more in order to gain the best results possible from the little that could be salvaged of her work.

Communication and understanding is definitely the key point of this assignment as we had to consistently converse with each other to ensure the results of the analysis were aligned with the team’s idea. As the group members all come from different countries and do not have English as their mother tongue, we had to clearly describe, explain, and analyze each part of the assignment question in order for everyone to understand what is needed.

Another point to bring up is that we learnt that sometimes, there can be more than one leader in a group. We believe our team functioned well because we had two members who were both leaders in their own creative ways. When one was managing the structure and flow of the assignment and progression, the other member made sure to keep in touch with each member regarding the progression and kept everyone motivated throughout the process. As we have learnt in Team Dynamics, each member has their own significant role, that if played correctly, can lead the team towards great success.


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